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10 Favorite Quotes from Readers (and Why You Should De-Lurk)


I’m fortunate to have many fabulous readers and fellow bloggers who comment frequently and with great insight here at Free Pursuits. I love the conversations that break out in the comments. There have been some real gems, both funny and insightful that you (my dear readers) have left over the months. Thanks everyone who has joined the conversations already.

For those who haven’t left a comment before, now is a great chance to join the conversation.

This blog (like most) has a loyal minority who regularly leave comments. Less than 1 out of 100 readers leave a comment in a given month. I would love to double that number by getting those of you who lurk in the shadows to also start commenting.

I’m asking those of you who feel brave enough to de-lurk. Break the silence and join the conversation. What you have to say matters to me and other readers.

Comments are a vital force in blogging. Blogging is at it’s heart a social format. Comments get conversations flowing that help other readers through problems or to make breakthroughs themselves. Comments also inspire my writing and help me to understand what’s important to cover here.

Commenting is easy. Just fill out the form at the end of the post. Don’t worry if you don’t have a website to promote. You can always leave your Facebook or Twitter profile as a link, and you don’t even have to leave a link if you don’t want to.

To inspire you, I’d like to share 10 of my favorite quotes that have been left in comments here at Free Pursuits:

  1. “Creating an inauthentic personal brand is similar to introducing yourself using a fake accent. People might buy it for a while, but it’s exhausting to maintain the facade, and eventually you’ll get burned.”
  2. David Walsh on Is “Personal Branding” Just an Ego-Driven Waste of Time?

  3. “Let’s say you’re a jerk. Why bother trying to change, it’s just not going to seem right and people will notice. Embrace your inner jerk, and connect with all the other jerks in the world who will love your personal brand.”
  4. Nate on Is “Personal Branding” Just an Ego-Driven Waste of Time?

  5. “…passion is a relentless force of nature that cannot be suppressed – only focused and channeled. Anything short of that is just an interest.”
  6. David Walsh on Which Side of the Passion Debate Are You On?

  7. “I worked at a corporation for a while. They actually enforced happiness. It was a policy. You had to smile in the hallways and force pleasant conversation. Even though I was pulled down daily by the soul-sucking liferape of corporate America, I managed to smile.”
  8. J. D. Bentley on Am I Being Too Hard on Corporations?

  9. “Capitalism (and ‘corporatism’) are like chainsaws…incredibly useful and productive in the right hands, but in the wrong hands…”
  10. Colin Wright on Am I Being Too Hard on Corporations?

  11. “I encourage you to simply let those in a deep cultural coma fade away, unfollow you, or otherwise go back to sleep.”
  12. Gwen McCauley on OK, OK, I Give. Lifestyle Design is not for Everybody

  13. “My parents say I can “do anything,” but when I said I wanted to be an actor as a kid they said I wouldn’t make it, when I said I wanted to be with the police they said I’d get shot/killed/injured on a job with very little pay, when I said I wanted to travel they said I needed a degree in IT so I could get a job in San Francisco…”
  14. Zora on OK, OK, I Give. Lifestyle Design is not for Everybody

  15. “…work/life balance is for people who don’t enjoy their work. If you hate your work, then you should definitely balance it with stuff you enjoy. But if you enjoy your work, who needs balance?”
  16. Cath on The 4-Hour Workweek is Full of Hype, But That’s Not the Point

  17. “None of us will have ALL the answers simply because we each have a different lifestyle choice, but we can support each other and share ideas, thoughts, tips and even our frustrations because we never know whose answer is the one we need.”
  18. Caron on How We Can Help Each Other Achieve Our Lifestyle Goals

  19. “…acting ‘responsible’ and ‘grown-up’ is actually another way of saying ‘I’m doing what everyone else is doing, because I’m too lazy to think for myself’.”
  20. NomadicNeil on The No B.S. Guide To Designing Your Own Life

There you have it. This is just a tiny sample of the great comments that have been left. People write thought-provoking, inspiring and even funny comments here all the time, and you can too.

Please don’t be shy. You don’t have to write a tome, just a comment!

(thanks to AriWriter for the inspirational article on de-lurking)

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Is “Personal Branding” Just an Ego-Driven Waste of Time?


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  1. I’d like to say something quotable about chainsaws here, but nothing comes to mind.


    Thrilled to be included on the list! It’s takes a great blog to inspire great comments, so keep writing inspirational stuff and I’m sure you’ll keep getting the same right back!

  2. DeyIrfanAdianto

    Number 7 is just plain hillarious! Simply because this is how my parents would think.

    And I gues I laughed also becuase this kind of thinking is not valid anymore these days. You can do something exciting while still getting paid for it. Frankly i’ve seen a musician ( and a painter ( sold their works over their website. And they live out of it!

    So keep getting in touch with your passion, because you just might be able to monetize it

    Well, that will be my share of de-lurking ;]

  3. Great writing inspires great comments! That’s all I really can say. Thanks for including my comment in the list, I’m honored :-)

  4. Hi ,
    I definitely have to give the nod to Nate (#2) on the “Embrace your inner jerk” quote. That one is hilarious and priceless. I know a lot of people out there who have definitely done so!
    I must admit, you have some very quotable readers..


  5. Great set of quotes and yes, people should bust out and comment :)

  6. When I saw this title, I hoped I’d have said something smart enough to be included. I was actually surprised to see that I had! I’m quite proud of that quote, too!

    By the way, this type of post is a really great idea for pulling your readership together and encourage commenting. I might try something like this in the coming months.

    I love all these quotes. Thanks again, Corbett!

  7. Oh go on then ;) There’s some nice little gems in that post that I haven’t come across before so thanks for sharing! Great concept for a post format as well.

  8. Looks like I gotta step up my game.

    I somehow missed #6 on the original post. Loves it.

  9. Okay. I’ve been guilted out of skulking in the shadows, but I’ll warn you, you’ve unleashed the beast!

    Great post as always! D

  10. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been quoted before. As others have said, it’s down to the blogger to write posts that are worth commenting on and that’s just what you do.

  11. Wow. Props to the Bangalore virtual assistant that manages all my social media interactions. Those comments show he’s clearly been earning his $2/hr.

    Seriously though, smart way to call attention to the sparked discussions around your always fresh posts. Here’s the dea: you keep writing them, and I’ll keep paying people in other countries to pretend they’re me while contributing profound remarks. It is, literally, the least I can do. ;)


    • What, are you trying to get me to revise the post now to include this latest comment?

      Maybe I should get the contact info for your overseas assistants. I have a video post I’ve been meaning to record. Outsourcing it is probably the smarter way to go, right?

      • You should absolutely outsource your upcoming video posts. I’ll hook you up with a guy and get you the insider’s deal. What he lacks in… English skills, he’ll make up for with sheer persistence.

        I’d also recommend you outsource infant caregiving, corporate tax return preparation, search for spiritual truth, educational enrichment and gift-giving for all life occasions. Start with a major anniversary. Then outsource the inevitable divorce paperwork.

        Someday, in some news article, someone will quote me on this as if I’m being serious. They will omit this sentence, and the one prior.

        • My V.A. hasn’t even been posting on here. He’s just been lurking. Maybe I should read David’s Sourcecontrol again and get him under control.

  12. J.D’s on the mark… As I read through the thought crossed my mind, have I read anything quote-worthy? Absolutely chuffed to find that I have.

    Corbett, Colin is right, great posts make for great comments! Thanks for recognising all of us that care so much about the work you achieve! As you continue to inspire us, I hope we continue to share the inspiration with you!

  13. Aw shucks. Ya got me.

    OK, I’m delurking even as we speak.

    I shall be forthright in my comments from here on out ’cause I dig this site.


  14. Like JD I was hoping to have said something worthwhile, and I realized that I have. I never leave a comment if it’s not worth my while, and definitely not if it’s not meaningful.

    Hopefully, I’ll make the quotable quotes list in the future, and even if I don’t, I can go on living knowing that I have lived my best.

    Yes, Corbett, you do write posts worth commenting on, and you come up with creative ways to present your ideas. Thanks for being… YOU!


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