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18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures

Hello everybody! I’m both happy and proud today to share with you my latest manifesto,
18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures.

It’s a free guide, and I hope you’ll check it out.

This is the story of how I built a:

six-figure small business
writing about what I love
in a year-and-a-half
during a monster recession
from the beaches of Mexico

This isn’t a watered-down freebie. I’ve poured the better part of a month into creating this 13,000 word guide. I think it’s one of the most important things I’ve ever written.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the report:

  • How I built a six-figure online business in a year-and-a-half
  • Full income estimates for my independent business in 2010-2011
  • How I made $11,000 in 72 hours with my first product launch
  • How to build an audience big enough to earn a living from
  • The reality of life as a location independent “solopreneur”
  • The simple breakthrough that can lead to rapid success

I wrote this manifesto because I personally have benefited so much from the generosity and examples of others before me. This is my way of paying it forward to you. I sincerely hope the guide will help you learn to work for yourself and do what you love.

If you love the guide, I hope you don’t mind me asking a favor.

As you probably know, my livelihood depends on readers like you who share my stuff with other people. Thank you so much for all the support over the past 18 months.

If this manifesto is useful to you, I would really appreciate if you would:

  1. share the manifesto on Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else you hang out online (buttons are below)
  2. review the guide and/or link to this post if you have a blog of your own

And as always, I’d love to hear what you think. Please comment below and let me know what you think of the manifesto!

Thanks again so much for your support over the past 18 months. It means the world to me. Enjoy the guide!

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Coming Next Tuesday, October 5: 18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures


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  1. Ian

    AWESOME! Just downloaded, starting to read it now! I’ll comment later on when I finish it!

    Thanks so much Corbett!

    • Ian

      Hey Corbett,

      Just finished the ebook and as promised, I’m back to let you know that I think! Here is some feedback:

      – I would have paid $ for this ebook, it is that good
      – The best part (for me) was the last section about selling your product. Very valuable information there and it’s very cool to learn the inside workings of a successful product launch.
      – The pages suffer from a lack of imagery – 60 something pages of wall to wall text might turn some people off. Throw in a graphic every few pages just to break it up.
      – I would have liked to hear about some specific programs / plugins / affiliate software / etc… that you used in your products and websites

      Overall this is a great ebook that I would recommend anyone read… Yes i would even recommend to my mom! I am that impressed with the ebook!

      I know I speak for all other commenters when I say thank you for sharing these tips and stories with us – we really do appreciate your hard work.


      PS – Don’t I win a prize for being the first to comment this morning? I believe it’s a $100 gift card or something?

      • Just finished reading your ebook and it was great. The best part of the -book was the final section on how to have a successful product launch. I tried launching products in the past but never made use of affiliates or an email list as well as I should.

        I remember reading Jeff Walker’s article on sideways selling and thinking that it was the best marketing advice I have heard in a long time.

        As always thanks for posting inspiring stuff.

        Nick, The Traffic Guy

      • Great feedback Ian. Thanks so much! Sorry for the lack of graphics. I thought that myself when I read the final draft, but decided to go with straight text anyway. Next time I’ll include some.

        Let me know how your mom likes the book ;) Oh, and the prize for first comment expired at 6:09am. You just missed it ;)

  2. Corbett – I am excited to peek into your brain and business model with this guide, but even more excited about the fact that you recognize the amazing gifts you have received from others and are taking this opportunity to “pay it forward.”

    I’m *sure* that the Universe is taking note and will deliver it back tenfold…funny and great the way that works!

  3. pure awesomeness, enough said :)..thanks Corbett

  4. I’m so excited….Page 2 totally got me! I can’t wait to read the whole thing! Thanks for writing this.

  5. This looks awesome, Corbett. I can’t wait to read and I’ll be glad to write a review and link to you on my humble rookie blog!

  6. Sweet-ass-ilicious !

    It sounds pretty awesome, and it’s amazing how much you have accomplished within that short time span.
    You deserve all the success.
    Can’t wait to read your magic !

  7. Rob

    Corbett, you rock! Spreading the word.

  8. Hey Corbet!

    Read the manifesto and love it! Just a small sugegstions. It may be a good idea to have the links in it open into a new page instead of the current page because when you go back to the manifesto your reader is at page 1 again and has to click through to find where they were. True, one can copy and paste the link into a new window but it may make the document a bit more user friendly to set thelinks up like that.

    Anyhow, writing my review now and will post on my site.

  9. A couple of pages in, and just wanted to give you a virtual high-five. Thanks for putting this together–very inspiring! Will be going on my Resources page this evening.

    Keep up the good work over here!


  10. Great work Corbett! Keep up the amazing work!

  11. Thanks for the manifesto! Can’t wait to start reading it

  12. Corbett…

    Thanks for putting this out. This will truly help a lot of people get from where they are to where they want to be. It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished in the passed 18 months..

    wishing you much more success bro.

  13. Was reading a bit of it last night. Can’t wait to finish it. Congrats dude!

  14. Hi Corbett-

    I can’t believe you shared all this information for free–this is amazing content. I read the whole thing in one sitting as soon as I downloaded it. I’ve been working on my first product to launch and this gives me a lot of ideas to consider. It’s extremely motivating to hear from someone who’s done what I’d love to do!

  15. Just finished the manifesto. Great information. Totally feel you when you mention the giving up part and launching new projects. I really need to find my voice and authenticity when writing. Thanks for the kick in the ass.

  16. It’s good to see that the process works as it should.

    Now to continue working the process!

  17. Daniel Mesa

    Hey, Corbett

    This manifesto kinda reminds me of the “Zero Hour Work-Week” that Jonathan Mead released some time ago, which also focused on how to start walking the entreprenurial path, uncancel your dreams and stuff.

    On the whole, thumbs up, man. However, I bet you also want to hear some constructive criticism from us, since that’s exactly what helps you improve, right?

    Well, I would have scattered much resources and links over the place, even if they were affiliate links, as long as they are helpful enough. We are lazy people, so whenever a new resource is offered, we are eager to click and see what’s up on the other side.

    It was also brief, lacks of some depth in the story. For example, you could have added some emotional background to your story, telling it in a way that reaches out for people’s feelings about it. It’s not about changing the story itself, just the way you tell it, that’s the difference between a good story and a good marketed story, imho.

    Well, it was good reading you, as always. Looking forward to more stuff from Think Traffic stuff, I really dig the stuff over there, man!!



  18. Awesome manifesto. Read it in one sitting :)

    I completely agree with the status of today’s society, and how entrepreneurship, aiming for small, independent living is so much more meaningful than being in the corporate world doing something you don’t really care about.

    Excellent pieces of advice, many of which were new to me or forgotten. I’m going to keep them in mind! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Excellent guide Corbett. This along with your affiliate-marketing course is giving me ideas, inspiration and keeping me on track. Thank again.

  20. Terrific.



    Good going, Corbett!

  21. Awesome! I can’t wait to read it and I’ll happily share it when I’m done. Thanks so much!

  22. Can’t wait to dive into this one.
    I am sick of the 9-to-5 drudgery.
    Help a brother break freeeee, Corbett!!!

  23. Corbett,
    I’ve just finished reading your manifestio and I am blown away.
    Simply fantastic stuff.
    I digg how you tell it as it is. inspirasional, and very well explained concepts. one of the best documents I have read for a long time.
    Full Respect.

  24. Dude,
    Totally awesome guide, just finished reading it!
    You inspire me so much!
    Sending you an email!

  25. I normally spend most of my days in the office with 10+ tabs open in Chrome, reading various blogs and looking up things as they come to mind. Today I’ve cut it down to the manifesto and my 9-5 work related tab. I feel so much better even just for having something great to focus most of my efforts on.

    I’ve been casually blogging for over a year now with no real direction. Mostly just been expounding on my efforts of what I’ve been trying to do in order to better my life. Now that I’ve read this I can only say I’ve just been sitting on the side of a road with my thumb out with a sign, “Life or Bust.”

    I’m looking forward to seeing what ways I’ve truly been communicating to my audience and seeing what their opinions have been.


  26. Phil

    GRRREAT work Corbett. Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Nice work man! Congrats again… :)

  28. Dan

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your book, was a great way to spend a rainy morning :)

  29. Awesome, Corbett. I’m really excited to dig into this thing. Thanks.

  30. Fantastic job Corbett!
    This answers a lot of questions.
    It’s honest and genuine which is refreshing.
    Congratulations and thanks for words of inspiration.
    In 12 months I hope to be where you are today.

  31. Damn, thanks Corbett. This is a great resource, one that I’ll return to over and over again for inspiration and ideas when launching and marketing projects. I appreciate you sharing this with all of us!

  32. Great work Corbett! I really loved this guide. Thanks for sharing it with us for free mate! Greg.

  33. Once more, congratulations on the new manifesto buddy! Free pursuits + your 2 manifestos are now officially the best resources online for living the “untemplater” lifestyle. Awesome!

  34. Hey Corbett!

    I’m Jon, and I’m new here. Of course I’ll socially share you. I came from Viperchill’s blog, and I found you in one of his posts. I love it when people give out knowledge for free. Especially when it comes to blogs, something I’m so incredibly into learning.

  35. Very well done. It took about an hour of valuable time to read, but well worth it.

    I’m curious why you do not use this to build an email list? This is a great product, full of great content, and would be worth opting in to an email list to get, so why give it away without at least exchanging for an email address to build your list?



    • Hi Chuck. I decided not to require opt in because I wanted this to get in as many hands as possible. In the end, even though I’ll get a smaller % of email addresses by not requiring opt-in, I suspect I’ll get a similar total number because the report has spread more freely. My list has been growing by leaps and bounds this week. Good question, thanks!

  36. Finished reading it and I have to say you are an excellent copywriter and marketer. Loved the no b/s hard hitting beginning “no boss no employees no investors etc” I have had a lot of success with my search business that allows me to support myself but not yet a blog so this was very motivating for me to keep on pushing my 3 month old project! Thanks for taking the time to make this it helped.

  37. Corbett, what a great read this is! Congrats on a terrific job. I’m so close to launching a product I can taste it. Just need to do it, even though it’s not perfect yet. Thanks for the permission!!

  38. Hey Corbett,

    I took a bunch of great notes while reading it. My absolute favorite part was the section where you described how you run your mastermind group. Nice piece of writing – thanks for putting it out there.


  39. Corbett, I just wanted to say thaks for the freebie, I haven’t read it yet, just DLed it. I’ll be reading it tonight while relaxing and will comment back later. I did want to say though that your name keeps poppingup in circles I travel in, and specifically last night, my coach/mentor, David Crandall at, and I were talking about you and your Ninja like SEO skillz. So I will be paying much more attention to you and stealing your Kung Fu. :)
    Thanks for paying it forward!

    • That’s awesome, Larry. Thanks for the insider knowledge. Glad I’m coming up in conversation. If you have any Kung Fu questions, feel free to ask directly. Cheers!

  40. What you said about WalMart – what if there were 200,000 small business instead of one giant behemoth – reminds me of a concept called Distributivism. GK Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc were the most well-known proponents. They suggested that, instead of total government control, as the left of their time wanted, or unfettered free market capitalism, which the right favored, that people own their own small businesses. So instead of a giant shoe factory owned by one rich person, there would be lots of little cobbler shops. The left of the time was opposed to any private ownership, and the right was opposed to any limitations on corporate ownership, so it never grew popular. Perhaps they were just 100 years too early.

    • Hey Mariette, thanks for the tip. I’d never heard of Distibutivism. I should probably become more politically studied before spouting off random theories. I’ll check that one out. Sounds really interesting! Thanks.

  41. 18 months sure does sound like a long time doesn’t it?

    But imagine this year just started and soon we’ll be welcoming in another new yr, MTV special and all.

    Your report was a great read and it encouraged me to get going and put up another post today.

    It must of took lots of balls and will to keep blogging through month 12 and not see any substantial results… bravo!

    Encouraging and Inspiring… hopefully we all who read it can come out with our own report of success and freedom 12 – 18 months from now.


  42. This report is so “moving” I’d want to take actions now. But I will take your word for it – trial and error and never give up!

  43. Really interesting Corbett,
    I think that the best part of you is that you sound extremely sincere when you say that you want to help people. I never feel like you’re just trying to make a quick buck. Either you’re a really great salesman or you’re just really real. I tend to believe more in the latter.

  44. Really really awesome.
    Thanks so much Corbett for sharing with us all this.
    Just to let you know, I am making a summary of it in french, in my blog. Wants to share all this VALUE with my french blog community.
    As many of you said, you could also have asked money for it. I would have paid for this incredible guide.

  45. Fantastic read, Corbett! I just finished it and I’m so glad you wrote it. While generally I’ve been happy with the decisions I’ve made in the last year, they definitely haven’t been easy ones and I’m wondering what direction I’m about to take with EIP and where I’m going with it all….. it’s been quite helpful to be able to relate to someone (like you) who is seeing a lot of success by choosing his own path.

    Other than being able to relate to you, I found the product launch section to be quite fascinating and helpful. I think you should expand on that more if you have more useful information.

    You’ve earned yourself a link on tomorrow’s Fun Friday Round-Up, so look for some small fish support from me :) I’m glad I’ve been following you for over a year, Corbett.

    P.S. Both of your blogs rock. Keep up the terrific work.

    • Thanks Moon, I really appreciate the feedback. It seems a lot of people have been enjoying the product launch section. I’ll keep that in mind for future projects.

      Let me know what you decide to do with your blog. Sounds like big changes are in store.

  46. Ash

    Corbett! Really excited for you. This is excellent! Keep up the momentum, my friend! Looking forward to the read.

    Hope to connect soon.

  47. Corbett,

    Excellent write-up. Extremely informative. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Added your sites to Google Reader. I am now a fan. :)


  48. Doug

    Good quick read, I liked getting the “behind the scenes” details. The only problem I had was the link to that cheese-dick from the vampire movies. How do you even know his name?

  49. Just finished reading this today and really enjoyed it. Such a wealth of information and honesty. I love that you were able to build all this in 18 months. It provides a nice framework for those of us that have similar ideas for doing the same. Keep up the great writing!

  50. Corbett, LOVED your guide! Finished it in 1 night. :) Thank you so much for offering your experience in order to help others rock their world and dare to dream wildly and boldly. Good stuff, man.

  51. So I keep coming back to this blog because well your selling stuff (which you should your a business) your honest and you have good content. I just started a new project (again) and this helped a ton.

    Basically I have an amazing domain name that I have just been sitting on and sense I’m a web designer I don’t have to people people to build and customize websites I just have to do it (no excuses for me) so instead of selling the domain I was like “hey why don’t I give this niche blog thing a try.”

    I actually didn’t find you searching today instead I wanted to start looking for a good affiliate programs and products that would be good for my currently non-existing site visitors and I remembered your blog with my brain searched my bookmarks and sure enough this was an awesome find.

    sooo thanks

  52. Corbett,

    Just read the Manifesto. Thanks for the transparency in your business.

    You have a real gift for integrating a lot of separate areas of knowledge into your writing.

    Props to giving credit where credit is due to your influences. That’s also good marketing BTW as you know ;)

    I’m forwarding your report to friends right now …

    Nice Work!


  53. Corbett, I was referred to your website from another blog. Nice catchy title btw, and I think that’s also one of the tricks you learned to be successful too. Read your pdf book. Very inspiring. I hope I can make it like you do.


  54. Daryn

    Hi Corbett,
    I just finished reading your manifesto… an awesome piece of work. Very impressive and inspirational! Thanks!


  55. Hi Corbett,

    This is my first time to your site. I’m really impressed by what you had put up here and I love the report that you wrote. You’re truly an inspiration. I’m currently designing my lifestyle and I believe I will get many great ideas over here.

    Thanks for sharing.


  56. I just finished this, it’s really awesome. Everyone who’s a blogger and stuck in a rut should definitely read this.

  57. Hello Corbett,

    After reading a lot of material on Lifestyle Design and affiliate marketing, I found your blog and artical the most practical, inspiring and motivating. I started my own blog immediately ha! Just start writing about things that matter to me I thought would be a good begin.
    I’ll see where this is going but I had to express my thanks to your great contribution to the communicty of (potential) New Rich.



  58. Ron

    Coming back for a second comment after starting to work through some of the things you talk about.

    I am finding it hard to find products and affiliate programs that are not promoting site growth and marketing.

    Maybe there is something else where on your site, but do you have an idea on how to find nich products for the now seo and blogging market?

  59. Thanks for releasing such a great guide for free. I think what I took most from it was inspiration. We are already living as digital nomads (currently travelling in South America) and building up a business, but don’t yet cover our expenses (savings are great to have to start off with). Sometimes we worry about running out of money and having to get ‘real’ jobs again, but your book made me realise it is possible and we just have to keep working at it. We have some ideas and we just need to run with them and not worry too much.

  60. Romulo Sousa

    Thanks for this.. it’s very good!

  61. Hi Corbett,
    Like many of the others, I’m so very grateful that you chose to release this manifesto. I didn’t think I could read it front to back in one sitting but it was so refreshing to get content that was relevant while still an easy read.
    Your example is the motivation I needed and I will be checking out Chris’ Manifesto too as the more I seek to learn about attaining Personal and Professional Success, the more I learn.
    Now…I really must end this comment and go back to the other two very important things I have planned for today. :)
    Thanks again,

    • Thanks Josh, glad you enjoyed it. Definitely check out Chris Guillebeau’s manifestos as well. They’re very inspiring.

  62. Hey Corbett

    I found you via Pat (Flynn). I was listening to your traffic podcast this morning and thought I’d check out your manifesto.

    I nearly…very nearly stopped reading and trashed it when I read in one of the early sections that you’d done a lot of the week on the beach in Mexico. I thought to myself: Here we go, another guy selling the dream that you can make a great income with two minutes work a day.

    But I kept reading – probably because of the great content in the call with Pat – and the mention of ethical affiliate marketing – neither of which fit the stereotype of that kind of ‘get rich quick’ marketer. So I was really relieved to see you write that it takes many 60 hours weeks to get to the stage where you might be able to work a 4 hour week. I think beginners really need to have that spelled out for them – there’s no magic bullet, no get rich quick, yada yada yada – and I was so glad that you spelled it out.

    I liked your Wal Mart story to. I’d never thought of things in quite that why before – was definitely thought provoking and interesting.

    I hope the Manifesto does really well for you. It’s obvious you’ve put some time and effort into it. I’ve already forwarded it to three people who might benefit and I look forward to following you on



    • Hey Paul, I’m so glad you didn’t stop reading. It’s a balance, you know, selling the “dream” vs. grounding people in reality. Thanks so much for the comment and for sharing the manifesto. Cheers!

  63. 18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures — I have read your ebook on how you built your business. Thx for sharing!! Like you have said we all have different paths and we must persue them and don’t give up. I am also going after the same life but my obligations are doubled. So, I have no choice but to have a full time job and on the side go after my dream. I have found this to be a relief because some mixtakes , or even money spend on products can be buffered with steady money coming in by other means. If something does not work , my entire life is not at danger. So, in a good way, I strongly suggest having a job or like you funds set aside.
    The illusion of working for only 4 hours and making tons of money is really unreal, even now my part time business takes more time than expected. Yet the sacrifice will pay off and someday I will leave my 9 to 5.
    Thx for all the info , it is a relief to read good , honest stuff !!!
    To our success !!

  64. Hi Corbett, I just found your site and I can’t wait to download your manifesto and read all your posts.
    I really feel like I have come too late to the party. I quit my job in 2007 and have had a fantastic time traveling and really living. Then a series of events made me panic and here I am working full-time, plotting my next escape from the nine-to-five. Except this time I am going to try to do it in a proper lifestyle design kind of way, instead of the cart-before-the-horse way I did last time (which still worked, by the way). The main reason for the caution and planning is my baby, who just turned 1.
    So I’m starting at the bottom, trying to work out business plans and SEO and CSS and niche marketing – such a mountain of stuff!
    I’m looking forward to learning from you. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  65. Just finished reading this book and I really found it helpful. I’ll pass this along to anyone who will listen and THANKS!

  66. Hey Corbett,
    I just learned about you today at a meeting with a friend who follows your blog. I am super new to blogging and affiliate marketing. I literally started my blog last week, that’s how new I am! And, wanna know a secret? I’ve never read someone else’s blog until this past week too. eek!

    I have been writing for the last 13 years though and I think I’m pretty clear on my voice, but my content is going to take some tweeking so I can be specific and intentional. I feel like I’ve been putting myself through a crash course on all of this!

    I just finished reading your manifesto though and wow, what a wealth of knowledge! I sat here reading like I was back in school, taking notes and everything. I think it is so great that you offered this work for free, and it makes sense because now I am interested in purchasing your AMfB course because it seems like exactly what I need right now. I am trying to be a sponge for all the information that I am finding and your manifesto, honestly, is going to be my guide on how to do this and tackle it the right way! So, truly, thank you!

    I also wanted to introduce you to someone, maybe you’ve heard of him. His name is Chuck Blakeman and he is my business advisor (I’ve started and run other businesses in another life). He is phenomenal and a lot of what you say and how you speak reminds me of him. I think you would resonate with his philosophy. You can check out his blog at

    Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your blog and your course soon!!


    • Corbett

      Hey Emmy, glad you found me. Best of luck getting your new site up and running. Thanks for the recommendation to Chuck’s site. I’ll check it out. Cheers!

  67. I finally read your manifesto today, and had to come over and thank you for writing it. I really needed to hear that someone like you who is already making it in the world of online lifestyle business has the same feelings of doubt and giving up that I do. Great stuff!

  68. This guide has helped me feel more confident that my blog is where it needs to be.

    It’s a month and a half old and I’m adding content and finding my way around the technical part of blogging. I started my blog to get things off my chest thinking if I was open and honest that it may help someone else who is going through the same stages life that I am and if NO one comes to read it then it would be cheap therapy for me. Those who have come have loved it (or so they say) and I keep thinking of things to say.

    So thank you!

    I do have a question for you… how do you connect with mentors or peers? I guess I’m afraid to ask someone I don’t know to help me, this inexperienced novice who is blogging about her life with her husband. So I have three problems (1) where to find people and (2) having the confidence to ask and (3) what am I asking them for?

    • Corbett

      Hey Laura, excellent question. The core of all beneficial relationships is genuine mutual interest. You should start by finding people who’s work you admire. Look for links to other blogs within your favorite sites. Find out who your favorite people follow on Twitter and just start clicking around until you have some people in mind.

      Then I would make a short list of peers you want to connect with (who you think will be big successes) and potential mentors. Tweet links from those people and link to them in your blog, that will help you get on their radar, and it will expose your audience to new useful resources. Then write short intro messages just telling everyone how much you like their work and how it has impacted. Offer to help people in specific ways, or in whatever way you can.

      Some people will respond warmly and some might check out your work. Some relationships should grow naturally out of this process. It all starts with identifying who you want to get in touch with and trying to create genuine relationships with them. If the process doesn’t yield any strong connections, change your approach and be patient. You can’t rush the process.

      Hope that helps!


  69. Sounds like a solid pdf. I will be downloading it and reading through it. I am constantly amazed at how many people are able to make a full time income online and have so much freedom. I look forward to hearing your story and how you were able to become successful and free.

  70. I found out about you while on a elliptical machine in Taipei. Random huh? I was listening to Pat’s podcast with you. Came to your blog and this post caught my attention naturally. Downloaded and read your manifesto and it’s like finding gold. Really well written, informative and inspirational. I’m starting my blog and had to write a post about what I found and share the message.

    Look forward to reading your archives and future posts.

  71. Corbett,
    Thanks a lot for this eBook. You have been really generous in mentioning all the aspects and yes its worth my time to read all the 68 pages.


  72. Going to download this tonight, does anyone know if you can view it with a Kindle?

  73. Thanks Corbett,

    Just read this for the second time and it was just what I needed. 6 months into blogging and I haven’t really found my true voice, but this has given me so much to think about and the encouragement to keep going.

  74. Bless you Corbett….am glad to read and hear your thoughts (just listened to your video presentation as part of Alist Bloggers MasterClass) …Appreciate your work—the line which stood out most for me is the realisation that a blog is simply a way to reach an audience and to deliver value to your audience a d build my business around my blog….that sentence really helps clarify what i do/have to offer. So thank you.

  75. Alyzande

    The most valuable guide I’ve ever read. Doing it now.

  76. Corbett, Thanks for taking time out to write down and share this valuable information. I appreciate your enthusiasm and your straight forward easy to understand approach. I refer back to “18 months, 2 blogs, 6 figures” from time to time to grab more nuggets of blog building information ideas.

  77. Hey Corbett, you’ve got an amazing report there my friend. The title says it all but still doesn’t do the report justice. It’s so much more! It really resonated with me.

    I even wrote a blog post about it – A lifestyle design story worth reading

    Keep up the great work!

  78. Great book. Thanks for writing it.

  79. Thanks Corbett, I just download your manifesto, thanks for sharing it, greats site!


    • Darwin

  80. Denise

    Hey Corbett-

    I heard about you via Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus and have to say that you exceed their shout out. I’ve been milling around looking for succinct, sound, and sincere information and your manifesto is it. This is the best overview I’ve come across and it has given me clear direction on how to realize my goals. Thank you for writing it and a bigger thank you for putting it out there.

    I’m getting ready to go back through the document so I can click on all the links you provide. It’s a treasure trove.

    Best to you!

  81. Kim

    Corbett – Great ebook. I’m in the process of writing a review/discussion with my points of view on the main points of your ebook. I’m wondering if I can use the graphic you have in my introduction and also as a link to this page? Please let me know. Thanks.

  82. Hey Corbett, just discovered your “little” manifesto. It’s actually pretty big.
    Great story, great advice.
    It’s people like you who serve as an inspiration for making my goal of going solo online happen.

    Thanks a lot, keep on being awesome


    PS. The last part about product launch could be an ebook in itself.

    • Corbett

      Thanks Conni, I had a lot of fun writing the book. Glad it’s helpful! If you have specific questions, I’m happy to answer them. Keep on keepin’ on ;)

  83. John

    Hey Corbett –
    Just to let you know there’s still people reading this. I’m only in a few pages and already I found something I can completely identify with:

    “Not the least of which include the mental roller coaster you’ll be on as you wonder if you’re smart enough, talented enough, dedicated enough and worthy of becoming blissfully self employed”

    That statement right there goes a long way for me – makes me feel like I’m not alone. Looking forward to the rest of it. Thanks for writing it.

  84. Great read! Helpful as always. Congrats on completion and for the motivation to keep on blazing forward.

    Best –

  85. Charlotte

    This is very exciting! :)

  86. I just finished reading the ebook too. Its awesome I must admit. The main thing i see is this, whatever you believe in, do get it done. It is well

  87. Loved the manifesto! Great stuff, thank you for sharing!

  88. I read this today, and took notes. It makes an excellent compliment to your How to Start a Blog That Matters course (which I am taking).

    Thank you for sharing this information.It’s got my mind in even more of a buzz, but that’s a good thing.

  89. Well this may be from 2010 but I think that report is pretty damn good if you ask me.

    Don’t know how I missed this here before, thanks Corbett.


    • Corbett

      Thanks Sergio, glad you enjoyed the report. I hope it is useful.

      It’s all still very relevant today. 2010 wasn’t all that long ago :)

  90. WOW – WOW – WOW

    Hi Corbett, Wow (again!), I’ve just dowloaded your book and I’m totally blown away by it. Not only is the content spot on but it’s completely FREE and I didn’t even have to sign in to an opt in form to get it, amazing!. 68 pages of quality content beautifully presented. What a fabulous blog, I’m definitely subscribing :-)

  91. Wow.

    Talk about “epic shit” ;)

    This is extraordinary Corbett. Thank you so so much for sharing your story, experience & knowledge with us. I’m off to print it out now & read it again (this time with a highlighter in hand!)


  92. Corbett,

    I read this manifesto last year before I started my blog, and it was inspiring at the time. But now that I’m 4 months into my new blog, I’ve re-read it and found it even MORE inspiring!

    Particularly the part about how you saw very little revenue during the first 12 months… and the “emotional roller coaster” you mentioned. I’m in the middle of it. Passionate about my blog and providing the most value possible to my readers (who do generously share my posts and send me nice emails :-) ) – but wondering if it’ll ever pay off financially… someday. Thanks to your manifesto, I’m really encouraged to persevere, keep publishing good stuff, and always improve what I’m doing.

    I’ll come back and comment again when I have my own $11,000 product launch ;-)

  93. Once again, an awesome post from Corbett Barr! I’m subscribing to your newsletter and I’ll read this eBook later. I’m new to affiliate marketing but I like to dream big :-)

  94. Hi Corbett,
    just awesome!
    I´d like to translate the whole thing and put it on my blog. If your interested contact me.

  95. Hi Corbett,

    I heard about you over at the Warrior Forum…

    Great post man and awesome marketing strategies in this post.

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