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50 Photos to Inspire Life as a Digital Nomad

internet & tacos by lecates

Have you dreamed of being able to live and work anywhere you want to? What about traveling the world while earning a living with just a laptop and an Internet connection? Such is the life of a digital nomad. It’s usually exciting, sometimes glamorous, and always inspiring.

If you’ve ever thought of becoming a digital nomad, here are 50 photos that might inspire you to take the next step.

Where are all these photos from? They’re all licensed under Creative Commons and sourced from the amazing artists who contribute to Flickr. Actually, I also took a few of the photos myself, but you can use those under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 as well.

If you’re not familiar with Creative Commons, basically it’s a way for artists, photographers, writers, etc. to license their work so that other people can use it under certain conditions (usually attribution is required). CC is a great way to gain exposure for your work. That’s where I source most of the photos on this blog, and I really appreciate all the amazing things people share under CC.

Each of these photos inspire me to get out and explore and experience more than my little corner of the world.

I hope they inspire you too.

Barcelona sunset HDR by MorBCN

Éole Airlines by Éole

Sailing by DanielaNob

Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato by jj.figueroa

underneath a star by jaeWALK

Ocean Colors by Paulo Brandão

Wat Arun at Sunset by Stuck in Customs

Panama Boat House by Corbett Barr

December sand by ~jjjohn~

weekend inspiration by muha…

I’ve reached the end of the world by Stuck in Customs

Nubble Light In Snow by brentdanley

The Hole by caese

Love on Tehran`s Roof by mohammadali

Dolmabahçe Palace… by Kıvanç Niş

Stand Back Sunset by Corbett Barr

Storm Cell at Sunset by .: sandman

two zero nine: Beach or Bust by Anna Gay

Lua em São Paulo by Luiz Henrique Assunção

Salida de Luna by Chodaboy

llibreria – bookstore – Amsterdam – HDR by MorBCN

Delhi From a Rickshaw by wili_hybrid

wham:a different corner by visualpanic

Mount Si in North Bend, Washington by papalars

Imma by Dude Crush

Blue Door – White Wall by Klearchos Kapoutsis

Alone by Giorgio Montersino

Streetphoto from The Old Town, Dubrovnic, Croatia by steinliland

Gulf Islands Sunset by Corbett Barr

Windows of Laos by B℮n

Seattle in Motion at Sunset by Surrealize

Villefranche-sur-Mer, Riviera by Imapix

Lunch…Sun… and San Pellegrino! by Imapix

Somewhere in Dana Point, CA by P.J.M. *extremely slow on flickr :( sorry*

Old San Juan by S.A. Young

Grave Robber by Stuck in Customs

Venice by MorBCN

Sunset at Traveler’s Inn by angela7dreams

Museo Guggenheim Bilbao by envisionpublicidad

Hong Kong from the peak on a summer’s night by Stuck in Customs

reykjavik_tilt-shift1 by Alex J White

Sunset at Lisboa by Fr Antunes

Back to Isla Perdida by cuellar

Amsterdam, Holland 075 – The Venice of Northern Europe by Claudio.Ar

tate cafe by Janesdead

wlan for free by lanier67

Canoe Colors by Corbett Barr

The Way to Paradise by nattu

Sunset is served! by Milena T.

What inspires you? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Wow, nicely done Corbett… Nice done.

    These are extremely inspiring, each in a slightly different way. I’m especially impressed by your own handy work!

    The only problem is I can’t make them ALL my desktop background… which to choose?

    • Baker, I use John’s Background Switcher to alternate my desktop background every day. Sometimes I’ll stop it for several days on an image that I particularly like.

      You can point it to any folder or collection of folders on the web or your computer. You can have it change whenever you like, including every hour. Add any Flickr or SmugMug gallery you find, and never run out of incredible images. (I have nothing to do with this free program, I just use it)

  2. I second that! Incredible photos Corbett!

    This just makes me want to travel the world and see all of those places.
    It also makes me want to get an awesome SLR digital camera so I can take pictures like these :)

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

  3. Fantastic! Such inspiration! I agree that the best companion in any travel is a great camera. Spend the money… it’s definitely worth it :D

  4. Isn’t life beautiful (if you take advantage of all there is to offer)? And the world’s a gorgeous place, especially in HDR! :)

    Thanks Corbett.

  5. Absolutely amazing! I almost took my 450D and headed to the airport (joking, of course,but not too much ;-) ) Recognizing Wat Arun over Chao Phraya in that beautiful picture was incredible.

    I think you created a fantastic inspirational post here. :-)

  6. “Sunset is served” and “Alone” are my favorites. All of them were fun to peruse. thank you

  7. Yeah, I pretty much just took out my camera and started shooting random things around town after seeing this. Very nice collection of photos!

  8. Very inspiring, all are beautiful photos! Looking through all those made me realize how few places I’ve been to in the world, I’m feeling quite bitten by the travel bug this morning!

  9. Fabian Kruse

    Hmm, some of these HDR photos seem to inspire frequent LSD use rather than a Digital Nomad Life… ;)
    But still, LOTS of nice destinations pictured there!

  10. Liz

    Wow! Nice way to start the day. Thanks for putting this together. Stumbling and tweeting.

  11. Fantastic stuff. Just what I need to get me motivated today.

  12. A bunch of great shots. I have even seen some of them. Some places make it tough to take a bad picture, and those who have that eye can make a great shot from an otherwise unnoticeable scene.

  13. HDR is wonderful, isn’t it? It can definitely make any scene ‘pop’ and be totally inspiring!

    Great collection of digital artistry there.

  14. @iq4sale

    Very Nice! A wonderful collection.

  15. Stunning photos! Thanks for the Tuesday morning inspiration! It’s always great to be reminded how much of the world there really is to explore.

  16. Jim Ireland

    Outstanding! Really makes you want to get out of your old boring routine ( Work, TV, Sleep, Work) , and go somewhere.


  17. Really amazing photos. Those really remind me of what I’m working for. It’s always nice to have a fresh injection of inspiration to keep you going!

  18. What an incredible collection. I really want to go to each of the places pictured and just hang out for a while.

  19. That’s a really nice collection of photos you’ve put together there. Once I start I can get lost for hours looking through photos on sites like Flickr.

    Good call on sharing the Flickr tip as well. Just earlier today I was thinking I need to write a post on that soon as I sourced an image for a report I was writing.

    Keep up the good work!

  20. I agree with everyone else, stunning collection of inspiring photos. I will continue to stare at these pics for a while.
    Awesome Job!


    excelente fotografias inspiradoras de vida

  22. Magnificent! What a great collection of sublime travel moments! As one who has often struggled to capture such things in photographs, I can really appreciate the talent on display here. Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Thanks everybody for all the great comments. I had a lot of fun putting this together. I’m glad you all enjoyed the photos.

  24. Some great photos in here, I guess digital nomads like HDR then? ;-)

  25. Whaw! You have some amazing and inspiring photo’s on here. Love the laptop by the water :)

  26. uuuuvvv, some great photos in here : =)

  27. Absolutely loving these. Forwarded them to several friends for them to enjoy!

  28. sara

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.. they are really amazing
    i just took all the photos 4 me ..
    i love photographing and natureeeeee
    gooood work every1

  29. adam

    All a person could ever need “Internet&Tacos”

  30. Omg. These pics are amazing. Very inspirational also.

  31. MsJoanne

    I StumbledUpon this page and love it! Beautiful pics! Thank you so much!

  32. james

    very inspiring…

  33. Insanely inspiring !!!! Love each and every one. Thanks for sharing this.

  34. awesome pics !!
    btw i think HDR is a turn-off.

  35. My favorites was the tacos & internet and the laptop on the dock. How ever those are all great pics to make you want to do something else, especially on a Monday morning at work.


  36. Thank you very much. They all look very inspirational.

  37. These are just awesome pictures…great job….I love it….

  38. Two thumbs up for this post Corbett! So sensible, but impacting. That’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I really hope your article will trigger something in the mind of all those people who fill miserable at work and would give anything to change their working life and become Digital Nomads.
    So inspiring, I wrote something about it on my blog:

  39. dex

    these are great pics..hard to choose which is the best. I hope I will someday become financially-free so that I can do the things I want…

  40. I am working on my own business so I can have the freedom to travel.
    It has become a driving force in my life.

    Thank you for these inspiration images.

  41. Prabjeet Singh

    These pictures are magnificant, beautifully photographed. Sometimes, I have to see in depth whether they are actually photographed or digital made or an artistic painting.

    Well done!!!

  42. lapaa

    these lovely pics truely made my day.honestly i envy u for being there,wherever u’ve been> amazing pics
    thx for sharing them

  43. Very interesting pictures and creative too..

  44. So comfortable and appealing

  45. neama

    so inspirational..wish i could get the chance to see all those places in real life..wish i could work for lonely planet :P
    for sure there must be no better job in the world than to get to see all those places with ur own eyes,mingle with cultures and witness life through their perspectives..

  46. Wow amazing and stunning collection here. There is something about looking at beautiful that somehow calms you! These pictures do that for me…. thanks for sharing them.

  47. As fotografias me deixam em estado de graça!!!
    Sempre venho aqui para ter um momento de paz., tranquilidade e beleza.
    Sou mineira, mas moro em Salvador/Bahia/Brasil.
    Um abraço

  48. jose anmgel

    esta super

  49. Incredible collection, Corbett! I love your sunset ones that you took yourself… makes me itch to start traveling, which I think was your point!

  50. Being a digital nomad is one of the really positive things I love about my life. I have a backpack with clothes, my laptop, my camera, my video camera, my ipod. I don’t need anything else and I earn money online writing. It’s a wonderful life.

    • Rebecca

      Nomad in Spain, you are living my dream. How do I make this dream come true?


    • Chul

      Thank you for posting these beautiful and inspiring photos. I am quitting my current job of 4 years to work as a translator. I will be able to work from anywhere that has the internet connection. But I am also aware of the uncertainties I face and ask myself everyday whether I am truly ready to take to the road. Well, I guess there’s but one way to find out.

  51. Quite a few impressive pictures, which should inspire everyone to get out there and do some exploring. But why not some pictures of shitty hostels, which most backpackers say in. That aint quite so glamorous….!

  52. Nice photos. Double thumbs up!

  53. magnificas. es parte del paraíso terrenal expuesto para llegar directo al corazon.

  54. Bravo!
    Beautiful and inspirational!
    Photos that speak a 1000 words.’-)

  55. Sophie

    I really enjoy these photographs. You’re living the life I’ve been dreaming of for years now. You’ve finally given me a name for my calling.

  56. Excellent collection! It reminds me of just how little we have seen in the past couple of years on the road. There’s so much more to see and do!

  57. Robert

    Corbett, thank you for posting these amazing photos!!! Love your site, kudos to you. Keep up the GREAT work!


    Greetings,Corbett,thank you for sharing,love your work. I am a visual artist and a photographer.Abstract paterns and moods of nature inspire me very much.I wish you endless nomadic journys filled with excitement and magic in 2010 ! Affectionatly, Irena.

  59. Great collection. Digital hike around the world in a few minutes…

  60. alan van cleave

    good on ya mate. send ur photos to facebook twitter etc. also/

  61. beautiful pictures

  62. someone who happens to be familiar with my work chanced upon this page…

    it’s really nice to know one of my images is on your list. i’m glad i could inspire. :)

    hit me up on flickr will ya!

    • Hi Jeremy, thanks so much for sharing your work under the CC license. “underneath a star” is definitely one of my favorites from this compilation!

  63. WOW!!! Amazing photos! Makes me want to get on a plane and visit many of these places right now.

  64. Being a digital nomad myself, I couldn’t help but take a look at all these photos. They are amazing and make me want to get up and leave my house right now.

    Amazing photo collection!

  65. What a great collection. Eternal travel is the dream!

  66. LOVE these photos – they make me want to pack up and start travelling NOW!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kathryn @Travelfusion

  67. Very nice pictures thanks for sharing.

  68. kayla26

    What a load of really wonderful and insiring photos on just one page!

  69. Cool photos. How about more info on where they were taken?

  70. Bud

    Nice shots, but a lot of “Pseudo HDR”. Too much, actually.

  71. sherly

    beautiful views!

  72. Wow! Gr8 collection of shots! Thx for sharing :)

  73. I’ve been in the corporate world for the past 10 years doing SEO. My dream is to exactly what you are trying to inspire here.

    I guess many share my dreams.

  74. and if you want to see some of my photography –

  75. Evo

    Great photos! Now I’m craving Amsterdam, Venice and Bilbao all at the same time.

  76. Amazing pics. Makes me a bit sad that I lost my memory card with my europe backpacking trip pics!

  77. An awesome group of photos. If these don’t want to make you travel, nothing will. Thanks for sharing.

  78. Stunning and wildly inspiring collection. I love hearing the phrase Digital Nomad more frequently. Such an empowering lifestyle!

    Today I’m sifting through 6+ months of travel photos to upload on Flickr with CC. I’m really honored to be following in the footsteps of such brave and giving adventurers. Thanks for leading the way, guys…

  79. Aaronn Kaminski

    Gorgeous pictures, they are truly inspiring.

  80. jim

    does anyone know where the image that says…..”weekend inspiration from muha….” came from? I want to go there and want to know where it is.


  81. blad3runn69

    internet & tacos & tequila ftw!

  82. Sneakos View

    So thats what dreams are made of! Nice!

  83. Jan

    Digital nomad – love it! Your pictures are quite inspiring.

  84. Turuktu

    Inspiring photos, makes one wonder how much of
    this world experience we miss in our lives.

  85. How can I do this??? It’s always been my dream to just travel earn my way as I go by working where I was. How do could I do this? Any ideas?

  86. indy

    You’ve included Dubrovnik in the collection… Love that city :)
    And the photo with the free wifi, I’ve used the “free” internet countless times, and the picture always looks the same :))

  87. Wow I found this very interesting!

  88. jim

    Ive actually been to that taco stand. It’s in Puerto Morelos south of Cancun. Check emails there while chilling for a week 2 years ago. Excellent food.

  89. Very uplifting and inspirational collection of images you put together. I’ve seen several of them in the past but having them all in one location to scroll through is nice. Definitely encouragement to travel the world more.

  90. I’m working on getting there. I make about $500 a month right now from doing freelance web design. If I can get that number up to $1500 a month, I will feel comfortable enough to take off to somewhere like Vietnam.

  91. simply amazing.

  92. Great pictures! It’s a big world out there with lots to see, and these pictures completely remind you of that. People should definitely travel more and see as much as they can of everything.


  94. great pic selection, corbett.

    I’m happy to see you throw Old San Juan into the mix. That was my old stomping ground growing up. I’ve been to a lot of these places, but still missing some of the most beautiful spots. So much to see, always good to be reminded of it.

  95. i wish i had tacos & internet right now

  96. These photos are artistically amazing

  97. amazing photos! That picture of Honk Kong looks so unreal, almost like some 3D rendering.

  98. You have great pictures here. Congrats!

  99. fizzle-izzle¬¬¬

    What i loved the best: Seattle in Motion at Sunset by Surrealize, Back to Isla Perdida by cuellar, Sunset is served! by Milena T. ;-)

  100. BORIS

    SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Awesome. Love them

  102. the photos make me want to start packing and look for the sunset

  103. Very creative ideas. I do oil painting on canvas, my site provides work to local artists and students and your images are really good inspiration for paintings. Thanks !!!

  104. Nice photos makes me want to get all creative and get my pentax camera out :)

  105. Love the collection. Very cool would love to get back to Hong Kong sometime soon:)

  106. Wow…great collection of images to get you inspired to leave the office behind! Nomadic Matt @ is one such digital nomad that ditched most of his worldly possessions and travels the world with a laptop in one hand, and a backpack in the other. In addition to writing about his travels, he also details how you can do the same. Definitely worth a read. Thanks for the share!

  107. adam

    These are really interesting photos, but WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE using these spaces? I am more inspired by seeing people interacting in the environment than viewing spaces that are appreciating the design qualities of buildings.

  108. kwacholz

    those are sweet pictures! (: very impressive..

  109. Superbe images, hopefully one of my photographs makes it to one of your collections one day…

  110. Amazing photos!

  111. This is a brilliant and inspirational collection of photos, just a shame I didn’t take any of them. I love “I’ve reached the end of the world” that is one killer photograph. Sweeet!

  112. whoa! leaves me thinking – gotta enjoy life more AND get the camera out more. totally inspirational!

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