I’m Corbett Barr, a blogger, podcaster, independent entrepreneur and halfway decent software developer. My home base is currently San Francisco, but I spend winters in Mexico and travel throughout the year.

Current Projects

  • FizzleLearn how to build a small independent business online. Build something that matters along thousands of entrepreneurs in the Fizzle community.
  • The Fizzle ShowThe podcast where Chase Reeves, Barrett Brooks and I joke around and get down to business.
  • The SparklineI’ve been blogging since early 2009. Most of my best writing ended up here in the archives.

My Writing

Here are a handful of things I’ve written that I’m most proud of from around the web:

  • Celebrate SmallWhen you’re small, you’re capable of handcrafted experiences, thoughtful details and careful outcomes.
  • Write Epic ShitWrite things that make people think. Inspire people. Change lives. Create value. Blow people away with your usefulness.
  • Heavy-Ass WeightsThat’s how you measure progress when no one seems to be listening: by the intensity of the work you’re doing, the boundaries you’re stretching, the experiments you’re learning from.

And specifically, for bloggers and people building independent, bootstrapped online businesses:

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