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You Have to Choose to Be Awesome

It used to be there.

You used to feel like you were pretty awesome. You liked yourself, people were drawn to you, you had a bright future ahead. You had fresh ideas and a zeal for life. You felt like you could accomplish anything you wanted to.

Then somehow it slipped away. You lost it, and you don’t exactly know how.

Maybe it was a slow drain of awesomeness that you didn’t notice.

Maybe the demands of your career or your family extinguished your awesomeness. Maybe you lost your confidence as you got older, put on a few pounds and stopped making new friends. Maybe there was a traumatic incident that changed your life’s trajectory dramatically.

However it happened, it doesn’t matter.

The fact is that you know you could be living a bigger, better, bolder life than you are now.

That’s a critical first step to regaining your awesomeness. You have to admit that something is missing, and that you’re not living up to your potential.

Things can change. People change. YOU can change.

You can regain your awesomeness and then some. You can become a ridiculously awesome version of yourself.

It could all start right now.

But here’s the thing. You have to choose to be awesome. It doesn’t just happen. Once you’ve lost your spark, you have to work to get it back. You have to fight for it. Becoming awesome again isn’t just a decision; it’s a lifelong quest. It takes practice and dedication and awareness.

Every decision you make has to come under the scrutiny of your new awesomeness filter. Choose to work on your side hustle instead of watching TV. Choose to learn something instead of vegging out. Choose to encourage people instead of tearing them down.

You always have a choice, and you have to choose wisely if you want to be awesome again.

This isn’t a blog post, it’s a plea. The world needs more awesome people.

Please, join us. If you choose to be awesome, leave a comment below. Tell us how you plan to be more awesome.

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  1. Hear hear! Could not agree more with the key message of this post! Less than a year ago me and my co-blogger were both stuck in jobs that were killing us and in a steep downward spiral of awesomeness. Luckily, we spotted the problem and managed to take action in the nick of time: Through some radical re-examining of what’s important (hint: it’s not your bank account) and some dramatic changes (quitting our jobs and starting our own company and blog) we think we’re finally back on the path to awesomeness. Good luck to all fellow pilgrims to awesome!

    • Corbett

      Congratulations Ben, those are some huge changes. I feel more awesomeness coming your way :)

  2. Corbett-
    Perfect timing for this blog post, thank you! This rainy morning, I was definitely feeling like my Awesome energy was being sucked dry.

    But after reading your inspiring words – it is true:
    I choose to be fucking awesome! I choose it every day, every minute, every chance I get.

    And by not choosing anything and allowing life’s path to merely carry us along, that is a choice to ignore the Awesome Potential we all have.

  3. I can dig it! Awesomeness does take effort.

    I may be biased, but I consider myself to be pretty dang-on awesome. And I have noticed that I oftentimes feel the opposite because of a certain situation or a natural feeling in response to something.

    It definitely takes effort to clinb back up into the awesome tree. I’m going through that this morning, actually.

  4. I chose to be awesome a long time ago and I always focus on it, period. No matter how it looks to people outside.

    I am sexy success, I live it, I breathe it.

    Join me and Ryze up!

  5. my mantra is simply “be awesome!” and has been for a while. it works.

    • Corbett

      Simple, to-the-point. I’d love to hear about the long-term effectiveness. Have a study to share Paul?

  6. Being awesome is a call, if you answer the call you bow yourself to make the effort, to fight for it.
    At first it’s scary, and there are a lot of voices that will try to keep you down. But if you fight, and keep moving forward you will start to leave those voices behind.
    Sooner or later you form the right habits and then you start to see a glimpse of success. If you keep pushing forward one day you will notice that you are in fact awesome.
    Right now, I think I’m still trying to get away from the naysayers. But my blog is doing fine, I still work everyday to make it better, Write an article, improve the social media, lay out the groundwork for a new section. Every small effort accumulates and makes something bigger and better.
    Thanks for reminding me this Corbett, and I will stay here to learn more from your new course.

  7. I’ve been sitting her for like five minutes trying to decide if I was qualified to leave a comment. I’m not so awesome yet. I’m getting there. I’ve made SIGNIFICANT changes to my life in the past 18 months to try to become more awesome – or at least more the person I want to be, which is almost what “awesome” is to me right now.

    But to the point about awesomeness being a lifelong quest – that’s where I’m struggling. I might have made some big changes, but I feel like my tendency toward inertia continues – now, having changed, I’ll keep doing THIS set of things until something external makes a decision for me to kick me out of my comfort zone. And that bums me out about myself. That’s the real thing I’d like to change.

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who feels this way, and the bottom line is, I’ll keep trying!

  8. Corbett … looking forward to your new site, but I do have a question.

    Do you have website A.D.D ?? ;)

    • Corbett

      Haha, no, I just love what I do for a living. The new site isn’t another blog or anything, it’s a course for people who want to start a new blog. That’s something I have a little experience with :)

  9. AWESOME post, Corbett. I had lost my awesomeness a few months back when I injured my Achilles and couldn’t walk but then I CHOSE to get it back and I’m more excited than ever. Great timing.

    • Corbett

      Good job not letting that get you down too much. Imagine the alternative, if you had let the injury change your life negatively forever. For some, that’s how it would have gone down.

  10. My favorite line is “You used to feel like you were pretty awesome. ” The timing of this post lines up perfectly with my new blog post this morning. It’s called “Life’s Sweet Spot + What I Wish I Knew In College”

    I call that time in your life when you “felt awesome” your sweet spot. When life was just goooood.

    You’re right when you say it doesn’t matter how we got to be unawesome. Instead she would focus on recreating those awesome moments in our lives. What worked back then? And how can you make it happen again?

    • Corbett

      Or, don’t even worry about what worked back then. Today may be completely different for you. Figure out what will work from now on.

  11. Awesome plea Corbet.

    I feel Awesome today! I mean why not? I have not procrastinated one bit, I have just had a meaning full and intellectual conversation with my 3 year old daughter about fish fingers and potato smiles. My Wife would like Thia food tonight so I’m going to cook it.

    Everyday is not always like this I’m sure you know that, but there is always awesomeness to look forward too which makes me feel awesome.

    That’s my awesome day :-D


    • Corbett

      Nice! Sometimes it’s all the little things that add up to an awesome existence :)

  12. Pia

    I´m just coming home having passed my exam and my running-coach-licence in my pocket – and it feels awesome. Today, a lifelong dream has come true and i will be f*ing awesome in coaching other people to live running the way i do. YES!

    Thank you for your great blog, Corbett!
    Greets from Germany – liveisrunning

  13. Great post, Corbett.

    My plan to be more awesome?

    It involves re-launching my blog on the 3 year anniversary (April) of me quitting my silicon valley job, selling my shit, and traveling while living off blogs and consulting clients.

    I have a lot of experience, mistakes, and stories to share but I’ve never been a huge fan of blogging. Ends up I just hadn’t found the right inspiration.

    Always been a huge fan of your projects.

    TL;DR: I’m going to start sharing what I know with the world.



  14. DG


    Exactly what I’ve been feeling lately….

    Recently made a balls out choice to shake up my world in an effort to bring back the “awesome”…but now it’s time to just get after it!

    Looks like your new course will be a good place to start…..see you there!


    ” It’s NEVER too late to be what you might have been.”

  15. Well said. This was an “Awesome” post! It’s so easy to live beneath who you are and who you are destined to be. Too many people settle for less. To live up to your potential you must be self-motivated. Thanks, I needed to read this and to have reinforced that which I knew.

  16. Corbett, I’ve read your blog here for a long time. I’ve decided to make 2012 a big year for myself, partly because of what you write here. Just wanted to say keep it up.

    – Baron

  17. I had to reach way down deep to feel awesome today, but I did it. : )

    So this post is super-timely and deeply appreciated, and, since there are no accidents, I know the universe meant to send me this message, at this time, through this source.

    My plan to be more awesome this year is to re-commit to my “commandments,” ala Gretchen Rubin and “The Happiness Project.” And commandment #1 is “Be Kimberly.” So, I’m going to be my authentic self and pursue and achieve what I want to achieve, and not concern myself with how uncomfortable that might sometimes feel, and with what other people think. : )

    (I’ve been reading your blog for months, and this is the first time I’ve commented, which is proof that I’m following the commandment, above. So thx for the inspiration.) : )

  18. This just reminded me of that youtube video from Ali.

    Describing how I plan to be more awesome…?

    – Well I started connecting with the right people
    – Built a blog that doesn’t sucks so much (yet)
    – Went all in with a mentor and I’m on current talks with a top UK IMer
    – Decided that fear is not longer going to control my life
    – Started creating videos for the first time in my whole IM experience
    – Launching a few sites of my own for 2012 along with products

    If I manage to succeed, I will be able to change locations, take my girl with me, see a bit of the world, reboot my brain and connect with the earth more, start a family if money allows so…

    And finally but not least, create a spanish based program so intensively amazing that it actually helps people to succeed and compromises all the guru shit that is flying everywhere these days.

    That’s basically it, although I don’t know if I will be able to achieve this, I will certainly put my extra 110% and then some more.

    You know the drill… “no pain, no gain.”


  19. “Choose to work on your side hustle instead of watching TV. Choose to learn something instead of vegging out. Choose to encourage people instead of tearing them down.”

    true. conscious effort. it’s too easy to be self-centered. awesome is giving, not taking. that’s a focus this year for me… to listen. to get to know. to give.

    great post.

  20. Thanks for the reminder! Falling into a rut or a routine becomes easy, and I always have to remind myself to get out there and be more active in pursuing the things I want to do.

  21. ok …. why are there a lot of guys who think they are awesome and so few women? or is it simply the case that more guys read this post? I stumbled upon this via twitter & @cultofteak

    being awesome requires humility.
    being awesome is hard work
    being awesome requires luck, but I maintain luck is hard work
    being awesome requires the routine of perfection, meaning you have to practice perfectly
    being awesome means living reality tv instead of watching it

    never thought of myself as being awesome but I have an awesome life and I love it :-)

  22. Im going to be awesome. I am working on becoming a consistently profitable day and swing trader. The pursuit there is not money. The pursuit is excellence. The money comes second. The money will allow me to pave my run way toward freedom to travel and trek to around the world. Growing and becoming better as I go. Then I will Write about it in my blog.

  23. Bipasha

    Gosh!!..i love your words…i used to think “excellence” and ” using the gift god gave me”…and you sum it up so well.. awesomeness it is.. and yes it is so easy to let every other inconsequential thing take priority and run the show…yes concious effort all the time is real hard work…so then its all about earning it for yourself and taking it to the next level rather than taking it for granted and letting it dilute away..awesome post..

  24. Thanks for the reminder and the plea to awesome, Corbett.

    I have always enjoyed teaching and I am awesome at it. I lost my awesome a few years back in a relationship that was going nowhere fast. I finally left six months ago and am slowly getting my awesome back.

    I have made some awesome commitments to myself this year and am off to a good start so far. Working on making it a great start.

    I am getting back into Public Speaking where I had found my passion and my vehicle for teaching. This year I plan on making an awesome living doing that.

    When you make commitments, doors open out of nowhere. I got my first paid gig out of the blue due to my association with Toastmasters. I am ready to rock and roll to awesomeness.

    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to working with the new course to reinvigorate my blogs.


  25. GV

    Great read to kickoff a Monday morning! Thanks…

  26. Nailed it Corbett! Excellent post.

    Its true you have to choose to believe in or against yourself.

    Maybe its because of the modern day pimp game ie marketing people fall to someone else’s plans before they find their own.

    Self love is the answer!

  27. I love this plea! It’s true, awesome is within us, but it takes continuous slugging effort to keep ourselves open, flowing + powerful! And it takes effort to be building. I’m committed to breathing more, to sharing WAY more, to having higher standards for myself and everyone in my world + for rockin’ my biz like I mean it!!!

  28. Reminding myself that no matter the large amount of knowledge in my head, it means nothing unless it’s put into concrete form and shared with others.

    My mission is to remind myself of two things daily:

    1. We all have a limited time available to us in this life – make it count.

    2. Any time I’ve taken consistent action, good things have happened. Take action every day , not just when a surge of energy comes. Complaining about working all day and having no energy is no excuse.

  29. Lion

    Hey.. here!! Chose to be awesome!!

    Live life to the fullest. That’s what we’re here for. So screw it, let’s do it!

  30. Aécio

    Your blog is amazing, Corbett!

    I am a brazilian adventurer in SF, learning some english and thinking about “to do what I need to do”. By the way, was doing what I needed to do that I found your blog. This question “choose-to-be-awesome” didn`t leave my head. This post, it brought light on my decisions.

    Thank you for your great blog.


  31. Corbett, I printed this and am handing it out to everyone I know.

    It is such a true post, we all have the ability. It reminds me of the movie Bruce Almighty, when Morgan Freeman(God) says to Jim Carrey (Bruce) …”that’s the problem Bruce, everyone keeps looking up…”

    We just have to look within to accomplish any goal we want. We MUST be awesome!

  32. Great post!

    This last year was a good one, but personally it wasn’t so great. My significant other walked out on our marriage and with her took all that I believed in. I lost sight in my confidence and was feeling pretty down.

    After some very deep soul searching I regained a passion I had suppressed, that passion was traveling. I started a blog and began to inspire my followers with the material I was sharing. In turn the few followers I have began inspiring me!

    Although I am still on the path of regaining my awesomeness, this new year has started pretty awesome, and I think the awesomeness is just going to snowball from here on out !

  33. Adrienne

    One of my 2 year old’s favorite word is “awesome”! (he however is describing Lightning McQueen but he looks at me while saying so it COULD be all about me)

    I have several mantras that I love by (which I will share eventually on my blog…when it’s created…after I’ve completed How to Start a Blog that Matters…)
    and I’m in my own stratosphere of awesomeness that I make up even more awesome words to describe it…

    (amazular? fantabulous? yes please!!!)

    It is hard to remain awesome but with a bit of coffee, a gosh-darn-it-I-can-do-this attitude and a killer smile…welll…there you go :-D

  34. This is wicked my man. It’s ‘awesome’. Gritty and proper. You’ll definitely be seeing me back here.

    p.s. this post reminds me of a poster I saw earlier today online. Google images – “when I’m sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead”. You’ll like it ;)

  35. Adrienne


    I just have to say that I think Lorraine Peterson totally understands and she tells it like it is in her book

    (btw—I’m not endorsing her book, I’ve never read it, I don’t even know what it is about HOWEVER the title totally kicks some crazy ass!!!)


  36. Khan

    AWESOME Blog!!
    Keep your chin up….check online for new ideals, great blogs like Corbett and watch + listen to positive and always remember YOU Can be AWESOME….Just be determined, focused, honest and REAL!!

    Keep up the great work Corbett :-)

  37. Max

    Totally agree!!

    I plan on being awesome, by ‘bringing more to the table’: emotionally, financially, intellectually, socially, spiritually, *cough* sexually..

    I’m just going to ADD more (in a good way).

    Whereever I go, whomever I’m with, whatever I’m doing – I’m just going to contribute and ADD more!

  38. Call me too British, but is there still room for some modesty in my awesomeness? I think perhaps awesomeness is something that others judge, not yourself.

    Self-confidence / self-belief on the other hand…

    or maybe we’re just talking semantics.

    It just seems to me that there is a thin line between proclaiming that you’re awesome (unless you mean only to yourself) and arrogance.

    I do like the word awesome though and since listening to Pat Flynn’s superb podcasts, its starting to slip into my everyday language so who knows… ;-)

  39. Maybe you think that everybody started out feeling awesome but that’s not how it is for most people. It never occurs to them and they are never encouraged to stretch their thinking. That’s the only quibble I have with your post. Certainly it is a choice but most people have never accepted the possibility that they have it in them.

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