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3 Tips for Dealing With Procrastination

How often do you wrestle with procrastination? For me, it’s almost daily. There’s usually something I know I should be doing that loses out to something a little more fun…

Learning to deal with procrastination is one of the keys to getting a lot done every day. I’m no master when it comes to dealing with procrastination, but I have learned a few effective ways to get around it, which I share in the quick video below.

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How do you deal with procrastination? Please share your best tips in the comments below, I’d love to hear them.

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  1. I have always wantEd to be the first commenter on your awesome blog. My dream came true;)
    What a coincident,I recently just posted a post about procrastination. Seems like it is noone’s own problem.
    My fav way of beating procrastination is to create a to do list: the feeling of ticking some thing off is sensational, plus it makes us feel like we have achieved something( which we do) which then ultimately motives us to keep up the good job.

    • Ron

      Yep, keeping a list so that I can get that rush of ticking that next item off of the list really does work do wonders for my motivation :)

    • Don Suttajit

      For me, its all about keeping a list and being able to mark it off as well. I do not know about these folks, but I normally tell myself that I must finish all the stuff on the list before I can allow myself to procrastinate. So in a way, procrastination serves more as a “reward” for being so productive.

      This is a great discussion as we’ve all dealt with procrastination!!!

  2. Tip #2 is on point. For so long, I used Facebook for that very reason. I would tell my friends what I was going to do and even be a little cocky about it. By the time I reached my deadline, I felt like I had to have whatever it was done or my friends would call me out!

    On my blog, I have a post series called “13 Reasons Why I Hate Your Blog.” It’s not as bad as it sounds. The point is that I set the number at 13 even though I don’t necessarily have 13 things to gripe about from the blogosphere.

    Because I started this series, now I have to finish it. It will cause me to get creative and think outside of the box. It’s way too late to go back and change the number to something lower… so I have to finish. The public is watching!

    Anyway, I like the videos you’re doing. Keep it up. I’m sure it makes it easier for your so day challenge and it is actually an enjoyable twist on things.


    • *30 day challenge… and I should add that the “13 Reasons Why I Hate Your Blog” gets 1 post per reason… requiring 13 total posts.

  3. Awesome video! The third comment really hit home for me. All of my last projects failed quite clearly because I wasn’t passionate enough about them.

    What kind of camera are you using for these videos?

  4. I’ve putting off dealing with how manage getting my tasks done. I find that what works form me – some of the time – is making lists and then scheduling time to get them done. But there are do many shiny objects in life and often times I get distracted or over scheduled.

  5. Public accountability tip brought me this:

    Starting January 1 – I’m writing something on my blog everyday for 30 days.

    Thanks for the tips and the inspiration Corbett!

  6. I like all the tips. I have been a “procrastinator” and would really like to beat that.
    One of those things I put aside was to blog. That’s why I admire your faithfulness
    In keeping your blog up to date in content.

  7. Yup, public accountability. It’s incredible how that actually is a motivator. Turns out, we actually care what people think about us. Huh.

    Been blogging for 5 years now and over 750 posts (actually that doesn’t sound like very much) but the public accountability has helped/forced me to master something I wanted to do well/better. So, yes it works.

    And now I’m toying with the idea of starting another blog about getting back in shape – something for 46 year-old desk jockeys like me. Just because I know the public accountability thing works and I’m procrastinating. Oh well.

    CB, nice video too. Thx

  8. Public Accountability…main reason why I create a blog. And thus far I’ve made huge progress on the journey towars pêrsonal development. I think this is the “1 tip to overcome procrastination.

  9. After your public declaration for November, I decided too that I needed to make my blog more consistant. For readers as much as for myself. Its kinda scary and adds that element of pressure to write but it gives me structure and puts writing a little more prominant in my life.

    Its only a 2 day per week commitment for that is lots for a newbie writer.

    I’d be interested in learning more about video blogging. Equipment necessary etc.

    Thanks C

  10. Jason Potter

    My newest way of making sure I don’t procrastinate or forget to do things is to set reminders on my iPhone. This way I have a list and also have my phone set to remind me so I don’t forget. Before that I used a calendar and just made multiple tasks. But as soon as the day was over I wouldn’t be reminded if I didn’t finish the task.

  11. Work on a very old emac and unplug the wired internet. Do a colouring-in (I’ve drawn a whole book of them and I’m giving them away for free because I think this is actually a great way to meditate. Doodlitate. Or something.) Break-things-up-into-smaller-slices. Take a mindful break, and then get back on.

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