Every Day for 30 Days

For the next 30 days, I’m going to try a little experiment here. I’m going to publish something on this blog every day for the next 30 days (until the end of November).

Recently I’ve only been publishing about twice a month here, and that’s something I’d like to change. I love writing here and interacting with you and exploring new topics.

Sure, I’m busy with other projects like Think Traffic and the upcoming Expert Enough blog, but this blog is a special place for me. It deserves more attention. You deserve more attention.

Don’t worry, I’m not planning to publish especially long posts for the next 30 days. I just want to get in a frequent writing rhythm. I don’t plan to maintain the every day schedule past 30 days, but it should be a fantastic experiment. I hope to learn something new about writing that I can report on here and at Expert Enough when it’s over.

That’s it for now. No plans, no agenda, no ulterior motives. I’m just going to be publishing here every day for the next 30 days. We’ll see where it takes us.

If you’re with me, I have two questions for you:

1) Is there anything you’d like me to write about? Anything you’d like to challenge me to cover that I maybe haven’t before?

2) Have you ever tried writing every day for a month or more? What did you learn from it?

See you tomorrow :)


Oh, and you might notice that I changed the design of this site a little yesterday. I thought it would be good to freshen things up before starting this 30 day journey (if you’re reading this in email, click here to see what I’m talking about).

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Happy Sunday! Thanks for reading.

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