Get Back on that Horse

We all fall off the horse once in a while. You committed to something with the best intentions, you even started strong, but now it’s been weeks since you did anything about it.

This is a critical time. There are two ways this can typically go. Either you can let your commitment continue to fade, dying a quiet (but potentially guilt-ridden) death, or you can recommit and get back on that horse.

I’ve found the best way to recommit to something is to reconnect with your “why.” Why did you think this was an important commitment in the first place? Do you still feel that way? Can you put yourself back in the mindset that made you commit?

If you can’t find that why, or it isn’t strong enough anymore, don’t just opt for the slow quiet death. A much better strategy is to consciously decide to let the commitment end. Free yourself. Let go. Don’t drag the guilt around any longer than you already have.

Either get back on that horse, or decide that horse riding isn’t for you. Either way, you’re in control.

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