Hammers Don’t Build Fences

What you do matters SO much more than how you do it.
There’s a name for the Internet’s endless obsession with productivity tips and tricks. It’s called productivity porn.

It’s so easy to get caught up in productivity porn… searching for just the right new app or tool or method for organizing your day and your tasks.

Once you find the right system, the work is done. The system will make the work just happen, effortlessly.

Ha ha ha ha.

Yes, systems matter. Systems can help you get more done. But they can only help. They can’t actually do the work for you, and all of the “work about work” you’re doing gets you no closer to your actual goals.

A hammer doesn’t build a fence. You build the fence.

Beginner surfers love to talk about boards, and fins, and all the equipment stuff. Barely hidden underneath all the questions about “what kind of board do you ride?” is a belief that the right board will make all the difference.

Sure, finding the right board matters. But the board isn’t the thing keeping you from making progress. More time in the water is what you need most.

Likewise, your productivity system isn’t to blame for not accomplishing your goals.

Spend more time focused on what you do, and less on how you do it, or what tools you use.

Spend more time in the water, and less time talking about what board you ride.

Spend more time building the fence, and less time looking for the perfect hammer.


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