The Mission District, San Francisco: My Part-Time Home

I’m writing this from our apartment in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, but the truth is I could be writing it from anywhere in the world.

My business and life are location independent. That means I can live and work from anywhere, as long as I have a laptop and an Internet connection.

I’m location independent, but not a full-time nomad.

For example, my wife and I choose to maintain a “regular” residence that we sublet when we’re gone for extended periods. We have lived here for about 9 out of the last 19 months. I expect we’ll live here between 6 to 8 months in each of the next few years.

A full-time nomad on the other hand, doesn’t technically have a permanent address. Digital nomads work online from anywhere, and bounce from one place to another, staying as long or little as the mood strikes.

We like living the nomad lifestyle on occasion (like we did for 7 months in the first-half of 2009), but having a semi-permanent residence offers the best of both worlds as far as I’m concerned.

Travel is great, but I like to mix it up with having somewhere to call home. We’re really part-time location independents.

What do we do during those location independent periods?

We took a 7-month road trip through the western U.S., Mexico and Canada last year. This year we spent 3 months