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How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog Review

1_120x160Matt Kepnes runs the successful website Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site. In a lot of ways, he’s living a dream that many of us share. Matt earns around $3,000 per month from his websites while visiting exotic locales around the globe.

What’s really encouraging about Matt’s story is that he built up his income and lifestyle in just over a year. Matt says that he made a lot of mistakes during that period of time, and learned a lot by trial-and-error.

The goal of his new eBook, How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog is to help you learn from his successes, avoid some of his mistakes and get on your way to earning enough online to support your nomadic dreams.

Continue reading my review below or check out How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog now (that’s an affiliate link, which means I’ll get some walking around money if you buy Matt’s book).

The book is 37 pages and is divided into six sections: setting up a blog, creating your blog, increasing traffic, search engine optimization tips, monetization and putting it all together. It currently sells for $27.

If you’re a complete beginner, the book starts at square one with how to create a blog or website. For those of you who have already started blogging, the book covers a lot about getting traffic to and earning money from your existing blog.

Matt suggests that you should have more than one website if you’re trying to make money. This is mostly because it will help you eventually more effectively sell advertising when you run a small network of sites. It also helps you diversify and increase your overall chance of success, in case some of the sites don’t work out.

One of those websites, Matt says, should be a blog (your flagship site), where you update content frequently and become a voice within a community online. The other sites should be static, so that you don’t have to update them as frequently.

How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog is heavily focused on search engine traffic from google and techniques for increasing that traffic (search engine optimization or SEO). The book covers the importance of keywords, and the basics of both internal and external SEO. Matt doesn’t advocate focusing too much on SEO for your blog, but more for the other more static websites you create.

The SEO section of the book is really a broad introduction to search engine optimization in general. There are lots of other resources out there which explain the basics of SEO, but Matt does it with a specific focus on blogging and small topical websites that can eventually earn an income.

It’s curious that Matt doesn’t talk about direct sales as a way to monetize a blog. In the “make money” section of the book, he goes into making money from Google Adsense, text link sales, affiliate marketing and private ad sales, but not into direct sales.

It’s strange that he doesn’t include direct sales because that’s exactly what he’s doing with this book. Many bloggers think direct sales (creating something that you sell directly from your blog, like an eBook) is the best way to monetize a blog. It may be just that Matt didn’t have any experience with it before he wrote the book.

Overall, How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog is packed with a lot of information. It doesn’t go too deep into each topic, but serves as more of an overview of all the techniques you can use to get traffic to your sites and ways to make money from them. You can then choose which areas you might want to dive deeper into using other resources.

It isn’t the prettiest or most elegantly designed book, but if you’re new to making money from websites, or looking for ways to increase your traffic, you will definitely get more value from How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog than its relatively low price. It is especially useful for travel bloggers because some of the resources are travel-specific, but anyone (especially beginners) trying to make money from a website could gain something from this book.

Get your copy of How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog now (affiliate link)

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  1. Corbett,

    Thanks for the review. I didn’t talk about direct sales like ebooks simply because most travel bloggers aren’t going to write an ebook. I wanted to focus more on getting people to pay for advertising space on your website than telling people “write an ebook.”

    Also, don’t forget- buying my book gives people access to advertisers who will buy advertising right away. Many people have made their 27 dollars back many times this way. Even if you know everything, 27 dollars to make a few hundred is a good investment.

    • Ah, yes, Matt, thanks for mentioning that. I neglected to include notes about the free bonuses in the eBook, including deals with advertisers that you have already established. That really makes the book a no-brainer purchase for anyone with a travel website.

      By the way, Matt, thanks for being my first guinea pig as far as reviews go. I’m just getting all the kinks ironed out with the reader reviews software, but I think it’s going to work well.

  2. Great to hear a review from another person Corbett. I was thinking about buying the book and am pretty sure this sealed the deal. Thanks.

  3. I have been contemplating buying this book for a while, and others had mentioned it as well, so thanks for the review. I’ll rate it once I have read and used it.

  4. sounds good. i think it’s better to not go into too much detail for something like a blog because you shouldn’t really follow someone else’s methods to a T. it’s good to get some tips and advice then go do your own thing once you have the fundamentals down.

  5. Nitty

    This “review” would be more credible if you didn’t have an incentive to push his book. Just adding a disclaimer about your affiliate link doesn’t take away that reality. Is this really such an awesome e-book that you had nothing to say other than re-capping its contents, or were you influenced by your incentive to sell his book? I can’t tell, and that’s exactly why ethical reviewers don’t accept money like this (and, if they work for mainstream media, are expressly forbidden from doing so).

    • Hey Nitty, thanks for sharing your concern. I wrote about this more in my introduction to product reviews at Free Pursuits. Yes, I will earn a little cash if you buy the book. If you don’t agree with the use of affiliate links, feel free to ignore the review. If you question my intentions after all the value I’ve provided for free over the months, feel free to stop reading this blog.

      There are literally 1000s of self-published books I could choose to review on this blog. I have read close to 50 of them already. I choose to only review things here that I think will be useful to my readers. Matt’s book is one of those useful resources. My review of it is honest and I didn’t shy away from pointing out what I saw as flaws.

      If I endorsed a bunch of crap over time, people wouldn’t trust my judgement anymore. It’s in my long-term interest to help my readers get real value out of the things I review. That’s what keeps me motivated to find the best stuff. My hope is that readers will also contribute their own reviews, so you can judge not just from my opinion.

      Regarding ethical reviewers and “mainstream media,” I have to disagree. Most bloggers I know are ethical and endorse products with affiliate links from time-to-time. It doesn’t pay much, but maybe enough to help keep the lights on around here.

      I’m relatively new to this (blogging and reviews), so I hope you’ll wait and see as I iron out all the kinks. Thanks again for sharing your opinion.

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