Less Than 5 Days Until The Biggest Entrepreneurship Sale of the Year

If you purchase anything for yourself in the next month, I strongly recommend checking out the incredible Only72 sale coming this Monday, November 28.

If you’re not familiar with Only72, here’s how it works. Just once or twice a year, the team at Only72 works with a bunch of well-known and respected online entrepreneurs, writers and creative gurus to put together a big package of killer online courses, guides and ebooks.

The package is sold for three days at one incredibly low price. Basically, you get over a dozen products for the price of one or two.

This sale will focus on entrepreneurship. I can tell you that I’m including something BIG in this sale, but I can’t tell you anymore details just yet.

Previous sales included people like Chris Guillebeau, Leo Babauta, Danielle LaPorte, Laura Roeder, Chris Garrett, David Risley, Charlie Gilkey, Lea Woodward, Johnny B. Truant, James Chartrand, Jonathan Mead, Adam Baker, Karol Gajda, Everett Bogue, Tammy Strobel, Colin Wright, and me.

I’ve seen the lineup for this year’s sale and it’s more incredible than the last.

Right now, you can get two awesome free interviews (one with Pat Flynn and one with Jonathan Fields) over at the site, and you can register now to be notified when the sale opens on Monday.

Get the free interviews and register to be notified of the sale here

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Happy Sunday! Thanks for reading.

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