LinkedIn’s Founder Says You’re an Entrepreneur and You Should Agree

Over at Techcrunch, they have a transcript of an interview with Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, on Charlie Rose. He talks about a lot of stuff, including the recent financial bailout by the American government. The most interesting parts, however, are what he says about entrepreneurship.

Hoffman says that everyone is now an entrepreneur essentially because of how often the average person changes jobs. Since everyone is looking for a new job or promotion every 2 years, we’re all salespeople in the sense that we’re selling ourselves. He is probably drinking the LinkedIn koolade to some degree, and he definitely refers to the tools someone might use to look for a new job or make new contacts. I totally agree with him on the idea, though.

We are all entrepreneurs now, and if you’re not thinking this way, you’re missing out on some huge opportunities. I don’t know too many people anymore who are content to sit around at the same job for 30 years and wait for retirement. Those who do would probably be laid off or fired long before 30 years anyways. Our economy is much more fluid these days and people have to constantly be looking for their next career move.

The real career and life benefits come from taking entrepreneurship a step or two further. Changing jobs more frequently doesn’t change the fact that you’re still tied to a cubicle with a measly two or three weeks of vacation per year. Those who have stepped outside of corporate life to become independent or start a business are likely a step closer to living the life they want to.

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