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Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

The actions we need to take are usually straightforward. It’s the mental game we play with ourselves that really keeps us from succeeding.

In the short video below, I share why you have to stop second-guessing yourself and start taking action. I also explain how a little image I created turned into something thousands of people connected with recently.

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Mentioned in this post: The Expert Enough Manifesto.

Have you been second-guessing yourself recently? What’s keeping you from taking action to move forward?

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  1. Go Corbett!!!!

    Thank you – just finished getting together with a single mom who wrapped up a court case yesterday.

    What does that have to do with this?! She called me at home to say, “You changed my life. Don’t stop what you are doing – I wouldn’t have made it without you.”

    That was huge for me – it’s hard to keep going in the single mom field some days, because I took the leap to change the game. Luckily, single moms get it – even though people outside that tribe don’t.

    A little boy is now safe, because I helped his mom bootstrap the courage to get on the stand, speak the truth while her ex harassed and threatened her right in the courtroom. She did it – she went for it, and outed his cruelty.

    I used to second guess my willingness to tell people what happened to me, and what happens in the court system – because abuse can make you silent (the best tool an abuser has is your silence). Now, I remember the future – if I don’t keep speaking up, then I’m missing the opportunity to help people be happy. I still get butterflies, but I remember they must might be a sign that someone is about to spread their own wings – so I go for it anyway.

    I love the video, the poster and congrats on your success! You are always an inspiration, thank you!

  2. LOVE this! I spent a yearrrrrr stressing over putting something out there to the world, and when I finally did it, it felt amazing. I was tired of second guessing what I should be doing, and finally said screw it and just went for it, and decided to see how it felt. and it feels great :)

    I totally love the idea of expert enough, and it’s already inspired me to take action on some things that I may not be an expert in, but I know I can still help people with.

    May have to get me one of these posters.

    Great work Corbett!

  3. Absolutely, I’m second-guessing myself about my decision to go self-employed next year, although I’m trying to keep it in check as best as possible.

    I like to think, though, that if I’m not second-guessing myself, it means I’m not attempting big enough things. :)

    • If that’s the case, just be sure not to second guess yourself to the point if retreat! I guess there’s a thin line between understand how big a challenge is and actually talking yourself out of it. It’s a hard line to recognize too!

  4. I love your always empty shelf in the background! Seriously.
    I finally decided to follow trough and take some action to fulfill my dream.
    Nobody will do it for you. Ever.
    In the 90’s I had another idea – and just did it – with great success.

  5. Love the video, man! The design looks slick! Thanks for sharing your story. Kind of interesting to think that the things that are making a difference in our world, from blogs to products, are products that didn’t exist before, and then they did. Suddenly. Because people chose to stop second-guessing themselves and take action!

  6. Second guessing myself is actual the thing to blame for my tardiness to being more successful and noticed this year. I told myself in 2010 that I wanted 2011 to be my year. And now I have to say 2012 because it’s almost January.

    Ever since Thanksgiving I’ve been more focused on just doing what I’ve told myself I want to do rather than just thinking about it.

    Let the thoughts come later when you have to figure out how to continue the success.

  7. How about a shirt? I would love to wear a shirt of this around rather than having a poster that either is just stuck to my wall, or I have to carry around to show to people. Thank you!

  8. Tommy

    I just stumbled upon this video today and it was like you were talking directly to me. It’s just the message I needed today. Thanks Corbett

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