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Use Job Loss to Start Your Ideal Future


If you’re between jobs (like 8.9% of Americans), now is the perfect time to start creating your ideal future.

You may have been handed a gift disguised as unemployment. The answer depends on what you decide to do with your time.

How many hours per day can you search for a job? At what point does that search become unproductive? There are millions of other people just like you searching for jobs that don’t necessarily exist.

You will find a job eventually, and the difference between spending 4 hours per day searching versus 12 hours per day searching won’t help you find that job much sooner.

At the end of your period of unemployment, what do you want to have accomplished? Finding a job is probably top on your list, but what else could you end up with?

Most people will end their unemployment having experienced a lot of stress, countless ego-crushing phone calls and emails and a string of blurry days spent at home like a sick person.

Smart people will use this as an opportunity to start breaking their dependence on corporations. Some people will use the free time afforded by losing a job to start creating a future that is self-reliant and enables their ideal lifestyle.

Don’t you want to be one of those people?

Do you have a big dream? What about an ideal lifestyle? Why not start an online business, or a freelance career or whatever else will help you live the life you want to?

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  1. Oh so true, I have now spent months looking for work and if the agencies fail to depress you then the black hole of companies will push you over the edge.

    I can not blame them (much) 400 letters for a single position, means 400 x ?? minutes to say “sorry”. I know that if my letter is not in the first twenty to be opened then all the work I put into that letter drops in the bin.

    I might sound bitter but it is not my intention, it is the reality of the here and now.

    So I spend time on looking for a job, some on improving my writing, some on learning how to market myself, some on what other opportunities are available and some on fixing up the house.

    Just for the moment I do not “have” to rush at it, life is not comfortable but it is not dire (for the moment), this for me is a low pressure window of opportunity.

    I now have a different dream, one of working where I hang my hat. I will not realise it this year or maybe next year, but each year I can build on my dream.
    As I build this dream so the need for a high stress and long hours job diminishes. More hours will be available to build my dream.

    I would like to write more but I am off to read some more, learn some more build some more.

    Thanks for the great posts.

    • Thanks for sharing, Andy. It’s great that you’re in a situation to not have to rush. Other people aren’t quite so lucky. Hopefully this time will give you a great start on your dream. Best of luck!

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