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What Are You Working Toward and What’s Holding You Back?

I want to ask you a very important question today.

What are you working toward, and what’s holding you back?

OK, I guess that’s really two questions.

We all have goals, and we all encounter roadblocks along the way. If you’ve been following the posts here lately, you know that I’m all about motivating you to do something important. I want you to be as awesome as you want to be, and build a business or career doing something you love. And I want to help.

Your answers will help me help you.

These two questions are important for three reasons.

First, admitting in public what you’re working toward and admitting the roadblocks you’re facing is an important step. It shows that this is more than just a thought rattling around your head. It’s a real, live goal worthy of admitting to the world and pursuing.

Second, what you share might help inspire someone else reading this.

Third, I like to check in from time-to-time to find out what you’re up to so I can offer advice and share my experience to better help you reach your goals.

So let’s hear it.

If you have a minute right now, I’d love to know what you’re working toward at the moment.

What are you trying to change about your life? What’s your biggest and most pressing goal? What’s keeping you from achieving that? What are you frustrated by? What makes you think about throwing in the towel sometimes?

Please share in the comments. There is no right answer. Just tell me what you could use the most help with right now.

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  1. Right now I’m working on a couple different projects, though the one on the front burner is a blog-project called Survive Progress.

    I’ve been digging through tons of research in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and evolution. One thing is certain. In the same way that our physical evolution has unneeded byproducts (wisdom teeth, appendices, etc.) so does our mental evolution.

    We lived in small communities for tens of thousands of years, now we live in cities of 10 million. It’s no wonder we suffer the new psychological issues of alienation and depression and lack what might be called a sense of purpose.

    I’m bringing new connections to the table and using hard science to offer unconventional methods to improve our cognitive architecture and achieve mental clarity.

    To answer your questions: Nothing is stopping me and I’m changing everything all the time. I don’t even think about throwing in the towel because the cost of failure is zero.

  2. Katie Schulz

    I am working toward selling my house and moving to a shack on the beach.
    Business-wise, I am working toward consulting. To prepare, I am learning some pretty complicated analytical software and plan to use this knowledge to help small doctor’s offices who have the software but not the expertise to use it effectively.

  3. Adele

    Selling my house.
    Quitting my full-time job this year
    Buliding 2 online businesses.
    Self-publishing an e-book.
    Building a blog for my book
    Moving on from a relationship

  4. Amy

    Ok here goes.

    I am working toward developing Strong Inside Out as a live, interactive community.

    At the same time, I am working on growing my personal training/coaching business into one that produces higher revenue and requires even less hours (I’m down to about 25/week right now).

    With both of these goals, I find that I don’t have enough time to devote to each- I get distracted or I’m unorganized and don’t finish all the tasks I set out for myself.

    I know that I will “never finish my list,” but I’d like to get a little more ahead on it! Good thing is I truly enjoy working toward both goals. I’m just exhausted a lot of the time! …in a good way!

  5. What are you trying to change about your life?
    I want to change my job.

    What’s your biggest and most pressing goal?
    Quitting the job I have in March and launching my business (that actually makes me enough money to live comfortably)

    What’s keeping you from achieving that? I’m saving a bit more money in the next month … oh and crippling self doubt on occassion.

    What are you frustrated by?
    I’m tired of talking about and planning my businss, I want to get going already!

    What makes you think about throwing in the towel sometimes?
    Nothing yet but, then again, I’ve barely gotten started.

  6. Christina

    What are you trying to change about your life?
    My life rocks – what I am changing is a core web site to help other people rock their world, too.
    What’s your biggest and most pressing goal?
    the biggest pain in my ass right this minute is finding a WordPress Template I Fricking LOVE to start building. It’s been three days on Woo, ThemeForst, et al and since I’m collaborating with others, we’ve yet to find the right theme. Pain in the hoo hoo, man.
    What’s keeping you from achieving that?
    see Question #2
    What are you frustrated by?
    Frustrated only by time – we have a amassed piles of notes and platforms ready to build, could be worse, right?!
    What makes you think about throwing in the towel sometimes?
    Ah, truth be told: the times I think of throwing down the whole deal is when I look at the amount of work to do. I’m raising kids by myself, bushwhacking ongoing work trying to keep up with other sales (slow because marketing has been 0% since taking on the new Build a Blog that Matters Course).
    Throwing in the towel at this point would under-serve millions of people in our tribe, and let down exactly three women and their families. No can do. Shiver in my boots and hike!
    “quitting is easy. finding out what is on the other side is the point.”

  7. I have been working on my web project (online education course on formation of business entities) for 15 months. I took a job 5 months ago to cover expenses as revenue was not yet around the corner. I gave my 2 weeks notice 1 week ago and it feels great (the environment was way too negative). I am going “balls to the wall” in terms of work: launching the course, pushing traffic, and testing conversions.

    I will be working on prioritizing more, doing the important things, and staying focused.

    Ultimate goal is a location-independent business and the freedom to hit the road and travel again. Follow my hear and my bliss to what calls me.

    I love the motivation piece man, super pumped !!

  8. Corbett,
    What am I working toward? Creating. I’ve built a list and now I’m creating offerings. I recently launched am ecourse and was pretty successful considering it was my first launch. A lot of things went right!

    Right now I’m offering a teleseminar. It’s been difficult to get people to sign-up. I have no idea why, I have it priced very reasonable.

    I know it’s big to put ebooks on Kindle right now, I have two that are almost ready to go.

    I’ve also been in the Alist bloggers video bootcamp and am currently challenging myself to do 21 videos in 21 days to get over my fear of being on camera.

    I also realize my free give away doesn’t match what I’m about. Duh! That will be changed on Monday with an awesome new ebook.

    This is what I’m working on.

    What holds me back is my doubts.

    That’s the scoop. What do you think.

    • Corbett

      Whew, that’s a lot of stuff Tess. Congrats on the success of your recent product launch.

      If you found success with that product, I’d recommend pushing it further (or doing another something similar) instead of taking on a bunch of new projects (ebooks, teleseminars, videos, etc.).

  9. Dan

    Hi Corbett

    I’m working towards making a living from art, as well as building my blog into a valuable resource and hopefully developing an online art course at some point this year.

    What’s holding me back currently is a lack of income. I’m not getting as many portrait commissions as I would like, and don’t have much time to work on my own painting. In terms of the art course, I just don’t know whether there is a demand for it, and I don’t want to spend time creating something that nobody wants.

    • Marsha

      Thanks for asking these questions, Corbett!

      (1) What are you trying to change about your life?

      Big things! I want to create a creative livelihood that allows me to live my core values (enthusiasm, curiosity, beauty, transformation, creativity, wonder, and playfulness) AND generate financial prosperity through multiple activities.

      I want to become a better artist and writer — taking a writing course now, and still wondering about community college art courses.

      I want to write a play, write and illustrate a graphic novel, write a book of short stories, paint and make things I can’t even think of right now, and coach people.

      I want to become a coach and creativity teacher myself and live in Big Sur, California :-)

      (2) What’s your biggest and most pressing goal?

      Finding a flexible and interesting job that pays well so I can take care of my basic needs.

      (3) What’s keeping you from achieving that?

      I am just beginning to let go of a major self-limiting belief system that’s keeping me from fully embracing my inherent value, worth, and ability as a human being, and therefore is blocking my connection to source. I think I keep myself from going for what I really want by being distracted, getting mired in self-doubt, and feeding the inner critic.

      Related to the first point, I am not spending money wisely, and therefore not getting closer to my true desires, because I am subconsciously connecting to scarcity and relying on external validation rather than inner abundance and intrinsic motivators.

      (4) What are you frustrated by?

      I’m still not feeling clear enough and confident enough that what I describe as my goal in (1) will ever happen. I don’t know if what I create will be any “good”. I am scared of producing mediocre crap (which I accept it will be at the beginning). I’m afraid of changing my mind again. And again. Fear is the main thing. Fear of none of it ever happening. Fear that I don’t have enough “talent’ or ability to work hard. Ahhh, it takes a lot to share all this fear so publicly.

      (5) What makes you think about throwing in the towel sometimes?
      Self-doubt. Not being sure about where to direct my energy and feeling exhausted by it. Lack of money.

    • Hey Dan, one of my friends is an amazing sculptor who puts heaps of creativity in her work, but it’s pretty hard to sell a lot of sculptures especially considering how many hours goes into them in the first place. So she hasn’t been producing as much lately, but has moved onto smaller art projects she can complete more rapidly.

      The really successful artists I know seem to be incredibly prolific – now that my friend is producing more pieces each month her skills have grown much faster and more people have noticed her – so I think focusing on being prolific is a key first step to getting the following you are after!

      Go you! I can’t draw at all myself :P

  10. What I am working right now is to develop a more flexible personality. I’m quite a dominant person under tension and I’d love to be more gentle even if the situation distresses me or if I am irritated.

    I am also working on making a blueprint of a small local business I want to put up in our place. The process is taking me longer as I am quite trying to patch all the possible holes of the plan.

    Right now, I am planning on keeping a platonic temper and take a time out if I really feel so irritated. When it comes to the planned business, I try to organize my schedule and hit with the set deadline to launch my business the soonest possible.

    Spatch Merlin from More Web Site Traffic Guide

  11. Hi, Corbett. I’m currently working toward a life of freedom and by freedom I mean being able to do what I want when I want without the constraints of an employer telling me when I can and can’t take a vacation.
    I’m mainly focusing a ton of my attention to my new blog (which I’m doing to help others and not anything monetary) because I myself need to remind myself why I’m working so hard and to keep going forward in spite of adversity.
    I let the fear of not being accepted stop me for so long but this year I took the leaf of faith and started my blog.
    I don’t know if I’ll ever become a huge problogger with influence and friends all over the blogoshpere but if I’m helping 1 person I’m happy.
    Thanks for caring enough to ask the question, Corbett. Bless!

    • Corbett

      I like the attitude Dwayne. Help enough individuals in a big way and you’ll be doing just fine.

  12. I am working towards helping people understand that we are each unique, beautiful and capable of amazing things. My passion is in passing on to others that your past is not your future, how to believe in yourself and how to overcome stress, conflict and self-doubt in your life. I want to help people get in touch with their ‘Inner Truth’ and how truly wonderful they are, something many of us lose sight of with all the noise and negativity that exist in the world. I dream of a life of service to others and making a difference in the world.

    My biggest struggle is how to deal with some negative publicity in my past that misshaped the public perception of who I am. I need to figure out how to handle that so people are open to hearing my story and message.

  13. Thanks for the nudge, Corbett!
    My goal is to totally improve my blog, (just signed up to Stanford’s offer of a blog review), to make it a no 1 resource for solving personal development problems in a user friendly way.

    I’ve been procrastinating about taking this ‘blog review’ step as it feels scary, like showing my homework to the teacher, but if I want to make progress I have to learn from those who know!

    • Corbett

      Outside opinion and mentoring can be so incredibly helpful. I hope you get a lot from the review Linda.

  14. I’m trying to figure out how to monetize my CameraSim site/app better so I can do this full time. Much to figure out have I.

    But I heard a great quote yesterday that was something to the effect that if you’re trying to make the internet or the world a better place by doing what you love, that will ultimately be a success and be sustainable. I’m sure there are all kinds of caveats to that, but I believe the essence of that is true.

    It’s motivating for me to know that there are people like you already making a living doing what they love, and that is what keeps me going. Thanks for the regular kick in the pants!

    • Corbett

      Happy to kick you in the pants anytime Jon :) I hope the app is going well for you. I’ll be happy to give a review next time I have an iPad at hand.

  15. Like many people here, I’d like to be working on building a business, but right now I’m mostly working on juggling a lot of freelance work and a full-time job.

    I’m literally ready to move back and home and start stockpiling money so I can travel, but my job is not quite that easy to walk away from (or maybe it is and I’m scared to have a conversation about it). I want to feel like I have some clarity and direction before I go.

    I have two author-clients and two coach-clients, all in various stages of learning how to leverage the internet to build community around their brands, which is fun for me. I also have random writing and event planning work, and at the same time, I’m feeling strongly drawn towards creating some kind of coaching offering that has nothing to do with internet marketing.

    At the core, at least in this moment, I’m truthfully much more interested in how-we-are in the world rather than what-we-do, and I think the world needs that. But that’s in this moment. Five minutes from now, I’ll be more drawn to the first idea about helping people leverage the ‘net, especially in moments when I feel passionately that the internet is for creating community and doing meaningful work and finding right-people and that not enough people are really talking about this.

    How to do everything at once would be really helpful! (I’m enrolled in Start a Blog That Matters too, and I’m hoping that will help me with the clarity issue.)

    • Corbett

      Hey Sarah, I love the “how we are in this world” concept. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the course as well, thanks for joining us.

  16. Ralph

    I’m a middle-aged former IT worker who has finally thrown in the towel with regards to getting rehired in IT. So I am in the processing of bootstrapping a into a new career as a writer and lifestyle entrepreneur.

    Unemployed for the past ten months and on my second going on third round of employment checks, I have not a single penny to invest in this venture. It has to be 100 percent sweat equity.

    Whatever help I am collecting from your sites or others is whatever I can get for free in exchange for getting on someone’s email list.

    I’m piecing together a blog but will not have a domain for it (as I wrote earlier, this are no funds to buy a domain).

    I have to make this plan work and be successful financially. There are no other options.


    • Corbett

      Hey Ralph, building a business online doesn’t need to require any financial investment. I believe Chris Guillebeau is writing an entire book on businesses that have been started for less than $100.

  17. I’m working towards building a business that will provide me with the life I want, help many people, and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

    I’m a little frustrated with clearly identifying my passions, and how to build a business around them.

    Basically, 1) I want to identify my unique offer. In other words, what problem am I solving? 2) Who am I solving this problem for? 3) How am I helping them solve this problem? and 4) How is my approach to solving this problem unique? What special angle am I taking that can help me stand out in the vast sea of the internet?

    My hope is that if I keep asking these questions over and over again, I’ll come up with an answer. :)

    This is exciting stuff to me and I’ve never thought of throwing in the towel. I’ll keep going till I get it, because I have an obsessive personality like that. Figuring out my passions and what I’m an “expert” at is definitely stumping me, though.

  18. Right now I’m working hard to make my site grow, to make it each time more helpful. That’s why i wake up each and everyday to learn about something new, both on the way the site is structured and how to add more value to my readers.
    I just made a simple choice, no matter what each day i need to do something to improve, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, one tiny step like adding another post or connecting with someone new. But each day i must improve it.
    I guess that’s my main goal right now and i know I won’t fail. It’s just a matter of time.

  19. Good stuff, Corbett. Here we go :)

    I’m moving towards creating a timeless, success-focused way of living, and I can feel the energy building and building, people are LOVING my stuff, I’m invited to guest post everywhere, I get some of the most glowing testimonials, highest praise, and cool comments. I get subscribers to my list, engaged and interacting with me. My sales page has a video and…

    …I’d really love some more conversions / cash flow. :)

  20. Aaron

    I’m trying to change the amount of time I spend traveling for work. My goal is to have enough passive income by the end of this year to supplement my 9-5.

    My biggest goal is to pay off about 2k in loans/credit cards from a business I had a few years ago.

    I want things to move a litter faster, but know that I need to take my time and monitor expenses really close.

    This is my year!

  21. Amanda

    I’m working towards quitting my job as a web designer and following what seems to me right now as a Wildly Impossible Dream – becoming a personal growth coach, but not any ordinary one… I want to do something different than anybody else out there.

    My first step has been to start taking care of myself first – and learning that I need to do that in order to be able to help others. Another thing I’m doing to take of myself better is to lose weight and I’m doing well on this front.

    The main issue I have – what’s holding me back – is a lack of self-confidence and a fear of failure, of course, and money. I’m struggling month to month at the moment… so it gets me down…. which isn’t helping me to move forward.

    I also working on a number of web projects with a good friend of mine… I see them as a possible sources of income to help me achieve my ultimate goal of helping others by being a coach.

    Ideally I’d like to do both part time. Run our websites as well as coach.

    We’re not being very successful in our web projects though, because we have so many ideas we end up starting lots of projects and then we never seem to do anything properly and it gets me down because I get frustrated.

    I feel frustrated a lot. And that’s not helpful either. And then I get de-motivated.

    I dream about helping people because I think my best attribute is being able to put myself in other peoples shoes, bringing empathy, and just wanting the best for people. And I want to give that to the world.

    I’m just not sure how I’m going to get there.

    • @ Amanda – Keep moving forward! Keep learning (keep learning, keep learning, etc) and precisely what you want to do will become more and more refined.

      The only path to chose is forward. Keep sharpening your sword (your intelligence) and keep moving forward. Go easy on yourself too. Do not beat yourself up. This is all a part of the process.

      You are doing great! You are trying and most people are sitting on their couch. Keep up the HUSTLE !

    • Corbett

      Hey Amanda, here’s something I’ve noticed. When you truly focus on helping people, the other stuff takes care of itself. Your frustration, your self doubt, your fear AND your audience-building and money problems are taken care of.

      Right now you say you “dream about helping people.” What’s holding you back? Don’t try to engineer your project to build a big audience or make a lot of money. Figure out exactly what you want to help people with, what you’re most capable of helping with and what people desperately need. Pour 100% of your energy into being as helpful as possible, and ignore the other metrics of success.

      That’s where the beginning of something powerful happens. At least that’s what I’ve observed about myself and have seen in others.

    • Hey Amanda, my best friend and I meet once a fortnight to discuss our goals and focus on what we really want to do with our lives – we set up a meeting specifically for this so that we (mostly) stay focused. We’re becoming each other’s life coach, really.

      Maybe you could do some life coach style sessions with your friend?

      Or maybe if there is someone else you know who seems to always have a plan… ask for them to mentor you a little. I asked someone I knew how they managed to do so much and their words of support helped motivate me a lot!

    • HI Amanda,
      I’m very late to the party & not sure if you’ll get this. I can empathise with everything you mentioned.
      What I wanted to suggest is see if you can hook up with other coaches & swap coaching sessions for free. I’m a qualified Life Coach & when I was studying I buddied up with another student & we practised on each other & it was fabulous to get that experience & feedback on my coaching & also incredible to be coached.
      Sometimes, when we want to help others so much, we forget about ourselves. Talking through issues with someone who will listen so you can find your solutions is very empowering.

      I hope you find your path.

  22. Luca

    I’m building my website and finishing my ebook. The two projects are related. The two most difficult thinks, right now, are 1) to organize all the specific different tasks that are required, without delays and omissions, and 2) to convince myself that it is better to ACT, even in the most faulty way, then to THINK, even in the most perfect way.

  23. I am currently working on turning my blog into a space to help dads and moms will raise their children with respect, awareness and love. The idea is that the blog is no longer simply a place to share my experience as a mother, and becomes a learning tool through my resources, reports, video conferences. My 1st and foremost goal is to write my manifesto, where I want to express my philosophy about motherhood and parenting, and as this is the most important tool we have to make a significant change in the world. This manifesto will be my main tool for recruiting people and start building a community regarding these ideas. My idea is to have a group of very active and excited people about my purpose that They read me, follow me and eventually buy my resources and support. What is holding me back? May time and focus. Apparently I have a lot, but it is not (I’m at home with a girl is year and a half). Then I have to get the most out of the 2 or 3 hours I have to work on it daily. My goal is to have a community of 1000 people at least 1 month after the relaunch of my blog, that I could be, more or less, 2 or 3 months. When already has plans to launch a significant amount of written post (20) and free resources (2) and products (2) to offer the community. What do you think? what advice you give me?

    • Corbett

      Hey Zary, I’d love to hear you answer this question: “what problem, need or desire are you fulfilling for your audience?” You talked a lot about your ideas and yourself in general, but I didn’t hear anything about your audience.

  24. The area I feel most pressed to work on is my blog ministry. I feel called to write and reach out to others in this way. I feel limited in my knowledge in a variety of areas, mostly technical and social. I also feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities in those areas. Oh yeah, I lack confidence in what I’m saying and in my credibility sometimes too. I really don’t think much about throwing in the towel because I know I’m doing what I’m called to do. I just don’t want to focus on material rewards, but I realize I need them to help measure what I’m doing too.

  25. I’m currently working on making blogging a full-time gig. I write for iMore, but only bring in roughly half of the required income to maintain my current lifestyle. However, I *know* it’s possible to push my income from blogging much, much higher.

    The problem I’m running into is my 9 to 5. I wake up as early as I can, churn out a few posts, then head to work. At work, I’m able to blog here and there, but nowhere near as much if I weren’t stuck at work. Once I’m back at home, I bury myself back into blogging/shooting videos and publishing content for iMore/Mobile Nations — this is where I find myself at peace, and I am happy.

    The “real job” issue is holding me back from making blogging/online journalism my career. Full-time, nothing else. Freelance writing is what I want to do, and focusing on Apple products and their ecosystem in general is my passion.

    I just need to figure out a way to boost my blogging income while I’m still at the 9 to 5, build a financial cushion and get the hell out of my “real job” so I can excel in what I truly love doing in life.

    • Corbett

      It sounds like you have the formula dialed in. Perhaps you just need a little more time/patience to let the formula do it’s job?

      Another idea: what about taking 1 day off a week to focus on your projects?

    • Hey, I’m in the same situation as you – are you able to have flexible hours at all? I am working an extra 45 minutes each day and then taking one Friday off a fortnight to try and give myself more time to work on my goals. (I’ve only just started doing it this month so can’t report on how well this works for me yet, but I’m sure it will bring many benefits).

  26. Nancy

    What are you trying to change about your life?
    I am currently working towards leaving my 9-5 job and moving to London on a working holiday visa. I have been saving for almost a year now and I plan on going later this year if all goes well. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to sustain myself in London and working towards a freelance career as an illustrator & graphic designer.

    What’s your biggest and most pressing goal?
    Saving and making enough money to sustain myself in London.

    What’s keeping you from achieving that?
    My parents. Both of them are at an age where they can no longer work and due to mistakes in the past, they have difficulty financially supporting themselves. So as their daughter, I am conflicted between wanting to support them and wanting to live my own life in another country. I can easily support just myself with my savings, but I cannot afford to do both. And of course, the common self-doubt and lack of confidence also stops me from achieving certain things I’d like to pursue.

    What are you frustrated by?
    The guilt I feel when I discuss with my parents that I want to move. I am an adult and I know I can easily just pack my bags and leave if I wanted to, but I still feel bad. My parents say they are okay with me leaving, but I know they do not want me to and they use these very passive aggressive approaches in telling me so. It’s very frustrating.

    What makes you think about throwing in the towel sometimes?
    My current 9-5 job is not so bad. I have a boss who likes me and tries to give me challenging work when possible. So sometimes I think maybe I’ll be ok just to stay here where it’s safe and comfortable. But then I think about how I’ll feel 3, 5, 10 years down the road, and I know I’ll regret not following through with my goals to travel and to take control of my own freedom and time.

  27. Christina

    “Third, I like to check in from time-to-time to find out what you’re up to so I can offer advice and share my experience to better help you reach your goals.”

    Everyone has posted some great world changing work here!!!
    I’m proud of all of us for mOving forward with our dreams, light and joy!
    Thanks for bringing so many incredible people to one page, Corbett-!
    Ths post is like a magnet for magnificence!!

  28. Well, right now I’m starting the most brutal challenge I have ever made in my entire life, I started this year a 365 day challenge, this idea came from Ed Dale, this challenge consist in destroying all the things that have been holding me back from the life I want, so I will start with the things that hold me back
    I live in a third world country so the salaries are very low, my family have been in debts since I have 12 years (I have 27 now) and they dragged me onto them as well, and because the salaries are low I can barely help them, so because of this situations money is something that is always holding everybody back in this country, most people are in the same situation here.
    Another great wall I always faced in my life was my health, I was always a little bit overweight, but since I started working I started to gain more and more weight and it has come to a point where it cannot be tolerated anymore, there’s a lot of things I loved to do but I can’t anymore because I don’t have a healthy body to do them.
    So my challenge consist in lose 130 pounds in this year, and also creating a successful business to get my family out of debts, to achieve my economical independence and also to achieve location independence.
    I started my blog to push me to do this things until the end (nobody wants to publish a big failure to the whole world) so, I’m striving to do this things, thankfully everything has been going pretty well right until now, I’ve been able to lose my first 10 pounds in 3 weeks and I was able to win the scholarship for Digital Nomad Academy and now I’m in your course for creating a blog that matters, I’ve met some awesome people in just 3 months of starting this journey, and even though I have just 1 month of having started this challenge I see many good changes in my life already.
    Thanks a lot for all your help Corbett, I will keep pushing forward my goals, and I’m sure that with your help and from other awesome guys like Cody McKibben and Pat Flynn I will be able to do it :D

    • Corbett

      Hey Rodrigo, so sorry to hear about everything you’re struggling with.

      Here’s one upside to living where wages are low: you can make a big impact on your life by earning relatively little online, compared to what most people in more expensive parts of the world are working towards. I know that doesn’t help you right now, but hopefully it helps you realize how possible your goals really are.

  29. Great questions! I am working towards building my 2 blogs into useful, educational resources for people. In addition, I would love to be able to make an income off of them. I think my roadblock would be that I am afraid I’m doing it wrong. I sometimes find myself paralyzed by feeling like I need to learn more, I need to take another class, etc.

    On a side note, if anyone here is looking for a blog buddy, or an accountability buddy, I’d be interested! It might help me stop trying to learn from reading and learn more from doing. :)

    • Corbett

      Cheers to that Haley! I hope someone takes you up on the offer.

      Here’s a tip as well. Register at to have a photo of yourself included with your blog comments. You’ll get more clicks and responses that way.

    • Hey Haley, you can contact me through the contact link at – happy to talk through some ideas of how to measure accountability and stay focused on blogging.

      We may well find some existing system or community that we could use as a place to report/share struggles – I think staying accountable means we’d need to have somewhere to display our progress!

      Anyway whether or not we can work out a good system for staying focused some good ideas might come out of the discussion so feel free to contact me for a little brainstorming :-)

  30. Great stuff as always Corbett!

    I’ve been working on my project for 3-4 months and I am continuing to give er. Essentially, I’m aiming to be the Mixergy/Rise to the Top solution for the food world. I cover how to business tips for the food service and food media world.

    Currently, I’ve been putting my head down and I keep booking interviews to build the freeium content library, and the relationships to be able to offer courses later down the road. There has been a lot of learning as I go. I have purchased other online courses, and get a lot of value out of them and have definitely considered yours.

    My biggest challenges is providing the content in the proper form that my audience wants. Currently I do longer format, so I may need to chop it up more into shorter clips.

    I am open to ideas and comments that any one might suggest.
    Good Luck to All!

    • Corbett

      Hey Lindsay, I like the concept. If I may provide a little feedback, your project might really benefit from a re-branding. “foodbusinessinterviews” sounds a little yawn-inducing to me. It also focuses on the format instead of the benefits people will get from spending time there, or on a group identification that could bring people together.

      • Good Feedback, kind of funny, and a dose of reality. I think a re-brand is good idea about what benefits are in it for the user, but my gut says I should wait until I’ve put in a full year into the project. Do you think it a top priority, or can I get away with exclaiming the benefit in my page title etc? Thanks!

        • Corbett

          You can definitely help a mediocre title with a strong tagline and great content Lindsay. On the other hand, it’s much easier to make the switch now while you’re in the early stages. Also, a really *great* title can help your project grow much much faster.

          It’s all a balance. If it were my project, I would brainstorm other titles. If something really stands out you might run with it. If you can’t come up with something perfect, forget about it for now and get back to creating content.

          Also, register at with a photo of yourself so it will show up in your blog comments. Very helpful for building connections.

  31. Hey Corbett! Thanks for giving us an opportunity to share. This is exciting!

    Right now, what I’m trying to change about my life is getting my passion rolling. I just launched my new blog and I’m working on making it big. I want to inspire everyone who reads it and get people following their passions too.

    Finding my passion has been a long road and I’m so proud to be where I’m at today. I went from having no dreams and no hopes for my future to planning and launching my website to starting the outline of my book (what!) and envisioning where I want to be and what my goals are for the future.

    As for reaching all my goals, nothing is stopping me from achieving them! I’m excited for what’s going on right now and what’s coming. I am achieving my goals. I am living them :D

    With that out of the way, I am coming across a few obstacles. I’m learning ways to get my website to be more popular. I’m trying to get it seen and out there so I can help my peeps. How do I get more people to my blog?

    Another obstacle is getting everything organized. I’m working on it and it’s definitely coming along.

    And the last thing is that since I’m new to all of this, I don’t have that awesome confidence. I’m looking forward to feeling like my work is good enough to inspire. I want what I do to be amazing and to change lives. I may not be at that point yet but I sure am getting there.

    Thanks again Corbett for the opportunity to share. And thank you also for all the work you’re doing. There are many times when reading something you’ve wrote kept me going. Many times! I thank you for that.

    • Corbett

      I’m so happy to have helped you keep going Christine. That means a lot. Thanks for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it.

    • Oooh, what sort of book are you going to write? I have a few half-finished ones lying around, gotta get back to them!

      Blogging definitely helps – building a discipline of writing often and regularly is essential!

  32. Lea

    I wan to grow my business but it seems like I still have some things to figure out. I’m just tired of reading about it and just want to do it already. I also have to fine tune my time management so everything will come together.

  33. At the moment I find myself at a crossroads. I have started a blog/brand/lifestyle that I am very passionate about. I don’t foresee it as a business , but then again I didn’t foresee myself as a blogger!

    The difficulty I face now is how I can maintain the finances to maintain and further this passion of mine as a permanent life style. I am currently a student pursuing an undergraduate degree (this is being financed by the G.I bill). My original intentions were to get a degree and then find a job, and live happily ever after.

    I realize now that this life was not something I wanted, just something that was pushed on me throughout my life. Since starting my brand life has taken on a whole different meaning. I live and breathe this brand, and although my community is not big by any means, my readers inspire me as much as I inspire them.

    I have about a year left on my G.I bill and my undergraduate degree, which at that point its either go all in, or choose another alternative.

    • Go all in bro. Go all in !

      • Thanks Matt this single sentence is not only inspiring but awesome !

        • Continue to follow your passions man. Follow your heart. The universe will test you and there will be walls to climb and things that will be scary. But break through that shit and you will grow. You will transform. You will transcend. Remember it’s all a journey. Choose the path of the warrior.

          Fortune favors the BOLD!

          Go get it!

      • I’m with Matt!

        Walt Emerson said “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” You are clearly well on the way to bringing out your best into this awesome world!

  34. Currently, I am working on starting life over as a digital nomad. I am trying to figure out a way to break it to my family that I am leaving school (a major waste of money for me) indefinitely and embarking on a journey of personal freedom a growth. At this moment, I am planning ventures both online, and off that will allow me to travel freely all year around. I plan to make 2012 the best year I’ve had of my 22 years of existence. By December I hope to have accomplished the following:

    Start a Blog (complete with consulting/coaching services)
    Launch three websites
    Learn to code, program and design
    Launch web design/development business
    Become a published photographer
    Become a DJ
    Improve writing skills

    What is holding me back: Nothing. My desire to break free of the rat race trumps my fear of failure. I hope that you guys can keep me accountable.

    • Corbett

      Damn, that’s quite a list! All worthy accomplishments in my view. How do you prioritize?

  35. What am I working toward? Moving my Android apps over to iPhone.
    What’s holding me back? Just learning the code and procedures.

    I had no experience with java/xml when I started creating my Android apps. After a few months (about 100 hours) of tutorials, trial and error, banging my fist into the keyboard, I finally got it working and published.

    The thought of doing that all over again is holding me back even knowing the amount of passive income they will bring in once finished.

  36. What am I working on? A LOT… Growing my new blog, expanding my blog network, working on my first ebook, planning a series of video courses and the list goes on. Oh and also finishing my interview questions for you :).

    I’m not sure what’s holding me back. A mixture of time management and motivation. I feel really motivated, but it’s the early days that are the hardest before you start to see the big rewards for all your hard work.

  37. Andy

    I want to quit my current job. I am not motivated and I cannot see myself excel in this company.
    Challenge is I cant articulate what the next job would be. I only know what I dont want to do and I kind of know some elements my dream job must have.
    And I have ADD. I cant regulate my thoughts. I have a lot of intuitive ideas and onservations. But they are all over the place. Some of them are hidden. I cant put them all on the table.

  38. I’m working on making a big idea smaller! After submitting a business plan to a national start-up support programme, i realised my teeny wee idea is actually massive. I’ll need to scale it down, if I’m going to be able to build it up. This is a challenge I hadn’t anticipated.

    What is holding me back? Terror. Plus waiting to see if I’ve got a place on the start-up programme. I know I don’t have to wait. I know it’ll probably stand me in better stead if I can demonstrate that I’ve kept up the pace. I know that even if I don’t get accepted, I could keep at it all on my own and probably will in the long term. But I’ve put myself in stand-by mode for now, waiting for some external permission and approval.

    In some ways, this is a total cop out. But at least it’s giving me some useful ‘percolation’ time, to let my subconscious loose on my plans without any pressure, and to let me drift about responding to interesting posts like this one…

    • Hey Katie, make sure you keep breaking that idea into smaller and smaller pieces so that you don’t get overwhelmed with how big it is! I often trip myself up by trying to look at too many things at once with ideas like that so… don’t be me, is what I’m saying! ;-)

  39. David Robinson

    I am taking action. I have been interested in entrepreneurial activities for some time, as well as business in general and efficiency.

    So, in the last couple of weeks I have turned a corner mentally and decided instead of dreaming and having thoughts rattling around in my brain, as Corbett describes it, I am making a concious effort to absorb a lot of new information and skills and actually APPLY them.

    I have one, modest goal, to generate revenue this year, not profit but just something. Then I figure I just need to rinse and repeat. I have bigger goals, dreams for now, although I hope in the future those dreams will seem modest too.


    • David,

      Seeing that first click or first sale can be very motivating and powerful. Definitely start taking some action. Pick a process and go with it. If you listen to anyone making money, when they are asked the #1 tip for beginners, it’s always take action. When asked their #1 regret, it usually they wished they’d started taking action sooner.

      One of my favorite quotes: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

      • David Robinson

        Hey Jason,

        Thanks for your comment, as you say it’s all about finding a process and going with it!

        Last night I was thinking on how it will feel to see the first traffic an revenue, fantastic and a great motivational exercise to picture goals that way.

  40. I am working toward freedom. I am working on a blog that hopefully someday will be an online business and my primarily source of income.

    The only thing holding me back is myself. Lately there have been lots of moving parts around my life that I’ve been using as excuses for not executing my goals.

    Those days are over. You(Corbett) have given me a lot of inspiration with your blogs and I am currently working on SABTM in order to make that happen.

    Another great post from you!

    • Corbett

      Congrats on taking action Joe! Any progress you make is worthwhile, even if you eventually change course. Thanks for joining the course, I hope you get a ton out of it.

  41. I’ve found the keys to my long-term fulfilment. Now I’m building the door ;-)

    I want to spend the majority of my days:

    1) Writing fiction and non-fiction (and telling some of these stories through film)
    2) Working on a variety of small volunteer projects (work on animal and flora rehabillitation projects, humanitarian aid, teaching programs etc.)

    I don’t want my days to become a pleasantly bland blur. I want meaningful work, and I want a lot of variety in that work (hence switching between volunteer projects).

    The door I’m building in order to live out my ideal life is to earn enough money from my writing that I can do the unpaid volunteer work in my free time.

    Which is why I signed up for your Blog That Matters course recently. It’s one avenue I am exploring to start earning money from writing.

    What’s remaining that’s stopping me from succeeding? I have too many ideas. I want to start a dozen blogs at once. I have hundreds of ideas for stories and non-fiction research.

    I am finding it almost painfully impossible to just do one thing at the expense of the others. This is my greatest block to getting the value from the avenues I’m currently pursuing.

    That, and a lot of self-doubt – why should I get to live such an epic life when no one in my general proxmity is doing this? I must be mad!

    As always, I’m impressed by how articulate your writing is.

    • Corbett

      Luckily online we get to define who is in our general proximity Wendy. Now you know lots of people who are doing meaningful work and living how they want to live. There’s no reason you can’t as well.

  42. Coming to the end of my fourth year of running my own (Small) marketing business. Trying to generate a scalable income stream for 2012.

    Frustrating at the moment because I don’t have the cash to invest to develop as quickly as I would like to but overall I never regret leaving work and starting up on my own. I am quick to forget that the main reward is actually having my own business and the opportunities it brings.

  43. I’m trying to turn my bricks and mortar business (garden design) into a more passive model. I set up lifestyle design daddy a while ago to cover my journey to passive income as a dad. I’m now listening to the 4HWW after reading it months ago and it’s a whole new ball game whn you can work while listening.

    Looking to grow this site with knowledge i learn everyday from entrepeneurs like yourself and live my dream of 100% location independence!

  44. I am working towards a successful blog.

    So far nothing is holding me back, other than my day job, which keeps me from being able to dedicate all my time.

    I have been pleased with my progress so far and look forward to taking it to the next level.

  45. Adrienne

    What are you trying to change in your life?

    I’m trying to lose weight and gain energy after having 2 boys back to back (oldest 2, youngest 9 months) and I’m trying to get out of “preggo” eating habits. I’m also studying on becoming a life coach as well as getting a blog started and eventually writing a book. I’m also helping my husband start a martial arts school by being his co-administator. With my connections, I will be in charge of coordinating his community involvement (fundraising, raising awarness against bullying, volunteering etc) as well as dealing with biling/business plan/etc.

    What’s my most pressing goal?

    I think it would have to be my health since without it, I won’t be able to juggle anything else. As well as I am a type 1 diabetic that has to increase my insulin dosages with all this extra weight and I want to get back on my insulin pump and off of several injections a day.

    What’s keeping you from achieving that?

    Falling into old habits of eating bad food. Also, having energy during the day is sometimes lacking. I’m still nursing my youngest as well as waiting for my oldest to get into day care so my days are pretty full with a very energetic toddler and hungry infant.

    What are you frustrated by?

    Time, or lack thereof. Also, starting something and having to stop and start and losing my groove because I have other pressing matters to deal with during the day.
    Also, lack of energy. Since my youngest still doesn’t do his nights, I am awakened 3-4 times a night and I am exhausted during the day. It frustrates me also that I will often choose a nap instead of some tae bo or my trusted eliptical. I miss my energy levels that I used to have before having kids.

    What makes you think about throwing in the towel sometimes?

    I wonder if I should just go back into the corporate world and forget doing what I’ve always wanted to do especially around bill paying time. The financial responsibility is solely on my husband’s shoulders and I feel bad relying on him. I’m used to being financially independent and I’m feeling kind of old school housewive-ish relying on him to take care of us. I know it’s a temporary situation but it does play a lot on my self confidence and self worth.

    • Corbett

      Hey Adrienne, have you read Zen Habits? Leo’s story over there is incredibly inspiring, and he has some really powerful strategies for changing habits, one small step at a time.

    • Wow, you have so much going on!

      When Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize, she was asked “What can we do to promote world peace?”

      Her answer: “Go home and love your family.”

      After being financially independant it can be hard to rely on someone else for support, but what you are doing is critical to your family’s success! It is very valuable and I know saying “Don’t let is affect your self worth” won’t stop you from feeling bad, but… still!

      I don’t have children but I admire my mother to the extreme – she quit her job to look after my sister and I and we grew up with so much love and support that I will always be grateful for. As you say, this is only temporary, and the time you spend now will be a great investment in your future and your family’s future.

      I’m reading a book called Today Matters at the moment by John C Maxwell (this is not a paid recommendation!) and it has a lot of focus on balancing family, your life’s work and other priorities. You might find it useful! Also agree with Corbett re: Zen Habits!

  46. Mark

    ok …you asked for it!
    In the past two years I have separated from my wife, live in another island from my two gorgeous boys and work in a soul sucking job day in and day out… I have a mountain of debt, live in a shitty house sorry room in a house and yet even though I hate it all…and…come up with idea after idea after idea…..C.A.N.N.O.T get my ass moving…if it is as though I am paralysed by fear yet I do not know what I am fearful of.

    I can build websites,

    I can write,

    I am funny,

    I look good in Black,

    I have a face for radio/podcasts,

    yet none of that matters when you cannot get yourself going!

    If there was an Olympic event for Procrastination…I would win out of the park.

    People will read this and say “just do it man” “give it a go” etc etc etc but it is NOT that easy! No words can help when you cannot even help yourself. I read blogs about starting business etc, living on a desert island and ‘living the life’ but really all I want is the freedom to NOT work for someone, pay off the debt and get closer to my lads yet ….STILL….cannot get my ass in gear!

    You did ask….!

    • Corbett

      What about doing a half-comedy, half-motivational project about procrastination? It sounds like you’re an expert Mark. And god knows how many people would relate to that.

      Sometimes not getting your ass in gear is just a sign that you haven’t found the perfect project yet.

  47. To be honest Corbett,

    I don’t know what the heck am I doing.

    I come from the IT field, I love computers, love working with programs but if you ask me “what is your absolute passion?” I have no freaking clue.

    I love to travel, love to work with computers, love to drink and hang out with my girlfriend and friends, love to play guitar, love to run, love to teach (music) but honestly, none of those things make me get out of my bed and say “I want to get out of this bed already because I want to do what I absolutely love which is…”

    I got nothing there.

    I’m currently writing “my journey” at my marketing blog.

    Doesn’t seems exciting at all but it has been exciting enough to have some 7 figure Internet Marketer ask me if I wanted to write for him.

    I also had Gideon Shalwick visit my blog and said on twitter that my article was great (that actually meant a lot since I’m a big fan of his work).

    And apparently people ARE genuinely interested on what I’m writing there and to be honest I have been enjoying it.

    But, (and it’s a big one) then again, that blog is not THE reason I get out of bed.

    I am trying to build an online business and I understand a blog is not one but I see this happening a lot lately (successful blogs).

    Not chase after the money, find your passion, be paid to be yourself, yeah, I get it, but my life is not that great to become one of those guys.

    And Danielle (LaPorte) said it best, don’t drag us with your struggling stories, they’re not fun to follow!

    So getting back on topic again, I am using a marketing blog to find out what I want for myself, writing about what I have done wrong and right in the past and what I think I should be doing.

    In exchange for building awareness, making people progress but in reality I’m writing to help myself and keep myself accountable.

    So it is a struggle and well, a lot is going on there.

    Just hope that I sort this out soon and to spend my time where it should be.


    • Hey Sergio,

      I know what you mean about having so many interests that you aren’t sure you truly know what your “passion” is.

      I think the work passion can sometimes put off people like you and me because we don’t have one single driving mission, even though there are plenty of things we care about.

      If it’s any use, I found doing the Myers-Briggs personality test helped me identify some of my strengths. Even though it’s so tempting to try and be good at everything, knowing what your personality naturally gravitates towards can be pretty handy. I know personality tests are in no way the sum of a person, but they can be a good thinking tool.

      It sounds like your writing will help you keep focused until you chip away at what you want to do. I write at the beginning of each day at to try and re-focus on what I really want to get out of the day.

      Good luck!

      • Hey Wendy and Sergio,

        Thanks for the great tips and discussion. This is definitely a problem I have, too. I think its a kind of procrastination when you have a lot of different ideas or businesses you can pursue but don’t settle on one. There is so much conflicting advice out there which leads to procrastination, but also its a fear of failure.

        I kind of think the best approach to this is to give yourself a time limit for evaluating options, and the just pick one and dive right in. Push it to its limit and see where it takes you! If it ends up going nowhere, stop and move on.

        Now just to take my own advice! I’ve recently gone to be a freelance developer and it is great, but in reality its just a less formal job. In the long-term I want to build more of a business. So, I have three weeks on a sabbatical abroad, and by the time I get back home I’ll settle on an a blog/business idea.

  48. Steve MacCormack

    I’m a stay at home dad now Corbett, my daughter is almost 2 and I have a son on the way at the end of the month…I’m currently taking your course(s) How to start a blog that matters as well as your affiliate marketing course that I recently stumbled upon. The blog is really the direction I want to head but I’ve been intrigued by affiliate marketing for just over a year now so I’d like to find some great products to market and perhaps make some money in the process…I’ve recently moved from the states to Canada and legally can not work until my visa is issued…could be a while!

    My biggest challenge is finding time to take the courses, and build the sites,etc…What do you suggest for time management amigo?? I’m up at 4:30 am and can usually squeeze out an hour or so before everyone is awake and then I have nights after about 7:30pm…only problem with evenings is I crash and burn after an hour or so of staring at my laptop, most likely because I’m up too early, LOL!! any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

    BTW your courses are a breath of fresh air bro! been looking into this for quite a while and you’ve got it dialed in. Looking forward to your future stuff as you are officially my online mentor.


  49. I’m working towards building a blog and website that helps others launch lives (and careers) that matter.

    Experience and network are holding me back. Though both have improved greatly over the last month.

  50. Hey Corbett! Nice job getting everyone so involved with this post. I’ve truly been enjoying your writing, gives me a push in a positive direction.

    I’m working on growing my “gangsta” card business further, looking for more wholesale customers but I must admit I’ve been procrastinating a bit on that end because I’ve never cold-called such big distributors before. I don’t quite know what to say or who to reach at places like Urban Outfitters, and so although its one of my top priorities, I’ve let it go undone for too long.

    I’m also heading off on a big Southeast Asia/Australia 6-month travel adventure in just two weeks, and I’ll be working on a new project–interviewing chefs and artists around the world for a foodie/art cookbook. This is also totally uncharted territory for me, and though my fear of the unknown may make me nervous and drag my heels a bit, its never quite stopped me from moving forward. It will be a good challenge.

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  51. Currently working on a goal setting/comfort zone expanding project and blogging my results. Each goal I set is outside my comfort zone either physically, mentally or psychologically… it includes facing fears, building physical strength, learning new things and doing things which build self-confidence and destroy limiting beliefs. Each time I achieve a goal I am documenting it using a camera. My last one was walking on hot coals ;) My main obstruction has simply been getting someone to film it… everyone is so busy all the time!

  52. Honestly, after reading your previous article “Need Some Motivation?” I don’t think I should have any excuses…btw, one of the best articles I’ve ever read to get me pumped! A great kick in the ass I must say :)

    But that being said, there are some things standing in my way right now that I feel are holding me back:

    1st, not having enough time because I’m working full time in a job that I HATE! I actually took today off to go put applications for a part time job vs a full time, so I have more time to work on my business.

    2nd, fear of not having enough money to live on if I do just get a part time since I’m used to living on a full time salary. I’m already pretty frugal (I’m on Dave Ramsey’s plan to get out of debt) so this is very scary to me, not gonna lie.

    3rd, I’m in the middle of planning a wedding and that does seem to take a lot of my time…there’s a lot of pressure to do this and that for the wedding and there are a lot of stressful ups and downs. Luckily my fiance is great support, however, the planning does take a lot of my time.

    4th and probably the most important, just plain fear of failing. I had another blog for three years that I tried to monetize, and just nothing seemed to work….I did learn a ton from that situation and I feel my new blog is much much better as far as content and doing what I love to do vs what I think people want to read. However, it’s scary to try it over again! I’m trying to follow what you and Pat Flynn say in order to make passive income, but sometimes it’s overwhelming. I’m really just trying to take 2012 to build a loyal audience, but it would be nice to make a little money on the side from the blog in the meantime.

    So this is where I’m at! But I am determined :)

    Thanks for the great inspiration!

  53. Greg

    I am working toward finding a fulfilling career. What is holding me back is not knowing exactly what kind of work it is that would be fulfilling to me. I love to read, but I cannot read for a living. I am afraid of failure/the unknown & have little self-confidence in my talents (I have yet to discover a defining talent). I am afraid of leaving my position & being unable to fulfill my portion of providing for my family.

    • jennifer

      I’m pretty much in the same boat as you!! I can totally relate :) the only difference is I don’t work at all at the moment because I have a disability, so thats why I have no clue what to do? It really makes me sad :(

      • jennifer, I quite understand you and i want you to know that been a disable is not that you don’t have the ability.

        Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

        You surely can get great things done if you believe in your ability and not in the disability.


  54. I am working on a new personal development blog strictly for internet entrepreneurs!

    What are you trying to change about your life?

    My present location!

    What’s your biggest and most pressing goal?
    To become A known figure in the online community!

    What’s keeping you from achieving that?
    Non-Availability of Like Minds To Help Me Succeed

    What are you frustrated by?
    Lack of Power Supply & Stable Internet In MY Present location

    What makes you think about throwing in the towel sometimes?
    I never thought about this though its hard not to.


  55. I am interested in the value, meaningfulness and entertainment that poetry can give us. Some of the literati have made poetry this banal everyday type thing, nothing
    wrong in being grateful for the everyday, making poetry an exclusive club, but mostly, I like a bit of the lofty in my poetry, at the same time there is genuinely good poetry in some rap, and spoken word poetry
    because in the past poetry was meaningful across the board of society, there were poet laureates and things of that sort that were able to speak for people.
    Because poetry isn’t talked of much in the mainstream these days some ppl have forgotten it’s delight. I think poetry can solve problems in various ways, and through it I explore taboo subjects, it can improve a society and it’s values, by questioning and it exhibits aesthetic beauty things that are true and good quality. Theres quite a lot to establish in the time up ahead, I guess. We have an anthology established and a few books.

    My task is to build some epic shit poetry to back up what I’m saying. To present a place of good quality poetry, quality essays that aren’t full of jargon too much but a true appreciation of art. So my task is to find those poets on a similar wavelength, encourage discussion and look within to improve ourselves as people through creating and analysing our culture, and values.

    Second goal with my second blog………… hehe, is to present Falun Gong information to people, it’s a peaceful tai chi type practice that follows the values of truthfulness compassion and tolerance that the chinese communist party are wrongly persecuting in China right now. That’s gotta stop. To this end I made a human rights music website collecting hip hop rock other music from musicians around the world, and I’m looking for some more musicians to collaborate and write new stuff! … You can proceed to holla at me on or click me name here, to go to my personal poetry blog. Falun Gong adherents have people from all walks of life those it is rooted in traditional chinese culture. I am a British-Asian so the music is western too, and want to show people what a Falun Gong practitioner is like, ie we aren’t all solely into Chinese culture just as some Christians aren’t into solely Christian rock music!…So I just want to reach out to people, who are not necessarily of the same background, or group as me. Thanks.

  56. Tom

    I’m working on creating my blogs (2 of them). Your great course “How To Make A Blog That Matters” is helping me out with moving towards my goal of creating blogs that matter so a big thank-you for that.

    I work in a full-time job currently that sucks up a lot of my creating time.

    What’s holding me back is:

    1. simple straightforward advice on how to upload pdf ebooks so I can offer them to visitors to my blog. I want to know how to upload to eJunkie & also somewhere where people can download my books for free.

    2. ditto re: how to upload a podcast/mp3 audio to iTunes.

    I’ve discovered that these 2 simple details are missing from all the advice/how-to examples I’ve seen. And offer it without taking up loads of time to read long details, only to find these simple but much needed advice is missing.

    It’s simple things like this that hold new bloggers back.

    Thanks for offering this chance, Corbett. Greatly appreciated.


    • Tom,
      I’ve uploaded an ebook to e-junkie. Feel free to email me any specific questions you have. I’d be happy to help if it’s something I can help you with!

      haley at

  57. I currently am living in Japan and pursuing my childhood dream to become a ninja. What exactly is a ninja? I’m in the process of finding out…

    To get to Japan, I took an assistant english teaching job. But I have informed my employer that I wont be returning next year. I am going to move to Kyoto and train in martial arts 6 days per week and find a way to generate income. I want to be able to use my writing, experiences and pursuit of becoming a ninja to inspire others to make the most of their lives. I want to be able to use this, as a platform to generate income.

    I think the only thing that can hold me back is myself. Otherwise, every step along the way I will be learning something.

  58. My sites have already generated nearly $100 in passive income and I’ve only been going for 12 days! I’m working on them in the evenings on top of a full-time job, but I’m a believer. Plus, blogging about my successes and failures is a great way to stay on track.

    That said, I’m still not getting a ton of traffic, but part of me wants to get a ton of quality content on all of my sites built up before I make a huge push. Does that make sense? I’m afraid of people showing up and then leaving if I don’t have a bunch of killer content already in hand.

    Any advice on timing?

  59. I have 2 goals I’m focusing on. The first one is my blog. I recently started a blog called thehealthy warrior. I consider it an extension of my former career of working in the health care field. I’d like to educate people to the facts of what’s needed in order to live a life of longelvity and to it’s healthiest potential. Hopefully this focus will help people to live longer and happier lives. I would like to focus mostly on weightlose since I myself struggled with my weight for many years until I finally found a way to combat my own self defeating behavior.
    My other goal is completing my ebook. I am writing an ebook but I want to learn how to self publish. That is about the biggest challenge for me right now, Once I learn how to do it, I suppose I’ll do okay. But it is learning how to do it in the first place that is a real challenge for me right now. My ebooks will include healthy living and great advice for loosing weight and keeping it off.

  60. Wow what a fabulous blog & community. I’ve been lurking for a while so thought it was time to join in!

    What are you trying to change about your life? I’ve been through so much change personally & work-wise in the last 18 months that sometimes it’s hard to think straight. So I’m trying to change to not have so much change for the rest of the year!

    It goes hand-in-hand with What’s your biggest and most pressing goal? To establish my new blog & to create an engaged community where I can help other women achieve their full potential.

    What’s keeping you from achieving that? It’s been a slow process as I’m a total technophobe so have had a lot to learn. I’m almost there so I just need to go & find & then wow my audience.

    What are you frustrated by? Lack of technical know-how. My teenage son has become invaluable & I may never allow him to leave home!

    What makes you think about throwing in the towel sometimes? I sometimes hit overwhelm & doubt whether I can do this & be successful again.

    Thanks for the opportunity to explore this.

  61. Hi; thanks for your blog. I’m a journalist. I set up my wordpress. com website, which has a blog on it, in 2009 after losing all my paying work in radio and television. I would love to be able to make my site profitable so that I could put all my stories, videos, photos, and podcasts on it without worrying that I am not earning any money. I love working for my own site as I can write what I want, to the length I wish, but I also want to spread the word widely about the issues I am working on and I’m concerned that my site doesn’t have many subscribers (as yet). My main subjects are deforestation and the resulting plight of animals, but my site also includes poetry and articles about alternative health and spirituality. I also blog about other environmental subjects like shale gas fracking, and some socio-political issues like immigration. I started off wanting it to be a site of positive news, but my current focus is very much the environment, and the news isn’t all positive at all. I adore travelling, particularly in Asia and Australia, and would like to be on the move full-time. I tend to be torn between trying to find outlets outside of my own website (maybe writing a Kindle Single book) or just putting everything on my own site. There are fewer paying outlets these days for the kind of stories I write, and I do prefer working on my own site. So, I need to find a way of making it pay, then I would be freer to work on it all the time. (I call it a website rather than a blog, because there are some static pages, but the blog section is the section I work on the most.)

  62. Cynthiya

    Hey! i’m 18 years old. I’m currently schooling. I’m studying what i like but yet i feel lost and life feels stagnant. I have a crazy thirst for life. Sometimes i feel like running away, taking a plane to wherever and doing whatever! I feel passion for life and I’m afraid that this crazy attitude I have is going to destroy my life and my future. I really don’t know what to do. Please help? No one else I know feels this way and I don’t know if I should wait till I’m older to embark on the journey of life but what if I don’t live till then? I read the newspapers and I realize life is unpredictable.

    I’m afraid and I need help.

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