When Was the Last Time You Unplugged?

I have a confession to make.

I’m taking a vacation for a week starting tomorrow, and I’m unplugging from the Internet for the whole week. No email, no web surfing, no tweeting.

That isn’t my confession though.

When I started planning this little vacation, I realized something. I haven’t taken more than a couple of days away from the Internet in oh, probably a decade or so (maybe since my first web-based email account in the late-90s).

Is that crazy?

Despite living in Mexico every winter, despite traveling through Europe for nearly two months this summer, I rarely unplug completely. I’m not saying I’m putting in 16 hours a day in paradise, but I always manage to put in at least a few hours behind the laptop screen, even when I’m “not working.”

So next week should be interesting. Friends are coming to visit us in Croatia and enjoying the vacation will be my 100% focus. My new assistant editor Caleb will be handling things while I’m away.

I have a feeling I’m not alone in having not unplugged completely for any extended period of time. I’ll reserve judgement about that fact because I want to hear from you.

When was the last time you unplugged for more than a day or two? What did you learn from it? Did you enjoy it? Do you wish you could do more of it?

And if you haven’t unplugged for a decade like me, how do you feel about that?

What does our always-on nature say about how we live today?

Please share in the comments.

I’ll let you know how my experiment went when I get back.

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Happy Wednesday! Thanks for reading.

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