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Why Not?

Who says it has to be that way?

Why do “the rules” have to apply to you?

What’s really holding you back?

Why don’t you have the time?

Do you really need so much money / time / knowledge?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Why can’t you start today?

What if you just do it?

Why the fuck not?

Stop second-guessing yourself.

Stop making excuses.

Just do it. Why not?

Corbett Barr

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  1. Goddamn. Exactly the thoughts I am having. Taking all the stuff out of my place today(no more excuses or procrastinating!) and MAYBE 100 Things will come back in. Sell, donate, toss. Then I am putting a plan in motion to just travel the world. Don’t know how and I don’t care!
    Why the fuck not?? Perfect question.
    Mark L

  2. You Know What!?!?

    I’m doing it today!!

  3. This is a pretty interesting post you have Corbett. They are all very good questions, which I think all of us should be asking ourselves. I have a feeling that everyone who’s read it will definitely stop, think for a moment, and then think some more….and finally argue with the voice inside their heads. (I think I’m speaking for myself)
    Yeah, why not? Why am I second-guessing? This is the part where the big realization comes in.
    Yes, I am second-guessing myself. No doubt, there are some things that are holding me back – that big, fat, obnoxious insecurity – the lack of confidence and faith in me. So I just stagnate with it and live a miserable life? NO WAY!
    So, just do it! Explore the world of opportunities, live life to the fullest (famous cliché but true!), and don’t stop growing.
    Thanks for helping me contemplate today Corbett! It’s a really good exercise…

    • It’s always a good sign when the comment is longer than the post ;) Glad to help you contemplate today, Dahlia. Good luck!

  4. Short & sharp & to the point… I love it :)

    As a (relatively) new reader of your blog, I get so excited when I see a “freepursuits” email in my inbox… I know it’ll be something good! My only wish is that those emails came more often… three weeks is so long!!

    Hopefully it’s because you’re off in Mexico living the beach dream??
    “You’re either making excuses or making things happen… you can’t do both at once”

    • Hey SailorGirl, sorry for the long delay. I was off sailing last week in British Columbia. I’ll get back to posting more often now. Thanks for the note. Cheers.

      • That’s awesome!!!

        I live in Vancouver so I think that’s even BETTER than beaching in Mexico (especially since it involves sailing)!

        Hope you enjoyed the gulf islands! Let me know if you’re ever here and want to go sailing again :)

  5. Because I am on my third cup of coffee and the day still has only 24 hours in it. I am thinking of creating a to-do list for my to-do list.


  6. Wow.
    Perfectly put.
    Taken with good humor.
    Thanks Corbett!

  7. Hey Corbett — you’re damn right my friend! Why the F not…? It feels so good when you get past that barrier and believe in yourself and just make it happen.

    That’s what happened when i just created my “Passion Maker” Life Purpose test — so much fun, and damn fine response so far. I just hope it really has some legs… check it out if you have a min, and let me know what you think!

    Love what you’re doing, man ~ cheers

  8. Brian

    I think much of your advice is aimed at people who are in their early career, and who don’t have dependents. As a married father of 5 (with two in college) I have to necessarily minimize my risk.
    But I enjoy your posts all the same!

    • Great point, Brian. Although self-limiting thoughts affect mid-career people and parents just the same. Cheers!

      • I guess that it boils down to doing the things I can to move in the direction I want, after work, meals, help with homework, etc. are all done. Needless to say, I don’t have a lot of time to waste, so TV and movies are out of the picture.

        It’s looking like I have found a way to combine doing the things that really interest me (engineering, science and education) with my parenting: I’ve just started a family Robot Club with my two youngest kids. We’re meeting formally every Tuesday evening for 1 to 2 hours, and attempting to a) complete a portion of a project and b) plan for the next meeting each time we get together.
        So far it’s working out well.

  9. Matt

    There’s always tomorrow?

  10. you know, i was having doubtful thoughts about my winter plans, especially since i’m going home to visit family and friends soon and have to encounter all that “should” kind of stuff..

    but then i think about all the good that my trip is going to do me – and other people – and then i think about all that Argentina and Ecuador and IMF kind of stuff, and I ask myself, “why not?!”

    if something is your passion then you’ll do it regardless – you’ll do it in the face of any ‘supposed’ limitation. (underline and bold the word ‘passion’ there..)

  11. So true, our self imposed limitations are more constrictive than any unknown challenge that may pop up. During the past year while launching my new startup I’ve had to remind myself on a weekly basis:
    “what is the worse that could happen?”
    “why the fuck not !?”

  12. Oh wow, were you WATCHING ME? Thuough my computer?!?!?! Watching me question whether I should or shouldn’t?
    Whether I can or cannot?
    Will it fly or won’t it?
    What will people think?
    OK, ok, I have put it off long enough!

  13. I like it!

    Smart, simple, to the point and just getting in there and seeing what can happen is the way to go. Who cares if everyone is doing it a certain way; you absolutely don’t have to.

    You’re you so do it your way.

  14. Another “light the fire in the belly post.” Love it!
    For us the hardest question in your list is “what is really holding you back?” The quick answer is my own set limitations. But you are correct why not? Time to work on expanding our own set limitations.


  15. Donna Willingham

    Well said, Corbett. Sometimes we just need to be able to question ourselves to make sure we’re headed on the right path. I feel I should share with you an amazing course I did in Cairo that I found life changing and set me on the right path – Sarah Merron of Fire Dragon Coaching teaches strategies that really helped me focus on getting the best out of myself and others around me, for both my work and personal life. She runs courses all over the world, so it’s a fantastic way to travel at the same time. Here’s the link, I found it had a very powerful effect on my life:

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