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You Have a Choice

There’s a choice for you to make right now, at this very moment.

You can choose to listen to people who bring you down, or to tune in to those who lift you up.

You can choose between making a snide, destructive comment, or you can make an encouraging, uplifting one.

You can choose to sit and worry about the worst that could happen, or you can start making progress now, and choose to have faith that everything will work out.

You can cancel the plans you made while you were on that emotional high, or you can go through with your ambitious plans anyway.

You can choose to continue down the path everyone else follows, or you can choose to start living with intention, right now.

You can choose not to contact that person because you could be rejected, or you can reach out because you might be accepted.

You can choose scarcity or choose abundance.

You can choose fear or choose bravery.

You can choose to play their game, responding to negativity with more negativity, or you can turn their energy into a source of creativity and opportunity.

You can ignore your inner genius because it doesn’t fit within someone else’s worldview, or you can embrace who you were meant to be and give all you have to the world.

You can choose to blame others or to take responsibility.

The energy it takes to make either of these choices is the same.

You always have a choice.

Which choice will you make, right now?

Corbett Barr

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  1. Much simpler, less hypey. I like it!

  2. Mark

    Great post! I’m going to keep reading it until it sinks in.

  3. Fantastic post! love it Corbett !…

    My choice? Its plainly to keep a plan going even on days when there just isn’t seemingly anything going anywhere. Don’t just gain knowledge USE IT. If you choose one thing to do each day do it for you and for those dreams and goals you have written down, those are your most cherished wishes and by doing you will achieve them, choose to do. This post can act as both a reminder to refer back to when the will maybe lacking or as reference point as to why you have chosen what you have.

    • Corbett

      Great points, Paul. You can choose to learn and forget, or you can choose to learn and ACT.

      • I believe, this learning (You can choose to learn and forget, or you can choose to learn and ACT.) should also be updated in post rather than comment. As, all people do not read all comments. Generally, I do not…

  4. Wow – what an uplifting post! This is so encouraging, Corbett. I think the most important choice we can make is to have faith. Through faith, all things become possible. Thank you for this!

  5. Thank you for this uplifting post, Corbett. It is just what I needed today. Since making the positive choices, things have improved so much, but sometimes we slip back into the negative.

  6. Love it! Yes, we do have a choice! Last night I had the choice to sit in front of the TV or get some work done. I chose the later and got a lot of things accomplish…all of which is taking me closer to my goals!

  7. I feel good about this post. Thanks for reading it. Just what I needed to hear. I just quit my day job without another job lined up; hoping to pursue music and freelancing and I need all the encouragement I can get! Thank you again!

  8. great advice. going to think about this one and let it sink in for a while. simple, but so effective.

  9. I agree. Life is full of choices. We are the only ones who decide how we want to live our lives. Either we make the choices or let others do it for us. I’d rather be making the choices.

  10. Believe it or not, this was the topic that came up in a counseling session I had yesterday. It comes down to the C word: CHOICE.

  11. Caroline

    The perfect words I needed to read after an exhausting day of discouraging events. Thanks Corbett. Love the new layout by the way. :-)

  12. Nice design undressing Corbett! In terms of choices, I’m still struggling with ketchup vs. catsup.

    • Corbett

      Ugh, that’s a toughie. I’m firmly a “ketchup” person. It’s not like we’re talking Béarnaise or something fancy, you know?

  13. Great post Corbett! One of those that everyone can apply to individual circumstances, and take what they take… I’m taking the positive, very motivating… Thank you!

  14. oh yes…I choose to be positive and optimistic every time…makes every day better. and makes people “think” I’m lucky….hahaha

  15. Hi Corbett

    So true, I find these types of ‘choice’ questions so pertinent for entrepreneurs or people looking to make money online.

    Steven Pressfield in his great book “Work of Art”, uses the term resistance to describe procrastination. He says it is just something that is natural and is always with us.

    I guess not making a choice or making what may seem as the easy choice is a form of procrastination.


  16. Love it Corbett. Reminds me of this great poem.

  17. Thank you, Corbett! Thought I made the “courageous” choice a while ago, but keep on bumping heads with myself (or myselves: the scaredycat versus the superwoman). The ‘lizard brain’ (as Seth Godin calls it) is too powerful and needs to be fought on a daily basis *sigh*. So I will begin every reading this post for a while, just to remind myself to make the choice every day…

  18. Andrew N

    I found your blog through the original “startup vs entrepreneur” article via swombat, and I’ve read a few others as well. What caught my attention in that one was your sincere call for feedback at the end. “whoa”. Now that I’ve read a few other articles here, I consistently like your writing. So, you have a new follower. Cheers!

  19. The new layout is beautiful.

  20. Only we can choose, that’s correct. Only we can choose to GIVE UP or to KEEP GOING. In the end the journey is long, but well worth it. Don’t GIVE UP!

  21. Its just outstanding inspirational article ever i seen Corbett. I always chose the second one in your article. I am so inspired really. Only few people are successful in this world, because they have choose your second one. Keep sharing.

  22. Simple. Awesome. And a real quick kick in the ass to all who see it.

    But really, you are right. We all have a choice in most everything in our lives and in the end have no one to blame but ourselves for those choices we made.

  23. The choice is to see the best in life, put your best foot forward, expect everything will work out, put your heart n soul into your work, focus on hard work, and remembering that everything will pay off, for you must reap in order to sow.

  24. “You can choose between making a snide, destructive comment, or you can make an encouraging, uplifting one.”

    This is something I’ve come to realize is so important when conversing with yourself. The only reason you’ll gossip or be rude to someone else is if you speak to yourself in that way. And it’s a good bet that you’re WAY harder on yourself than you are on anyone else.

    Don Miguel Ruiz’s book “The Four Agreements” really helped me focus on what Don calls “Being Impeccable With The Word”. It’s an agreement that you make with yourself to root out unloving thoughts you have so that you aren’t betraying yourself.

    I can’t recommend Don’s books highly enough for anyone interested in ending self-sabotage. And the book I would I start with is “The Fifth Agreement” which covers a lot of what’s in all of his other books.

    Thank you Corbett for reminding me to get back to this simple but not easy basic of being impeccable with my words.

  25. Thanks for sending this through on twitter. One of the benefits of following you. Great inspiration, just what I needed this morning!

  26. I have a choice to re-tweet this!

  27. Hey Corbett,

    This is such a great post. It is so wild that many people will forever go through life never knowing that there are other choices connected with some of those statements. I think it’s only people who naturally think ‘outside of the box’ that live and breathe everyday knowing that there is always a positive solution for everything.

    Thank you so much for this. What a way to start my day. :)

  28. Great post! We all have responsibility for our choices in life. With just a little work, we can change any situation that we’ve gotten ourselves into because of poor choices and create the person we want to be. Thanks.

  29. Hi. I love the idea of choosing LIFE in then moment and I like the way you expressed it, Corbett. The question is HOW to accomplish it without getting sidetracked by our own stream of thoughts.

    Interestingly, I wrote this post last week, trying to get out the message of an old
    Persian tradition:

    Take a look at it, I think you might like it, if you’re not familiar with these guys already. The Persian poets were about letting go of ONESELF in order to achieve inner peace.

    Only then can we make an honest, intuitive choice in this moment.

    That’s the essence, in my opinion.

  30. Alto

    I thought I commented enough on this blog for today but this post (like all other posts here) is just spectacular, I cant help but comment to say Thank You :)

  31. Corbett,

    Your posts are very inspirational! I enjoy reading them. I will be quoting you on twitter from time to time, sharing with others your blog and wisdom. Thanks!

  32. Joyce

    When one is having a negative experience
    This would be great to have to get back over the fence to where the sunlight shines….many blessings

  33. Joyce

    Enjoyed all the comments and all the positive words…
    This has so much meaning for all of us…thank you for
    Sharing …

  34. Philippe

    I cannot thank you enough for this post. Very much needed.

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