Save Time and Your Finances With Mint

No matter how you track your finances, you probably wish there was a better way. That is, unless you use the online personal software called Mint.

Welcome to Our Revised Design and Purpose

I’ve discovered and read a lot since starting this blog last month. Back then I described the blog’s purpose as enabling the good life through career flexibility.

How to Escape from Your Job Without Quitting – Learn to Sail

Everyone needs an escape now and then. Diversions from life and work are important to renew your creativity and maintain a fresh perspective.

What is Lifestyle Design?

What are you planning to do when you retire? Do you hope to travel, spend time with friends and family, take up new hobbies or volunteer to support a cause?

Can You Really Outsource Your Life?

A lot of people on the Internet these days make it sound like you can live a life of luxury by outsourcing everything you don’t want to do. Tim Ferriss has made himself famous through his book The 4-Hour Workweek, which promotes a number of extreme “lifehacks” including outsourcing to overseas resources.

How to Sublet Your Apartment

If you’ve thought about taking some time off to live abroad, you have probably also thought about how you would afford to do it. Obviously you’ll need to have saved a significant amount of money.

5 Ways to Get Over Some of the Things You’ll Miss by Not Working In An Office

For many people, being self-employed seems like the perfect route to happiness and prosperity. While I agree that many people could be much happier working for themselves, being self-employed does have some downsides.

How to Escape from Your Job Without Quitting: Acting Class

Some of you reading this blog may not yet have all it takes to live exactly how you want to. Maybe your finances won’t allow it, maybe you’re busy caring for a sick relative, maybe you have other commitments or maybe you don’t have quite enough courage.

5 Great Reads from This Past Week

Brian Clark over at Copyblogger had a great post today called 7 Useful Links for Weekend Reading. The idea behind his post is that there’s a lot of link sharing that happens within Twitter instead of blogs.

After 30 Days of Blogging, How Useful is Twitter for Attracting Readers?

How do new blogs attract readers? Does Twitter live up to all the hype about being a great promotional tool?

Choosing a Place to Live in Mexico and Finding an Apartment or House

photo by bunky’s pickle So, you’re thinking about moving to Mexico for some time, but you’re not sure where you should live? What about finding a house or apartment in your chosen city?

How You Can Afford to Not Work for Months Every Year

(photo by tinou bao) Can you think of a way, without changing jobs or increasing your income, that you could afford to not work for one month every year? What about not working for three months?

The Post-Employment Economy: Will We All Be Freelancers or Entrepreneurs One Day?

(photo by morgantepsic) During economic downturns and recessions many people turn to freelancing or starting a business after being laid off from a regular job. It’s part of a natural cycle.

Is Freelancing Flexible (are Freelancers Entrepreneurs)?

(photo by Guwashi999) This post is part of a series about the flexibility of entrepreneurship. Some people may question whether or not being a freelancer is a traditional form of entrepreneurship.

How to Drive to Mexico

(photo by Kyle May) If you’re planning to travel to Mexico for an extended period of time, you might wonder whether you should drive instead of fly. I was confronted with the same choice when my wife and I decided to move to Mexico for six months.

Why this Recession Is a Great Time for New Freelancers

(photo by ginnerobot) Now is your chance to start a career as a freelancer and never look back on that corporate job. As companies scramble to cope with this recession and lay workers off, they are increasingly turning to freelancers to get work done.

Receiving Postal Mail Online While on an Extended Trip with Earth Class Mail

When my wife and I decided to move to Mexico for six months, I was concerned about what we would do with our physical mail. I asked some friends what they do with mail while away.

How Flexible Is Being a Restaurateur, Bar Owner or Shopkeeper?

(photo by glennharper) What kind of flexibility does owning a restaurant or bar afford you? It is certainly an act of entrepreneurship.