Why Doesn’t Everyone Work in a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE)?

Some people are able to live a life of flexible work hours and location independence without being self employed. How do they do it?

Write for Free Pursuits

Do you have a great tip or tutorial about designing a better lifestyle that you’d like to share with other lifestyle designers?

What Drives You to Build A Better Lifestyle?

You’re probably reading this blog because you are focused on designing your ideal lifestyle. What drives you to create an extraordinary lifestyle?

Meet 6 People With Awesome Lifestyles Who Aren’t Technologists

As lifestyle design writers, we tend to focus on technology and online businesses as the primary vehicle for achieving location independence. Online businesses are attractive because they have the potential to be automated, thus affording the owner to work only a handful of hours each week.

How Nonconformity Leads to Success: An Interview with Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau is living proof that nonconformity leads to success. He’s a rising star among lifestyle bloggers.

Lifestyle Design Bloggers: Let’s Get To Know The Community Better Together

[update (as of 11:05 PDT, May 28th): participating blogs already confirmed include WebWorkerDaily, Digital Nomads, Nomadness, Slacker Reform, Muselife, Mind the Beginner, Technomadia, Exile Lifestyle, Intrepid Lifestyle, Jet Set Citizen, Live Uncomfortably, Mine Your Resources, Thrilling Heroics and Vagabonding (and your hosts, this blog and Location Independent). Thanks everybody for the support!] As bloggers who cover lifestyle design, location independence or digital nomads, we’re all part of a growing community.

3 Ways to Become Location Independent

The idea of becoming location independent sounds great to most people. Who wouldn’t want to be able to live and work anywhere you choose?

Carnival of Lifestyle Design: Intro Edition

Everybody loves a carnival, right? Well, bloggers (especially new ones) really love ways to get their work noticed.

Use Job Loss to Start Your Ideal Future

If you’re between jobs (like 8.9% of Americans), now is the perfect time to start creating your ideal future. You may have been handed a gift disguised as unemployment.

How to Learn a Language in 96 Hours

It’s possible to learn a language to a useful conversational level in just 96 hours of study. How do I know?

10 Digital Nomads to Learn From

Do you daydream about quitting your job and traveling around the world? What about taking it a step further and building a location independent career, so you can live and work wherever you want to?

6 Lame Excuses for Not Starting Your Own Business

If you haven’t started a business before, you can probably think of a million reasons not to do it. Feeling apprehensive about taking the plunge is justified.

44 Great Lifestyle Design Resources

So, you’ve discovered what lifestyle design is all about, and you want to learn more? I’ve compiled a list of websites and books (44 of them currently) that I use for inspiration about lifestyle design, self improvement, location independence and entrepreneurship.

Forget About Your Dream Job?

Does a truly fulfilling lifestyle require that you build a magic box that generates cash while you sit on a beach in the South Pacific? Do you have to whittle down your work hours to only a handful per week so you can have time to pursue your dreams?

Trick Yourself into Achieving Goals

It’s easy to set goals. Most of us do it at some point and for good reason.

Making Lemonade Out of Swine Flu

I’m sitting here in Mexico in a big beautiful house we rented for six weeks. When we rented the place, we had four weeks’ worth of confirmed guests who were planning to visit here.