Learn Spanish in 5 Minutes a Day (a Location Independent Business Experiment)

Update: my partner and I have sold the Morning Spanish business. Overall it was a success (profitable from day one, and sold for a nice profit too), but in the end other projects I’m working on simply had a higher ROI.

What’s in an Idea? How to Choose Your Next Business Idea

How do you come up with and decide on an idea for a new business? If you’re like me, you’ve had lots of ideas for businesses.

5 Lessons from a 2-Month Remote Work Experiment

Editor’s note: This guest article is from Tim Leffel, author of The World’s Cheapest Destinations. I am one of those travel writers who actually makes a living at what I do, so in theory I can work from anywhere, right?

Welcome to Free Pursuits Version 2!

I’m very happy today to introduce a complete redesign for Free Pursuits. When I started the site back in March of this year, it was on a simple design that relied mostly on the great Thesis theme for WordPress.

Which Side of the Passion Debate Are You On?

Maybe you haven’t heard, but there are two schools of thought about what part passion plays in business success. One side claims that passion is everything, and that without it you can’t build a successful business.

Am I Being Too Hard on Corporations?

I have a confession to make. Actually, I have a couple of them to make.

OK, OK, I Give. Lifestyle Design is not for Everybody

OK, OK, I Give. Lifestyle Design is not for Everybody I’ve said before that I thought at least some of the principles of Lifestyle Design could be used by anybody.

Back Home in San Francisco + Site Update

After 7 months on the road, we finally returned home to San Francisco yesterday. In those 7 months, we covered over 10,000 miles throughout western Mexico, Canada and the United States, and we slept in over 23 different locations.

7 Killer “Become a Freelancer” Resources

Freelancing is a top choice among people who want to live a location independent lifestyle. If you haven’t been a freelancer or independent consultant before, the thought of getting started can be daunting.

5 Bulletproof Ways to Improve Your Lifestyle Right Now

Designing a better lifestyle doesn’t have to mean focusing on your long-term ideal situation. There are plenty of opportunities to change things for the better right now.