Product Reviews at Free Pursuits + Beta Testers Needed

When we returned from our sabbatical back in August, I new I would be really busy for the foreseeable future with various projects. Things are full speed ahead for me, and I’ve already accomplished some of the things that were on my list including writing the first eBook in a series.

There’s a Long Road Ahead (So Choose a Beautiful One)

Lately I’ve noticed quite a disconnect in the goals people have for themselves and the plans they have for achieving those goals. Having goals is an important step towards living intentionally, but it’s only one step.

Quick Question: Are You Planning to Earn a Living Online or Off?

Today I just have a quick question for you. I tend to write a lot about earning a living online here at Free Pursuits because that’s where I personally work.

How to Get Free Market Research

Market research is important in building a business. Before you jump in and start creating a product or service, it’s good to understand what potential customers needs are.

Headlands, Contest Update and New Economy Superstar Status

Good Sunday afternoon everyone. I spent the day checking out the fantastic art at the Headlands Center for the Arts fall open house (I especially liked work by Zbigniew Rogalski and Robin Johnston).

Win a Free One-on-One Lifestyle Design Strategy Session With Me

Contest update: this contest is now closed, but I will have some availability to work with motivated people in a couple of weeks. If you’re interested in working with me, check out my services page.

Is “Fake It ‘Till You Make It” Mentality Keeping You Down?

Happy Monday everyone. I just got back to San Francisco after a fantastic weekend in L.A.

Radical Lifestyle Transparency

Editor’s note: this post is a little longer than I usually publish here, but it is worth the read. I lay everything on the line here, because I believe that transparency will help us all reach our goals.

New Economy Superstar

I’m very proud today to present to you my new free eBook entitled New Economy Superstar. Download the PDF version for free here This is the first book I’ve published here at Free Pursuits, and I hope you enjoy it.

Coming Tuesday, October 6: A New Chance to be Happy, Wealthy and Independent

Happy Sunday, everybody. I’ve been enjoying a little time off this weekend after working hard for the past few weeks to make my upcoming eBook really special.