Staying Busy Keeping You Down? 4 Tips To Reclaim Your Day

Have you noticed how easy it is to burn through several hours online without really accomplishing anything? I could easily (and sometimes do) spend 4+ hours a day just between email, Twitter, Facebook and reading/commenting on blogs.

Three Things Humpty Dumpty Can Teach You About Choices

Editors note: The following is a guest article written by Chip Kohrman, founder of Telesaur. Chip was one of the winners of our recent guest post contest.

Life in Mexico — You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Yesterday I was working in our condo when my wife yelled to me from the patio. I ran outside to find a full band playing on the beach really close to some giant shore break.

At What Age is it Hardest to Radically Change Your Life?

Some people have commented around the web lately that most of the lifestyle design resources out there tend to focus on the younger crowd. I would agree, most lifestyle design bloggers seem to be in the Gen-Y camp.

Quick Poll: Is Your Lifestyle Design Funded by Online or Offline Income?

The lifestyle design community tends to think about lifestyle design as something that involves working online. I personally am working towards supporting myself by working online, as are all the bloggers I know.

Your Chance to Write a Guest Post (El Niño Edition)

Happy Thursday everyone. It is Thursday, right?