Watching TV: Simple Pleasure or Stupid Waste of Time?

I’ve been torn over the issue of “TV, or no TV” lately. On one side, you have the intellectuals, minimalists, art crowd and conspiracy theorists who have sworn off television as a culture-and-intellect-robbing waste of time and money.

It’s Baaaack! The Return of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

A little less than two months ago, I first shared the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course with you. I kept the launch short because I wanted to gather feedback and make sure the course was ready for “prime time.” Well, it’s ready now.

Why Beer is the Most Important Part of Business

Wait, did I say “beer?” I should probably explain. So I was chatting yesterday with James Chartrand of the excellent Men with Pens about the upcoming relaunch of the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course.

How to Live a Part-Time Location Independent Lifestyle

I’m writing this from our apartment in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, but the truth is I could be writing it from anywhere in the world. My business and life are location independent.