Insider Details on Traffic School (and Why it Won’t Be Open to the General Public)

Here’s a quick note for those of you who have websites and blogs (or if you’re thinking about starting one). My new course Traffic School will be enrolling a limited number of students next week.

The Global Hobo

Check out this original song by Nathaniel Shapiro, a talented actor and singer/songwriter I met in LA a couple of years back. He wrote this about our mutual friend Chris, who has been a close buddy of mine since middle school.

Remember Books? Here Are 5 That Will Change Your Life or Your Business

I joked on Twitter the other day (follow me here), asking if anybody remembered books, you know, those things we used to read that were made of paper. Actually, I don’t read many paper books these days, but I still read books.

How NOT to Be a Marketing Douchebag (Without Becoming a Broke Fool)

Somebody needs to say this, so I’m just going to jump in. There are two schools of thought online who will try to suck you in.

How to Become Rich and Famous Online So You Can Live Unrestrained

How’s that for a title, eh? (sorry for saying “eh,” I’ve been hanging out with Canadians lately, and yes, I did also just pronounce “sorry” like soree instead of sawree, but I digress) When I started blogging back in March, 2009, there was a big argument going on about whether anybody could really make money blogging.