Hell Yes You Should Quit Your Job

“Should I quit my job?” That’s a question I hear a lot. On one hand it’s a hard question to answer, especially when I don’t know you very well.

$1,078 of Business Success Products for Just $97 – 5 Days Only

For the next 5 days only, Daily Success Deals is offering $1078 of business success products for just $97. Michael Port (author of my #1 favorite book on freelancing – Book Yourself Solid) is launching his newest venture today called Daily Success Deals.

A 7-Phase Plan for Total Internet Domination

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the day I started this blog. (Note: I’m going to share with you intimate details of my business plan here, from day one through a day many years from now.

The Quest to Be F*cking Awesome

Pardon my unusual use of a thinly veiled f-bomb in the title here for a moment. It will all make sense shortly.