When Goals Make You Crazy

New Year’s resolutions. End-of-year planning.

4 Ways to Design a Happiness-Inducing Employment Arrangement

Last week, I wrote a post aimed at those of us with the entrepreneurial bug. If you’re like me, you’ll probably never be completely satisfied working for other people.

Cash Rich… Lifestyle Poor

My friend and DJ Sean Gallagher runs an online business teaching people how to DJ. His business gives him the freedom to live anywhere in the world, and he built this lifestyle very intentionally.

“How” to Become Self-Employed

Before you ask how to become self-employed, there’s another much more important question to ask yourself.

3 Reasons to Never Take Another Job

[fblike width=”550″] Let’s face it. Jobs suck.

When to Charge for Your Work and When to Give it Away for Free

Perhaps there’s a way to give away all of your work for free and still support yourself from it. I haven’t discovered that yet, which means I have to charge for some of my work.

5 Things to Try When the Creativity Isn’t Flowing

If you rely on creativity for your work, for fun, or for a business you’re building, you know how easy it is to exhaust your creativity and motivation. Sometimes you just don’t have anything more to give.

Is Marketing the Scourge of the Internet?

Note: I would love to hear your opinion about the current state of online marketing in the comments below. This is an incredibly important topic.

10 Things I Learned from Publishing Every Day for 30 Days

If you’ve been following along, you know that during November I published a blog post here every day. Monday, Tuesday… every day including the weekends.