There’s Nothing More Powerful than a Deadline

People like to say “there’s nothing more powerful than an idea.” That’s bullshit. Ideas are worthless on their own.

The Gently Mad (Plus: Win an iPad and a Year of Fizzle)

I’m today’s guest on The Gently Mad! This is an interview I had lots of fun with, and I think you’re going to love it.

Have You Unplugged Lately?

For the past 8 days or so, I’ve been almost completely unplugged from the web. We’re finally getting settled in to our new place in Portland and I’ve been so busy with the packing-moving-unpacking cycle that I had to take a break from everything online.

Hello Portland

It’s official. Jessalyn and I are moving to Portland next week.

Entrepreneurship as an Essential Life Skill

Yesterday, the Fizzle guys and I were talking about big picture vision and strategy for our team. We’ve never officially drafted a vision statement.

Burning Bridges

Negotiations are tough, especially when careers or money are at stake. They’re even tougher when “principles” and emotions get thrown in the mix.

These 20 Minutes Matter Most

We all lust after those long interrupted stretches of creative time in our day to get into a flow state and really make a dent in a project. But rare long stretches of flow aren’t responsible for our success or failure alone.