Hammers Don’t Build Fences

What you do matters SO much more than how you do it. There’s a name for the Internet’s endless obsession with productivity tips and tricks.

25 Women Artists to Follow on Instagram

My wife Jessalyn is a painter and she just started posting her art on Instagram this week (follow her and say hello).

Before Jessalyn started posting on Instagram, we looked for other interesting artists to follow and to see how they use the platform.

We found lots of other lists of artists to follow on Instagram, but they feature mostly well-established male artists...

So, instead of just another list of (mostly men) artists to follow, we're focusing this list on women only, mostly emerging artists, and mostly painters.

The Work and The Results

The Work and The Results are two different things. You can’t say “I want to do the results.” You can only say “I’m going to do the work.” You might want to accomplish the results, but results only happen because of the work you do.

Do the Uncomfortable

As writers/creatives/artists, there’s this negative cycle we tend to get in. You’re naturally critical of your own work, because you spend so much time observing and judging other people’s work.

Getting Unstuck

We all get stuck. We all hit roadblocks.

What it Really Takes to Run an Online Membership Community

Chase, Barrett and I are guests on this week’s episode of the Smart Passive Income podcast with Pat Flynn. Pat’s podcast is a Top 5 business podcast in iTunes, and it’s really fun to be on as a guest for the third time (I was also on back in 2011 and 2010, talking about web traffic strategies).

Income Reports and Radical Business Transparency: Good or Bad?

I’ve been critical in the past about certain kinds of public income reports by bloggers. My issue with the reports is they put too much focus on money and not enough on substance.