Kill Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is holding you back. It’s the warm bed in the morning that you don’t want to get out of.

Lifestyle Business Weekly Episode 4: Nomad List and the Facebook Productivity Tax

In today’s episode: the best places to live and work around the world, building and working on remote teams and two viewer questions about social media. Or, listen to the audio stream here: Ask a question for an upcoming episode.

Scott Dinsmore, I Will Miss You Forever

The world lost one of the most exuberant, supportive, caring, generous and motivated people on Saturday. I lost a dear friend who will leave a hole in my heart forever.

Lifestyle Business Weekly Episode 3: A Roadmap, Comparing Yourself and Building a Business Around Your Ideal Lifestyle

It’s Episode 3! In this episode: A Roadmap for Small Business Success Comparing Yourself to the Wrong People Building a Business Around Your Ideal Lifestyle Or, stream the audio via SoundCloud here: Thank you all for the amazing feedback and comments on the first two episodes!

You’re Just One Person. Stop Comparing Your Work to Big Teams and Deep Pockets

I just launched the Lifestyle Business Weekly show, and I’m happy with how the first two episodes turned out. I’m hungry to make it better, but still happy with episode 1 and 2 as a starting point.

NEW! Introducing Lifestyle Business Weekly The Show

Publishing the Lifestyle Business Weekly email has been so much fun over the past two months. You’ve given me fantastic feedback, and the subscriber base is growing by leaps and bounds every week.