How many visitors or subscribers do you need to monetize your website?

Hey guys! Welcome back to Lifestyle Business Weekly.

What makes you so special anyway?

Hey guys! On today’s episode of the show, we’re talking about how to explain what makes your business special.

4 Simple Productivity Practices and Apps that Save Me Time Every Day (Ep. 9)

In today’s episode of the show, I share four simple practices and apps that improve my productivity every day. I’ve tried lots of productivity hacks over the years, and these are the ones that have stuck because they’re easy and effective.

What to Do When Your Content Goes Viral

Hey guys. Today we’re going to talk about what you should do when your content goes viral.

How to make money while you’re still learning a skill

Over the next week or two, I’m going to publish daily audio-only podcast episodes covering several of the excellent listener questions I’ve gotten recently. Our regular weekly episodes (including video) will still air on Wednesdays.

5 Powerful Short Videos to Help You Crush Self Doubt

I don’t like to talk about it, but I wrestle with self doubt almost every day. Before writing something or shooting a video, that feeling pops up, like “who are you to be making this thing.

How to Find a Great Business Name When Everything is Already Taken

Finding a name for your business is both important and HARD. On one hand, you want to find a name that elevates your business above the competition.

Ep. 7: Nine Essential Questions, Issues with Working from Home and The Last Mile

In today’s episode: nine essential questions to ask yourself when choosing a business idea, what’s lost when most people work from home, and how to conquer the last mile of a project. Listen to the audio stream here (or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes): Lifestyle Business Weekly is a show and weekly curated email for people interested in lifestyle business and independent entrepreneurship.

9 Essential Questions to Choose a Business Idea

You’ve heard it before. Ideas are a dime a dozen.

Ep. 6 – How happiness affects productivity and building a strong company culture

In today’s episode, we talk about happiness and productivity, building company culture and how I turn one piece of content into nine (and gain 550% reach for just a couple hours of effort). I really like how the visual effects turned out on this one.

Introducing The Podcast: Lifestyle Business Weekly with Corbett Barr

We’re five episodes deep into the Lifestyle Business Weekly video show, and now you can listen on the go. That’s right, we’ve turned the show into a podcast, and new episodes will be released each week!

7 Big Lessons from 10 Years of Entrepreneurship

Today’s episode of Lifestyle Business Weekly is a little different. This time, I’m sharing 10 of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about building independent businesses.