Runners Run, Painters Paint

Runners run.Painters paint. Surfers surf.

Make It For Yourself

When you’re just starting to create something new, it’s easy to get stuck trying to figure out who your audience is. There are so many questions: Who are these people?

A thief stole packages from my house and I caught it on video

A package went missing around Christmas this year, so I bought a Dropcam Pro to keep an eye on our front entryway. Last night I got a notification of activity, around 9:45pm, while we were out with friends.

When You Don’t Feel Like It

Goals are easy to set, and even easier to break. Doing anything extraordinary is going to require pushing on, even when you don’t feel like it.

What’s Your Biggest Goal for 2015?

I finally finished setting some personal goals for 2015. Between the holidays and moving to Portland, I wasn’t sure when I’d find the time, but there was no chance I wanted to start the year without thinking about what I want to accomplish.