Stay Focused: The “What Are You Working On Right Now?” Trick

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You start working on a new task, which requires you to do some research or look something up.

The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Blog

There’s no shortage of advice online about how to promote your blog. There’s lots of advice, and WAY too many tactics out there.

Productivity Hacks: Why they Rarely Stick, and Why they Matter Anyway

Any project or system that involves people, no matter how well-intentioned, eventually loses luster once the initial excitement and momentum wears off. Everything becomes a job after long enough, no matter how infatuated you were in the beginning.

Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

Earlier this week I wrote a post for The Sparkline about five people who set big goals (like interviewing 100 people). Each of these people’s lives were forever changed by these simple goals.

The Intersection of Lifestyle and Meaning

Last week I sent out a brief survey, to make sure I’m doing a good job with the newsletter. Your responses were really helpful, and I learned a few interesting things.

Get Back on that Horse

We all fall off the horse once in a while. You committed to something with the best intentions, you even started strong, but now it’s been weeks since you did anything about it.

You Can’t Sprint a Marathon

My first day on the job as a consultant in a boutique Fortune 500 tech consulting firm went like this. I took the 6am flight from Portland to Houston, arrived at work groggy but got right down to business.

The Easy Money is All Gone

Do this, then do that. Watch for when this happens and make sure never to do that.

It’s not about what you know. It’s about what you *do.*

Execution is a powerful thing. Derek Sivers likes to say ideas are just a multiplier of execution.

Going Off Your Meds

In the most recent season of Homeland, the main character Carrie Mathison decides purposefully to stop taking medication that she uses to treat bi-polar disorder. She’s an ex-CIA agent and there’s an international terrorist catastrophe brewing.

“Someday” People

I remember back before I started my first business, the conversations colleagues would have about one day leaving our jobs to start something of our own. “We should leave and start our own business.

Take Nothing as Sacred

It's easy to fall into a trap in the day-to-day and week-to-week work we do. Small tasks and to-dos creep onto our lists and weigh on us, making progress towards our bigger picture harder and harder to achieve.

5 Ways to Increase Revenue from an Existing Product

Today we have a great question from listener Paul Minors: “I’d love some help with growing product revenue. I’d love to hear your advice around the steps you would take after launching a digital product to get more revenue from it.” This is a great question and something we spend a lot of time thinking about at Fizzle.

Email is STILL Essential for Growing a Business. Here’s How to Use it Wisely

Email is still one of the best tools for growing your business, but many people don’t understand how to really make it work. In today’s episode, I answer two very important listener questions about email.

What a Company Operating System is, and Why I’d Never Work Without One

In today’s episode, I share my approach to crafting one of the most important things to any business: the company operating system. Just like your computer has an operating system that defines how it functions, your business (even if you’re just a one person business) needs an operating system.