3-Day “Working for Yourself” Book/Course Sale

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For the next 3 days only, the 72-hour “working for yourself” sale is on.

What is the “Working for Yourself” Sale?

For 72 hours only (Monday at 10:00 am EST to Thursday at 10:00 am EST), over 20 authors and experts on working for yourself and building online businesses have come together to offer one incredible package of 23 books, guides and courses for just $97. When sold separately, these products retail for $1,052.

If any one of these guides or courses have been on your shopping list lately, this is a no-question time to purchase.

Here’s the full list of people contributing products to the sale: Chris Guillebeau, Leo Babauta, Eric Hamm, Danielle LaPorte, Naomi Dunford, Dave Navarro, Laura Roeder, Chris Garrett, David Risley, Charlie Gilkey, Lea Woodward, Johnny B. Truant, James Chartrand, Jonathan Mead, Adam Baker, Karol Gajda, Everett Bogue, Corbett Barr, Nathan Hangen, Tammy Strobel, Henri Junttila, Erica Douglass, Colin Wright, Jade Craven

Karol Gajda and Adam Baker have graciously put this sale together and got everyone involved. Karol ran a similar sale for minimalist books in October and he raised over $9,300 for Kiva entrepreneurs. This time around, $5 from every sale goes to charity: water.

I’ve contributed my Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course to the package because this is such a great opportunity to be involved with so many awesome entrepreneurs. This sale should get the course into the hands hundreds of more people who can really use it.

Here’s what is included in the package:

  1. Unconventional Guide to Working For Yourself by Chris Guillebeau (normally $79) — I think this was the first “premium” guide about working for yourself that I ever purchased. This guide from Chris Guillebeau has been an incredible help to me and my business. I’m so happy Chris is participating in this sale because you’ll get so much from his guide. (includes a 53-page pdf, 3 25-minute audio sessions and a 26-page SEO report)

  2. The Essential Motivation Handbook by Leo Babauta & Eric Hamm (normally $15) — as the author of a top 100 blog, Leo Babauta knows a thing or two about motivation. He teamed up with Eric Hamm of the “Motivate Thyself” blog to create this essential guide.

  3. True Strengths + The Metrics of Ease by Danielle LaPorte (normally $20) — Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions is the kind of kick-in-the-ass challenge your business needs. Danielle has a way of giving people permission to be awesome. Women entrepreneurs especially should check out Danielle and the FSS. Oh, and I’m a contributor to one of the sessions. (includes a pdf, 2 videos and 2 worksheets)

  4. Upsell 101 by Naomi Dunford & Dave Navarro (normally $77) — If you’ve read my manifesto or blog posts, you’ve probably heard me gush about Naomi Dunford and Dave Navarro at least a few times. They frickin’ rock. No kidding. This course on upselling is normally only available to buyers of the unbelievably awesome “How to Launch the **** Out of Your eBook” which I purchased last year and which was largely responsible for the success of my first product launch. (includes a 78-minute audio coaching session and 11 upsell worksheets)

  5. Websites That Sell Webinar by Laura Roeder (normally $47) — I had the pleasure of meeting and talking extensively with Laura Roeder during Blog World last month. I was seriously impressed with her and the business she’s built online over the past year. She’s a rising star in the marketing world and an expert on creating fame online. This hour-long webinar is normally only available to buyers of another course.

  6. Guest Posting Guide by Chris Garrett (normally $17) — Chris Garrett was a big help to me when I was a complete newbie to blogging. I hired Chris to do a thorough blog critique of Free Pursuits and his advice was exactly the spark I needed. This guide and website all about guest posting is a fantastic resource for building traffic to your website or blog. (includes a pdf workbook, “kick start” video, checklist, flowchart and special access to a membership site)

  7. 3-Day Money by David Risley (normally $47) — I had dinner with David Risley at Blog World and he’s another person who I kick myself for wishing I had known better when I was getting started online. (this course includes 14 video presentations, full written transcripts for each lesson, audio files for each lesson and a step-by-step worksheet)

  8. Email Triage + 2011 Premium Planners by Charlie Gilkey (normally $32) — this combo of products from Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing includes an email triage pdf, guided audio program, and 2011 Premium Action Planners, Premium Freelancer Planners and Premium Blog Planners.

  9. Location Independent Lifestyle Guide by Lea Woodward (normally $37) — Lea Woodward is largely responsible for the location independence movement that I and so many other people talk about regularly. She and her husband Jonathan have been traveling the world and running an online business (and writing about it) since 2007. Their Location Independent Lifestyle Guide is a must read for anyone looking to jump into a “live/work anywhere” lifestyle. (includes the 2nd edition guide, and 82-page pdf and the Do-It-Yourself Design & Branding Guide for Bootstrapping Businesses, a 78-page pdf)

  10. Zero to Business by Johnny B. Truant (normally $297) Johnny Truant is as entertaining as he is helpful, and that’s a potent combination. I can’t believe he’s including this $297 product in this bundle, but he is. What an opportunity to take advantage of. (includes special membership to full Zero to Business course, 30+ screen-capture tutorial videos and step-by-step screenshot technical instruction)

  11. Write for the Web + Beyond Bricks and Mortar by James Chartrand (normally $54) — James Chartrand runs the hugely successful Men With Pens blog and the thriving design and copywriting business behind it. I’ve been lucky enough to guest post at Men With Pens and love the depth of conversation that goes on over there. These two guides contain lots of great writing and blogging advice. (includes Write for the Web, an 89-page pdf and Beyond Bricks and Mortar, a 47-page PDF)

  12. Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead (normally $47) — Jonathan Mead comes up in conversations I have with clients and colleagues nearly every week. It seems he’s inspired just about everyone I talk to who is interested in building a career out of following passions and making a difference in the world. His “Reclaim Your Dreams” package might just be the push you need. (includes the “Everything Package” and “I’m Serious About Action” Worksheets)

  13. How to Live Anywhere by Karol Gajda (normally $97) — Karol is the man responsible for this sale I’m writing about today. He’s an online marketing genius and he’s been self-employed for a decade. He’s spend the past year or so traveling the world and writing about it from places like New Zealand, India and Poland. The “How to Live Anywhere” course covers everything you need to know about starting an online business that supports a freedom lifestyle. (includes the Long Haul Edition, a 58-Page PDF, Anatomy of a 4 Figure Affiliate Promotion, 10 Audio Interviews, the How To Live Anywhere Audio Series and “Create Freedom” Teleseminar video)

  14. Minimalist Business by Everett Bogue (normally $47) — Everett Bogue probably created his minimalist / location independent business faster than anyone else on this list, which is quite the impressive achievement. He’s a leader in the exploding world of minimalism and an inspiring writer and business person. (includes the upgraded “Minimalist Plan” version and the 30-Day Quick Start Guide)

  15. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners by Corbett Barr (normally $77) — this is my popular beginner’s course on affiliate marketing, which has been taken by over 300 people since it launched just five months ago. If you’ve been curious about affiliate marketing, but want to learn a no-hype, ethical approach, this course is meant for you. (includes the “Complete Course” version, 5 Core Teaching Modules, 21 Affiliate Lessons and 2 Profitable Case Studies)

  16. Beyond Blogging by Nathan Hangen (normally $47) — this 200-page guide on blogging from Nathan Hangen has gotten some fantastic reviews. The guide includes 15 case studies of successful bloggers and is about how to build a business around a blog without getting stuck in the rut of blogging without earning.

  17. Smalltopia by Tammy Strobel (normally $27) — It’s been hard to miss Tammy Strobel these days. She’s been a featured guest on the Today Show, CNN and was covered in the New York Times recently. Her blog Rowdy Kittens has inspired thousands to embrace a more minimal lifestyle and find happiness through experiences and relationships instead of consumer goods. Smalltopia is Tammy’s practical guide to working for yourself.

  18. Guest Post Secrets by Erica Douglass (normally $77) — Erica Douglass built and sold her first business for over a million dollars by the age of 26. She’s gone on to start more successful businesses since then and now runs the wildly popular blog Erica.biz. This special course on guest posting will teach you how to grow an audience you can create a business from. (includes special access to Guest Post Secret membership site, 3 core Guest Post training videos, full transcripts for each video, email scripts and bonus videos on Online Workshop Recording & How to Deal with Rejection)

  19. How to Network Fast by Jade Craven (normally $44) — Jade Craven has made a name for herself as an expert connector and relationship broker. She has the ear of some of the biggest names online and is always one of the people I start with when I need an introduction. This package on networking includes four separate guides on guest posting, using Twitter effectively, blog commenting and affiliate marketing.

  20. Networking Awesomely by Colin Wright (normally $20) — Colin Wright is one of my favorite writers online. He’s also one of the most adventurous. Colin routinely lets his readers pick where in the world he should live next, and the saga has taken him so far to places like Buenos Aires, New Zealand and Thailand. He’s adding the “Networking Awesomely” book to this package. The cool thing about this book is that it’s written from the perspective of someone who used to be really terrible with people and making relationships, instead of a natural networker.

  21. Article Marketing Traffic Booster by Henri Junttila (normally $47) — Henri writes about how to get paid doing what you love at his popular blog Wake Up Cloud. His guide on affiliate marketing shows exactly how he has been earning healthy commission every month by driving traffic to affiliate websites. (includes the Article Marketing Traffic Booster, a 110-page pdf, 6 How-to Videos, a Bonus Audio Affiliate Interview and 3 Content Worksheets)

Whew, I can’t believe how much Karol and Baker packed into this sale package. If you’re interested in any of the courses, get them all for $97 through this link:

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