A New Look for Free Pursuits

Welcome to a whole new look for Free Pursuits. I hope you like it. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I liked the old design too, but there are a couple of reasons for the change.

Why The Redesign? Wasn’t the Old Look Just a Year Old?

It’s true, this is the third design for Free Pursuits since I started it about 15 months ago. The design that was up until a couple of days ago was less than a year old.

To be frank, I decided to create a whole new look here partly because I really enjoy new designs and the design process. It’s a lot of fun to create a new design, and it also helps keep my interest in a project fresh. A new design can also spur creative thinking and help you connect with your audience better.

I don’t necessarily recommend bloggers to go through redesigns quite so often, but since I’m able to create and implement a blog design like this myself, it doesn’t cost me money, just a little time.

And that’s the second reason for the redesign. A few months ago, I started offering site design/development and marketing services over at Think Traffic.

Another designer had created the design this blog used to wear. Now that I’m helping other people with design and marketing myself, I want to use Free Pursuits as a showcase for my skills in design, community building, marketing, etc.

The first purpose of any blog’s design should be to create an immediate, subconscious connection with your site’s target audience. Design is the first thing processed by a new visitor’s mind, and an appealing design can make the job of your content easier.

In this case, I want Free Pursuits to help you work for yourself and live the life you want. I want the design to encourage you to read and contribute to the site often, to spread the word about what we’re doing here, and to subscribe or connect so we can stay in touch. Those are the goals I focused on in creating the design, and I’m looking forward to watching the results.

Design isn’t everything, but a good design can give you some advantages. Content is ultimately more important than design in connecting with readers and building a community, but why not leverage a design that gives you a head start?

This new design for Free Pursuits wasn’t all about design, either. You’ll notice a new tagline (strategies for working for yourself and living the life you want), a new sidebar introduction to the site and a few other content and copy tweaks. Let me know what you think in the comments.

I’m sure there will be some additional design tweaks coming soon, but the framework is ready to share with you now.

Old vs. New

old design for free pursuitsnew design for free pursuits

This design and the old one were both built on the Thesis theme for WordPress.

If there is anything you think this new design is missing (or if you see anything out of place), please let me know.

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