Back Home in San Francisco + Site Update


After 7 months on the road, we finally returned home to San Francisco yesterday. In those 7 months, we covered over 10,000 miles throughout western Mexico, Canada and the United States, and we slept in over 23 different locations.

It was a life changing trip, but we’re also really glad to be home again finally.

It turns out that it was also quite a productive trip. When we left, I had recently resigned from the email prioritization startup I co-founded three years before. I was burned out and looking forward to a rejuvenating break. I hoped at some point that I might be inspired to start thinking about my next startup or project.

The inspiration came in spades. It started with all the amazing people we met along the way, who had each in some way crafted an enviable and unconventional lifestyle. I then started wondering why I couldn’t also pursue the things I wanted to, now, without being rich or retired.

That led me to start this blog, as an exploration of how to build a unique and fulfilling life outside of the normal boundaries that most people accept. I didn’t have a name for what I wanted to do until I started reading on the topic and found that lifestyle design defined it. I’m now committed to helping others design and build their own ideal lifestyles.

I’m building a business around lifestyle design through this blog and other upcoming projects. Along those lines, I will be publishing my first eBook later this Summer. It will be a free resource, and I’ll tell you more about it in an upcoming post.

I’m also working on a complete redesign of Free Pursuits. I’ve enlisted the help of web designer Andrew Lindstrom to bring my vision for the site to life. The work he’s done for me looks really great, and I can’t wait to share it with you. We will also be adding an entirely new section to the site to help you learn more about other lifestyle design resources available out there, so stay tuned.

Chris Guillebeau Meetup

We spent the last month in the Pacific Northwest visiting friends and family, and sailing up in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. While in Portland last week, I was lucky enough to be able to join in Chris Guillebeau’s PDX meetup. It was really cool to see how dedicated Chris’ fans are to his work, and to meet some fun and interesting people. If you have a chance, be sure to check out his upcoming LA event.

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