Can You Really Outsource Your Life?


A lot of people on the Internet these days make it sound like you can live a life of luxury by outsourcing everything you don’t want to do. Tim Ferriss has made himself famous through his book The 4-Hour Workweek, which promotes a number of extreme “lifehacks” including outsourcing to overseas resources.

Outsourcing has been sold as a perfect solution for people who want to start a business, but are too busy or lack the necessary skills to succeed. Just carve out the parts of the business you know and want to work on and have people in Third World countries do the stuff you don’t understand or don’t want to do for you on the cheap.

Does it really work? Does outsourcing your life or your business lead to wild success and happiness?

Jon Morrow and Brian Clark don’t think so, at least not for everyone. They published a free eBook report this week called The Outsourcing Conspiracy. They contend that outsourcing isn’t magic, and that it is especially unsuitable for beginners in business.

They’re right in a number of ways, but I think they’re using Tim Ferriss just to create hype around the report. It’s true that a number of so-called Internet marketing gurus are wrongly making money selling people the dream of becoming rich by leveraging outsourcing to start an internet business. But outsourcing is just one small potential part of the concept of lifestyle design that Tim Ferriss and others are proponents of.

Lifestyle design is about planning how you want to live and building a career that fits that plan. It’s about not accepting the status quo when it comes to how you should live. It’s about doing unconventional things when they can make your life better.

Outsourcing may be one of those unconventional things that can be used as part of an overall lifestyle design. That doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, but it can used successfully in the right circumstances.

Jon Morrow and Brian Clark explain many of those circumstances where it can be used successfully in the report. They also cover a number of obstacles to using outsourcing. Overall The Outsourcing Conspiracy is a must read for anyone thinking about using outsourcing.

Do you have any experience with outsourcing? Let us know in the comments!

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