Carnival of Lifestyle Design: Intro Edition


Everybody loves a carnival, right? Well, bloggers (especially new ones) really love ways to get their work noticed. A blog carnival is one great way to gain exposure. I’m hosting the “Carnival of Lifestyle Design” to introduce you to a bunch of blogs you may not have heard of otherwise.

What is a blog carnival exactly? Basically, a blogger offers to host a carnival on a particular topic. Then, the host advertises the carnival (usually at Other bloggers then respond by submitting articles for consideration to the carnival. The host reviews the submissions and picks which ones will be published in the carnival.

If you’re a blogger with some great content that readers here would appreciate, please submit your article for the next edition. Take a look at the topics covered on this blog (lifestyle design, digital nomads, entrepreneurship, freelancing, work-life balance, living abroad, travel, diversions) and make sure your article is a good fit.

Please let me know in the comments how much you like the articles below. Thanks to everyone who submitted posts for this edition!

Editor’s Picks

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Quitting My Job, Retiring Early: 5 Steps To Lifestyle Change posted at The Digerati Life. Here’s a great analysis of what it takes to quit your day job and make real lifestyle changes.

The Smarter Wallet presents Did You Lose Your Job? Start Your Own Online Business posted at The Smarter Wallet. This is some inspiration for those of you who may have recently lost a job. The guys at The Smarter Wallet share a number of stories of people who turned unemployment into a new beginning with an online business.

Lifestyle Design

John Anyasor presents The Definitive Guide to Achieving Your Goals posted at College HiLife2B. John has assembled a nice step-by-step approach to achieving goals.

Michael Miles presents Freedom and choice posted at Effortless Abundance. Michael writes about living a proactive life, and acheiving freedom by realizing that we do not control other people, just as they don’t control us.

Living Abroad and Travel

Tim Leffel presents Travel and the Contrarian Lifestyle posted at Cheapest Destinations blog. Tim discusses how travel and living an unconventional life are related.

JJ presents Travel In Style With A First Class Upgrade posted at The Aged Male. JJ shares some insider tips about getting first class upgrades.

Sean Reynolds presents European Motorcycle Trip posted at Creativity. Sean shares photos and details of a recent solo motorcycle trip through Europe.

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