Cash Rich… Lifestyle Poor

My friend and DJ Sean Gallagher runs an online business teaching people how to DJ. His business gives him the freedom to live anywhere in the world, and he built this lifestyle very intentionally.

Sean values freedom more than money. That’s one of the reasons we hit it off so well (that and because he lives in Mexico and spends a lot of time surfing).

Last week Sean related a story to me that I just had to share with you. It made me really appreciate what I have.

Money is nice, but freedom is priceless.

Here’s the story in Sean’s words…

I was in the spa at the Four Seasons yesterday here in Punta Mita and I started chatting with a gentleman in the steam room.

He asked what I do and I briefly told him about my online businesses.

I asked what he does and he said, “I’m a doctor”. I said thats great!

He replied with “You know what Sean? I would trade what I do for what YOU do any day. I made 2 million dollars last year after tax. I’m grateful for that but I have to be in my office to make money. You can automate things and create passive income streams with little overhead. You get to enjoy more of life than I do. You’re half my age and you’ve probably seen double the world than I have and have experienced ten times more than I ever will. Want to trade?”

I laughed but I was seriously humbled.

He continued “I bought into the hype that money brings happiness because thats what society pushes and thats why I became a doctor. I figured that money and status would bring happiness, but I’ve come to learn that life is more enjoyable when you have the time and freedom to enjoy it. God bless you Sean. I’m envious!” The conversation reminded me how lucky I am.

Sometimes I take for granted my free, experience-oriented lifestyle. As part of the human condition, even incredible dream lives become normalized. I felt the need to post this to remind all of us pursuing our dreams to be grateful for what we have! We really are living life to the fullest. ♥

Now I’d love to know, what’s your definition of “rich?”

How much freedom is worth trading for money? How much money is worth trading for freedom?

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