Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit is available for 24 hours. Don’t miss out.

Empire Building KitUpdate: the Empire Building Kit is sold out for now. Chris says it should open up again in the summer if you missed your chance to get in. I also highly recommend Chris’ guide to Working For Yourself as an alternative.

If you’ve been waiting for Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit to open back up, this is your chance to get in. EBK will be available for 24 hours only starting at 9am PST / 12pm EST Tuesday, May 18th.

Check out EBK and learn how to build a lifestyle business in one year by doing one thing every day

What is the Empire Building Kit?

The EBK deconstructs the process of building a successful lifestyle business — something Chris defines as a small business with one or two employees, built around something the business owner loves to do. The “successful” part is critical, so Chris cast a wide net and looked at businesses that earn between $50,000 and $150,000 a year in net income.

Using the case study model and a series of 365 specific steps, the goal of the Empire Building Kit is to help someone become their own emperor by doing one thing every day for a year.

The not-so-secret involves hard work, a few key decisions made at the beginning of the business, and continuous improvement over time. If you already have a small business of your own, the goal is to dramatically increase your 2010 revenue. If you don’t have a business and are serious about creating your own independence plan, EBK will help too.

What does this version of the kit include?

There has been no price increase in this version. It’s the same price as the inaugural launch was on April 7th. There are three options depending on your needs: Emperor-in-Training, Hail Ceasar, and Alexander the Great. (read more about each option at the Empire Building Kit site)

More stuff! There are even more case studies, video interviews, audio recordings, and even a new EBK wallpaper for your computer. Chris also did a no-holds-barred webinar with the inaugural EBK group a couple of weeks ago, and managed to record the whole thing for new emperors as well.

In addition to the new stuff, there are lots of in-depth case studies and the 365 daily steps. The case studies (in PDF, video, audio, and transcript format) are the project favorite. They include a woman who makes $105,000 a year by walking dogs, a guy who hosts murder mystery parties, a fitness coach, several artists and freelancers, someone who exported an entire new industry to Germany, just to name a few.

One other note: in business, money is extremely important, and Chris goes into explicit detail about money in each of the case studies.

He wasn’t shy about asking the respondents: “How much money do you make?” Not only that, he also asked: “How much money did you make two years ago, and what did you do to make it go up since then?” and “What is your best-selling product or service and why?” And so on.

Hearing that you are “doing well” helps no one. Being specific can help a lot of people, so Chris has been very direct in asking the respondents to show us the money. They all came through, in very specific, actionable ways.

Check out the Empire Building Kit and learn how to build your lifestyle business in one year by doing one thing every day

If there’s any bad news…

I’m a huge fan of everything Chris Guillebeau puts out, and the Empire Building Kit is his most ambitious (and well received) project yet. The only problem is that the EBK will be open for 24 hours only, starting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9am PST / 12pm EST. After that Chris is heading out on his next big trip, and he doesn’t want to be dealing with PayPal issues from afar.

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