Have a Tip for Succeeding in the New Economy?


My first eBook is finally coming together. It will be released to the world on October 6th. The book will be entirely free, and you will be able to read it either online or in a printable PDF format.

Before I finish the book, I want to collect some original contributions from thoughtful people. I already have contributions in the book from great people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Brogan, Chris Guillebeau and others and I’m looking for a few more.

In the aftermath of the latest global recession, a new economy (based on freelancing, entrepreneurship, sharing, outsourcing and results-orientation) is presenting enormous opportunities to those who embrace it. People who cling to the old economy (based on economies of scale, monopolies, vertical integration and face time) are doomed to struggle in the competition for fewer and fewer remaining jobs.

The book will be titled “New Economy Superstar.” It’s about how the nature of work is changing and how to succeed in the new world. It’s also about the benefits (location independence, lifestyle design, directly enjoying the fruits of your labor) of being a New Economy Superstar.

What I’m looking for are some quotes or short stories from people who have found success as entrepreneurs and individuals. If you have a tip to share about how to succeed in the new economy, I would love to hear it.

If your tip is chosen, I will of course include full attribution in both the web and PDF versions of the book.

Will you share a thought on success in the new economy?

Send tips to: editor[at]freepursuits.com. The deadline is next Wednesday, September 23rd.

If you have general thoughts about what the “new economy” means to you, or how the nature of work is changing, please leave a comment below!

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