Death by Friction

Anything worth doing will involve friction. Friction is what kills your progress eventually.
To go for a run, you have to put on your socks and shoes, check the weather, find your keys… all friction.

To write a blog post, you have to log in to WordPress, think of an idea, format your post just right, decide when to publish… all friction.

To eat healthy, you have to plan your meals, make a list, go shopping, start making your meal long before you want to eat, use your produce before it goes bad… all friction.

Little bits of friction add up. Eventually the friction stops your forward progress. “Screw it, it’s too much hassle,” your brain tells you right before you give up.

If you really care about making a new habit, you have to be vigilant about the friction. Observe every little step that gets in the way of your ultimate goal.

Then, remove all the friction you can.

Here are some ideas, based on the above scenarios:

  • Run without socks. I’ve been doing this for over a year, no issues. In fact, I don’t wear socks generally, unless it’s freezing outside. Searching for socks is friction.
  • Publish blog posts without editing (Leo taught me this). Edit after you publish. Editing is friction.
  • Order a weekly box of produce. Figure out what to do with it. Pre-planning and shopping is friction.

Most of the time, there’s plenty of friction to cut out without changing the experience or result.

Think about something you do that is important and habitual.

What friction could you cut?

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