Does social media cause depression?

I’ve dealt with depression my whole life. Sometimes it gets the better of me for weeks or months on end. This has been one of those years.

I’m feeling much better lately, but I wanted to share a little with you.

Depression isn’t something that’s fun or easy to talk about, let alone share on social media.

Most of us just share the good and happy stuff on social, which is understandable.

But when you’re depressed and everyone on social seems to be living amazing lives full of success and happiness and accolades, it can make you feel worse.

That’s pretty much why I haven’t been on Instagram for the past six months or so. There was a rash of studies a while back talking about how social media doesn’t make us happier. While I was feeling down, I decided to tune things out for a while.

I’m feeling much better now, thank you. But… I know I won’t always feel amazing, and I know you probably won’t either. Some of us are just wired that way I guess.

So, let’s remember to be honest here sometimes when we’re feeling down.

It’s unfair to blame social media for how we feel, but I think we all could be a little more honest sometimes and not *always* make everything look better than maybe it really is.

And the next time you see me posting some super fun adventure or long string of happy stuff, just know that it isn’t always unicorns and rainbows for me either.

Sometimes I get depressed, just like you probably do too.

And that’s totally OK :)

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