Digital Nomad Blog Carnival (Thai Political Unrest Edition)

political violence in Thailand

I offered to host Cody McKibben’s digital nomad blog carnival this month, and the timing couldn’t have been better. I’m sure he needed the help. Cody lives in Bangkok, which continues to be gripped with it’s worst political violence in decades.

When I wrote Cody to talk about this month’s blog carnival, I received this email in response:

Unfortunately the political unrest in Thailand has reached a boiling point and anti-government protesters are clashing with soldiers on my doorstep—rubber bullets, tear gas, M79 grenades and petrol bombs are flying on Thanon Ratchaprarop and Din Daeng in central Bangkok.

ALL business is on hold until further notice. Until things cool down, I may be difficult to reach and take several days to respond to your message. Thanks for your understanding.

I’ve since heard from Cody, but evidently things haven’t completely cooled down over there. Let’s hope for a quick peaceful outcome for all of our friends in Thailand. Political unrest is definitely something to consider when you’re traveling the world.

For those of you who still aspire to travel despite the risks, here are some of the best articles from around the web this month about being a digital nomad:

You’re Not Cut Out to Be a Location Independent Entrepreneur

Sean Ogle from Location 180 writes about the downsides of working from the road. You know, sand, sweat, mosquitoes, working round-the-clock and burning through savings while building your business.

25 Career Ideas to Design Your Location Independent Lifestyle

Carmen Bolanos from NuNomad writes about the “many ways people out there just like you and me are seeing the world and keeping their income going.”

Six Lifestyle Design Myths Exposed

Richard Adams writes about “a few lifestyle myths might come in useful to help level the playing field for any freedom seekers who want to learn more about the process” at Lifestyle Design Unleashed.

10 Travel Bloggers Who Inspired Us

Erin McNeaney compiled an excellent list of inspiring travel bloggers at Never Ending Voyage. Also check out her partner Simon’s post on The Life of a Digital Nomad.

Getting Rid of the “Buts”

Becky Ances at Untemplater writes about the excuses that might be keeping you from changing your lifestyle for the better.

How To Go Mobile With Your Blog

Pat Doyle shares a useful tutorial about how to make sure your blog reads well on mobile devices.

Travel Means Different Things to Different People

Diana Edelman writes at Sharing Travel Experiences, saying, “Take a minute and reflect on this question: what does travel mean to you? It means different things to different people, and you can improve your nomadic experience if you know the answer to the question. It’s even more important if you’re traveling with a friend or partner: what if you have different views?”

5 Places In London To Escape The Madness

Over at London Is Cool, William Wallace shares some calm places where you can escape from the craziness of London.

The Ultimate Hotel Booking Guide: 62 Tips That Will Save You Money

Katie Sorene put together this excellent list of tips for saving money when booking hotels over at the Tripbase Travel Blog.

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