How to Get Online Business Experts to Help You For Free

gatejumper-logoThis is the new project I told you about last week. Today, I’m pleased to announce the public beta of a new Q&A community called Gatejumper.

Building a successful business online isn’t easy.

Sometimes each of us needs a little help. We all have real questions about building our web-based businesses, and it’s hard to find specific answers.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask experts your questions about things like marketing, social media, copywriting, product development or finance?

What if you could ask those questions for free, while also helping out your peers and newbies just getting started online?

Gatejumper is a 100% free place for you to ask questions about building online businesses. The site is launching as a public beta today so you can check it out and become an early member of the community.

Online business experts like Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz have already contributed to Gatejumper. Here are some of my personal favorite answers Naomi has written on the site:

Where else can you get free help from the most sought-after Internet marketing experts on the web?

People are already in love with the site. Check out what some of our early members had to say about Gatejumper:

There are a ton of online business forums out there, but Gatejumper just has a different (and quite frankly less scummy) feel to it. Internet marketing forums usually turn me off big time but there’s something welcoming here. -Nate (the way that you wander)

And here’s what Liz loves about the platform Gatejumper runs on:

I’m addicted to this thing. I haven’t participated in many forums because they’re very time consuming. This is like Twitter: Fun, Fast and Effective. -Liz (Corsica Journeys)

What’s so special about this site anyways? Don’t online business forums already exist?

You might know about some other forums where you can already discuss online business topics. If you do, you probably also know why those other resources aren’t always effective.

Existing Internet business forums are full of philosophical or argumentative discussions, most require registration and are moderated by just one or two people. Those other sites are also usually focused on a very specific topic (like SEO) and are often at too high a level. Beginners can’t easily participate and are sometimes even dismissed.

Gatejumper is different. Gatejumper isn’t just a typical online forum. It’s more like a combination of a of wiki, blog, forum and social voting site. Gatejumper is collaboratively edited and maintained by our most respected members. As the site gets to know you, you will earn reputation that will allow you to do more than just ask and answer questions. This is all completely optional though, and you don’t even need to register to use the site.

Gatejumper runs on the same platform that has already turned Stack Overflow in the #1 Q&A site for programmers. Gatejumper aims to become the best Q&A community for people who build online businesses.

Thanks to the 28 fantastic people who helped beta test the site over the past couple of weeks, including:

Jenny, Shaun (, Rasheed (, Monique, Beth (, James (, Josh (, Liz (, Rob, Eric (, JW (, Elizabeth (, Kerri, Nate (, Colin (, Naomi (, Ross (, Sean (, Kenn (, Derek (, Tiani, Eric (

Remember, this is a public beta of Gatejumper. You’re free to use the site to it’s full extent and share it with others. Some things might not work exactly as intended. If you come across any issues with the site, please send me feedback.

What is a Gatejumper anyway?

A gatejumper is someone who doesn’t accept the status quo rules that were set by old economy gatekeepers. Chris Brogan and Julien Smith talk about Gatejumpers in their fantastic book Trust Agents. A gatejumper uses passion, creativity and technology to change the world without anyone’s permission. Gatejumpers will rock in the new economy and the Gatejumper communty is the place to start.

What are you waiting for? Check out Gatejumper now. Ask and answer some questions, and let me know what you think about it.

I'm Corbett Barr, founder of Fizzle and Palapa and co-host of The Fizzle Show. This is where I write about building businesses, living the good life, and doing work that matters. More about me »

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