Going All-In

I’ve been mulling over a big change for quite a while now. It all started shortly after I launched Think Traffic over two years ago.

Today I’m making a big announcement that will affect everyone who reads and follows this blog. This is one of the biggest decisions I’ve made since starting this site back in March of 2009.

This site has always been about entrepreneurship and exploring better relationships between work and life. It has also been about my personal journey to build a sustainable business that I love, that supports the life I want to live, and that means something important to my readers and customers.

In 2010 I started Think Traffic to take things further. Instead of just talking about entrepreneurship and lifestyle issues, I wanted to create a forum where I could share what I’d learned about building an online business, and have conversations with you about specific business strategies.

If you’ve followed Think Traffic, you know that it has grown into a popular destination for people working to build thriving online audiences and sustainable independent web-based businesses.

We have published over 250 articles and videos there, and attract tens of thousands of visitors every month.

Think Traffic has become my biggest focus and the project I’m most proud of in my career so far.

And now it’s time to go all-in.

There’s something I have always loved about the nature of this site that hasn’t been part of the fabric of Think Traffic.

Here we talk about the big picture and the “reason why.” We talk about entrepreneurship as something bigger than most people think of it as.

Entrepreneurship to us has always been about much more than money or control or being your own boss. Those are all great, but it’s also about freedom, fun, challenging yourself, working on something interesting, living a life you’re crazy about and making a difference.

At Think Traffic we’ve always worked to help entrepreneurs, but we haven’t talked enough about why that’s important to us and to the Think Traffic audience. The way people earn a living is being reinvented because of the Internet and the incredible tools available to us that didn’t exist just a decade ago. Those topics deserve more exploring at Think Traffic.

I’ve also personally felt torn between this site and Think Traffic, always feeling like the separation between the two was artificial and unclear. And I’ve mentioned plenty of times that maintaining more than one blog well is a challenge…

In addition, the Think Traffic team and I are taking on the most ambitious project we’ve ever attempted, and we are consolidating all we can to focus on the new project.

For all of these reasons, it’s time for a big change:

In the coming weeks, this site will be merged with Think Traffic.

Here’s what will happen:

  • The best posts from the archives of this site will be migrated over into the archives of Think Traffic.
  • If you’re a subscriber to this site either via RSS or email, your feed and/or email subscription will begin delivering Think Traffic posts.
  • Within a couple of weeks, this site will no longer be available. If you try to access one of the posts that has been migrated, you’ll be redirected to the post at Think Traffic.
  • Sometime in the future, I plan to put together an ebook of the best posts from this site and I’ll announce it over at Think Traffic.

My Promise and Gratitude to You

As a reader or subscriber to this site, first of all I want to say thanks for being here and supporting me and our mission over the years. It means a lot.

I want you to know that we’ll be incorporating more of the big picture, lifestyle and inspirational kinds of posts (along with occasional personal stuff about me) that you’re used to here over at Think Traffic.

We’ll also continue to publish the in-depth “how-to” content, success stories and interviews we always have at Think Traffic.

We think the marriage of the two will create an even more useful and compelling blog at Think Traffic.

And I’d love you to join us for what’s coming next.

As I said, your RSS and email subscriptions will automatically transition over to Think Traffic. If you decide you don’t want to stick around, feel free to unsubscribe anytime.

I also would love to hear what you think about the change, both now and as we continue this conversation at Think Traffic. Please feel free to leave a comment below or email me anytime.

You can also follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t subscribed here or at Think Traffic, you can sign up for RSS or email updates to get updates from me in the future.

I’ll be sharing details of the big new project we’re working on shortly. Stay tuned for that.

Thanks again for making the past 3+ years here an incredible experience for me. I appreciate all the support and hope to see you at Think Traffic.



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