How We Can Help Each Other Achieve Our Lifestyle Goals


I have a proposal for any of you who want to dramatically change your lifestyle. Let’s help each other reach our lifestyle goals.

Here’s how it will work. I’m going to explain exactly what I want from my lifestyle and document the process of trying to reach those goals on this blog. I will also bring you stories, interviews and resources about other people working towards their own ambitious lifestyle goals.

You will participate in a few ways, first by sharing your lifestyle plan in the comments below. Then also by contacting me with your questions and feedback, by subscribing for free updates (and speaking out regularly in comments) and by writing articles to share with other readers.

If we join together and support each other in our own personal lifestyle development quests we’ll each have a much better chance at success. I don’t have all the answers yet, so I need your help both personally and for the rest of the community of lifestyle designers.

Will you join me? Great! Let’s get started now.

I want to know what you are working towards. What is your ultimate lifestyle? Where are you in the process? What help do you need to make it happen?

Everyone will have a different answer, and through understanding more about each other we’ll be able to work together and share information so we can all succeed. Please join us by describing what you want from your lifestyle in the comments below.

To get your creativity flowing, I’ll start by sharing what my ideal lifestyle looks like.

My Ideal Lifestyle and How I Plan To Live It

As I’ve explained before, I’m currently on a six-month long road trip through Mexico (with my wife and dog). This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and it has really changed my priorities. We’ve discovered a richness in life that I was blind to while enduring the corporate grind.

A decade of savings from hard work and some fortunate real estate investments provided us with enough money to take this sabbatical. Sadly though, we can’t live off of savings forever and I will soon need to create income sources that will enable (and be compatible with) our new lifestyle dreams.

What exactly do I want from our ideal lifestyle? The most important things are flexibility, time and enough money.

I know that our dreams and pursuits will change over time. The best way to accommodate those changing needs is through a flexible source of income that I can pursue from anywhere in the world, on my own schedule and that won’t require more than 20 hours per week.

My ideal lifestyle will include the following, among other things:

  • Frequent travel and living abroad
  • Ample time to spend with friends and family
  • The time to support causes I feel strongly about
  • Time and money to enjoy diversions (including sailing, surfing, learning new languages, acting, taking in art and theater, etc.)
  • Satisfaction from what I do to earn a living

I will earn an income that is compatible with my lifestyle goals through:

  • Freelance consulting
  • Building “low maintenance” online businesses
  • Blogging (selling resources that will help you achieve your lifestyle goals)

Ultimately, I will drop the freelance consulting, but for now it will probably be my primary source of income. Doing all three of these things at once will obviously require much more than 20 hours of work per week. As I become successful with the web-based businesses and blogging, I will scale back the consulting and hours.

How and when will I reach my lifestyle goals? Subscribe for free updates to find out.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us about your ideal lifestyle in the comments, and let’s get started making it happen together!

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