Learn Spanish in 5 Minutes a Day (a Location Independent Business Experiment)


Update: my partner and I have sold the Morning Spanish business. Overall it was a success (profitable from day one, and sold for a nice profit too), but in the end other projects I’m working on simply had a higher ROI. I still recommend Morning Spanish (the woman who took it over is a native Spanish speaker and very passionate about the project). For online learning, I also recommend Rocket Spanish. Read below for the original story of how we built Morning Spanish.

After spending the first six months of this year in Mexico, I’ve become focused on becoming as fluent in Spanish as possible. It takes much more work to practice speaking Spanish now that I’m back Stateside, and I wanted to do something about that.

I’m very pleased today to launch a new product to help you learn Spanish called Morning Spanish.

Morning Spanish is the result of a collaboration between me and a good friend named Doug who I met while living in Mexico. Doug wrote me on Facebook one day back in May to share an idea about connecting Spanish-speaking instructors with students through a newsletter service over email. I thought it was a great idea, and we started working on the product right away. After three months of construction, we’re ready to share it with you.

It’s been an interesting process building a new product while the two of us have been living and traveling throughout Mexico, the Western U.S. and Canada. I’ll definitely write more about that process here later, but I wanted today to introduce you to Morning Spanish and get your feedback.

To explain the thought behind Morning Spanish, I’ll share an excerpt from a post I wrote over at the Morning Spanish blog:

We know that there are already hundreds of Spanish learning tools out there, so why would we in our right minds want to start a new one? It’s simple really. We found that the most important factor in learning a language for us is constant exposure and repetition. Convenience is also key.

When you think about the available tools, including classroom time, books, software, web-based tools, etc., none of them really hit the cost/repetition/convenience factors all at the same time. Classroom time is great, but it’s expensive, inconvenient, and not often enough. Books are fine, but you have to remember to study frequently. Software can work well, but it’s often cost prohibitive and sometimes a little boring.

Each of these options can also be time consuming. Are we saying that you shouldn’t do all of those things? Not at all. Learning a language often takes multiple approaches to really get it down. Morning Spanish is meant to compliment those other methods you might be using.

We wanted to create a really inexpensive, really convenient product that encourages you to do a little each day, in a short amount of time. Email is a great place to receive your daily Spanish lessons, because it’s a place that most people check every day. If the lesson is right in your inbox, all you have to do is set aside five minutes per day to study the lesson.

That’s the story behind the product. I hope you’ll check it out, if not because you’re interested in learning Spanish, then at least as an experiment in building a small location independent business online. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Learn Spanish in 5 Minutes a Day with Morning Spanish

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