Let’s Go Digital Hiking! 30 Stunning Photos from Thailand

Koh Nang Yuan - ThailandKoh Nang Yuan – Thailand by `◄ccdoh1►

If you’re like me, you probably suffer from that pesky little condition of not being able to be in two places at the same time. You might also contend with that other common problem known as having a j-o-b.

In either case, I have a quick solution that will let you visit an exotic destination from the comfort of your laptop. I call it digital hiking (thanks to Nikki und Michi for inspiring the term in a recent comment).

For the next few minutes, let these 30 stunning photos from Thailand help you escape from whatever work or freezing weather conditions you might be dealing with at the moment.

These photos are all shared under the fantastic Creative Commons license, which means you can use them under certain conditions (usually attribution is required) like I have here. Flickr is full of thousands of more inspiring photos just like these licensed under CC.

Enjoy the hike! Let me know which photos you like most in the comments.

Ao Nang Tower, ThailandAo Nang Tower, Thailand by Chad Podoski

Princess Cave, Krabi, ThailandPrincess Cave .. Krabi.. Thailand by ZEDZAP Nick

phiphi donphiphi don by Paulo Brandão

thailand ko phi phithailand ko phi phi 02 by FriskoDude

Bangkok AliveBangkok Alive by Stuck in Customs

Buddha said he wanted to have a word with meBuddha said he wanted to have a word with me by Stuck in Customs

Water NymphWater Nymph by jurvetson

Thailand: Wat Traphang Ngoen, SukhothaiThailand: Wat Traphang Ngoen, Sukhothai by Taiger808

LineupLineup by shutupyourface

Island ParadiseIsland Paradise by Chad Galloway Photo

Planting the RicePlanting the Rice by ♥siebe ©

Tri Trang Beach, PhuketTri Trang Beach, Phuket by Eustaquio Santimano

phi phi Island .. Thailandphi phi Island .. Thailand by ZEDZAP Nick

Sea of Siam SunsetSea of Siam Sunset by jurvetson

Fireworks in Chiang MaiFireworks in Chiang Mai by Yan Pritzker Photo

Going HomeGoing Home by Vardhana

Bangkok Trafficuntitled by pchweat

How wonderful life is while you're in the worldHow wonderful life is while you’re in the world by Vardhana

Life is changing everywhere I goLife is changing everywhere I go by Vardhana

Some ViewSome View by zoutedrop

Light of BuddhaLight of Buddha by Stuck in Customs

View from the hotel - BangkokView from the hotel – Bangkok by Andrew Hux

wat mahathat bangkokwat mahathat bangkok by telmo32

** by awnoom

You are here in my Heart, my Dearest..You are here in my Heart, my Dearest.. by Thai Jasmine

Thailand, Bangkok, Thai BoxingThailand:Bangkok:Thai box by Frederic Poirot

Phang-Nga Bay Phuket, ThailandPhang-Nga Bay Phuket, Thailand by Shelby PDX

Koh Chang, Trat, ThailandKoh Chang, Trat, Thailand by clayirving

Butang Islands: Sunset vertoramaButang Islands: Sunset vertorama by Ash Lourey

Enjoy these photos? Please let us know in the comments.

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